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Tuesday, July 22, 2014


In the night I dream of unicorns and I realized how much I want some clothes with unicorns (yes, I'm 18 years old without two weeks). I loved unicorns and pegasus in childhood. After all, it is almost the same animal as the horse, and the horses are my favorite animals, they saved the life of me, I can ever say. I told this story in one of my posts. 
So today, I decided to go in my favorite thrift shop and saw it, I immediately suffered this to the checkout (well, I still dress it before). 
I'm crazy inlove with this and I think it looks pretty on me and it's very good! So I'm glad! <3 

I have nothing more to say except that it is very nice and sunny day. And today, averybody are kind. I smile all day today because of this. Have a good evening and sweet dreams! Have dreams with a unicorn, ha ha!



  1. Hi dear and congratulations for your purchase: its a really beautiful shirt!!!! Kisses,

  2. Cute top! Like it!

  3. Unicorns are awesome and that's a very cute top!



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