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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

My strange fears

Hi guys! Why am I so hard to force yourself to write in a blog recently? More precisely, I love to do it, but I always lazy, ahaha, I probably lazy days because I have plenty of cases that are important, but they are in place ... the post is not about that. I'm a big coward and afraid of many things, about some, I tell you.
1. I am afraid of the dark (room only). This is not quite strange that I am afraid of the dark, so I think most of the people are afraid of this, but I'm afraid of the dark so that I could not walk around the room without the lights on. When it comes time to go to sleep, I run to bed as quickly as possible. And by the way, I always sleep under a blanket, for the same reason. When I was under the covers, I feel secure, no monster will not eat me when I was there, lol.
2. I am afraid balconies. As a child, it was my biggest fear, now I'm less afraid of this, but still the fear remained.
I always have the feeling that the balconies would not stand my weight and fall down with a balcony.
As a child I was holding on to the door in time to enter the room when the balcony will start to fall.
3. I'm afraid of cars. I think all the drivers hate me and want me to move.
4. I'm afraid to drive. By the way, I have mixed feelings at the expense of driving. I'd like to drive a car, but extremely afraid of this. Too many accidents, especially in Ukraine.
Somewhere 10 km from my house was a terrible accident about four days ago. He died a man, his wife, six months pregnant with two children, said that they were torn to pieces, and all have seen their parents - they went back. I heard nothing terribly. See die your children and grandchildren - a nightmare.
5. I am a little afraid of spiders. It is usually small spiders. Meanwhile, when the big furry spiders seem to me interesting animals. Even Want ever such a spider, they are cute little eyes, mimimi. ♥


  1. Я тоже боюсь балконов, если они находятся выше пятого этажа)) А еще я безумно боюсь мостов, особенно, навесных)

  2. Great!

    Love Vikee

  3. love your lovely face,so sweet
    beautiful girl,you do a good job in match,such a fashion feeling
    wanna be your new friend,can i ?
    just send my kiss first,and waiting for your answer,dear
    have a nice day and keep in touch

    your lovely Poppy

  4. I can understand the driving one. I don't hate driving, but I don't love it either.

  5. Hi Anna!!

    long time!! how r u ?

    u look cute as always
    Btw do check out my new post
    stay in touch'


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