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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Last week of study

Finally! Only two days left and I'm free,  I did not have time to pass all exams and I would be pass in twice as many exams in fall, otherwise will be  consequences. But in any case, I have two days and I'll try something else to pass. However, a few days that I going to the university and can't do anything. That's reason why I don't like studying at the university. I'd rather be studying a few more years at school! No desire or motivation to study here.
Soon I go to my brother, he goes abroad today. Probably I will not see him a couple of years, so I have to come. I'll miss him. Hope, I will not cry.


  1. if it's the last week than you go girl ! Just a little more and then you can enjoy in the summer ;) xoxo

  2. Nice post,yellow cherries?amazing!

  3. I've never seen yellow cherries before

  4. Loving your nail color

    Love Vikee


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