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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Ready for this summer?

Hi! Is the end of the day and I just now finished all my work, so that I can write in the blog ! I have not enough time in the day, probably better not sleep and I will able to accomplish all that I need.
I completely forgot to congratulate you on the beginning of my favorite time of year summer. This is the best time of the year. In the summer are the most amazing and unexpected events. Because of this and I love it. By the way, I immediately felt that new season started. Something has changed .
I don't have specific plans for these three months, so I have to write plans and  time will not passed in vain. It is necessary to write your goals, looking at them to see what to do . Goals that are not on paper does not exist. I will write tomorrow summer plans . But basically everything that will happen to me it will be a surprise for me.
I think I'll do much of what I want and even more. The main thing is to relax , because last summer I have not had a vacation, to the end of August I was busy with exams and entering to university. This summer  'll probably be "busy" too, but I hope not too much. I miss the school holidays, whe in the summer  can do absolutely nothing!


  1. wonderful pictures and an inspiring post :) thanks for visiting my blog, im following you on bloglovin and gfc like you suggested, hope you follow back xx

  2. Wow! Those purple nails are amazing! Love the purple cotton candy, too :) These pictures are all so fun to look at...thanks for sharing!

    xo Azu

  3. Great pictures!!!

  4. Cool images dear! nice blog
    i stay ;)
    see u soon in KS


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