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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Two days with my niece

Hi guys! My session ended today, so I'm almost a free human. I just need to do a lot of control works, pass exams and write a coursework. Today finish work with the Ukrainian language and will start writing coursework. 
  Also spent the last two days with my baby, it was a great time. We walked, watched cartoons... By the way, Eva likes to take pictures, so she wanted to take pictures of me. Here are some of them:

In fact there is a lot of pictures and we even took pictures of us together, but they were not very successful .
And by the way, I just realized that summer is TOMORROW. Oh my Glob , I don't believe it. I've always loved summer because in the summer there are the most interesting events. I think that it is the main season. Well, at least for me.
I hope that summer will be good . I don't have any definite plans, so that all that will happen to me will be a surprise for me. The only thing that I know will happen to me in the summer is my birthday. Two months later I turned 18, I'll be an adult.


  1. Lovely pictures ! :-)

  2. looks llike you akll had great time together ! haha :D this week I became auntie for the first time and now I can't wait for him to grow up !

  3. I love disney movies!:)


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