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Monday, July 28, 2014

Weekly Wishes

It's Monday, the start of a new week and I thought that was a good idea to create a list of wishes for this week. These lists have a big influence on what I do. You can write these lists in a simple notebook, but for some reason I don't like write,where no one sees it. 
All my free time is occupied by one work, I'm on half of way.So I hope in the mid-fall all is well. While my summer is very boring. Perhaps the most boring summer ever, which I had. But soon my birthday, so that should be fun. 
Here's a list of what I plan to do this week: 
♥ Change some stuff in the room. Basically, I will change a lot in August, after my birthday, but now i need to start with at least. 
♥ Buy different items that will help me to change the room (such as paints and other details). 
♥ Another possible option to buy a pet, then I would be happy. However, there is one problem that my mom will mot be happy haha. 
♥ Fitness and walk more. 
♥ Every day try to breathe fresh air. 
♥ Don't forget to treat the gums. They finally I have almost have normal color, although I'm not sure that I can put braces in the summer, probably now my doctor on holiday. 
♥ Decide what I will do on my birthday. 
♥ Continue to eat only good food.


  1. Good luck on changing your room :)

    Hope you have a happy week!


  2. good luck with your goals

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