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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Eurovision won woman with a beard

Perhaps you already know that singer Conchita  from Austria won the song contest. He looks like a woman, but with a beard. 
To be honest, I was shocked because I did not like the song and the voice, though  the voice is strong, but not good. People voted for the style. 
At this competition was full of talented people with a good voice and song, but Conchita won . I never thought that Conchita win. 
By the way, in the finals everyone sang better than in the semifinals. Ukraine was nice. But I liked the most Finland. 
What do you think about the winner of "Eurovision 2014"?


  1. I heard about it (even our American news couldn't resist covering the winner), it is a bit strange.

  2. this is so funny! haha anyway, i cant seem to find you followed me via bloglovin... lemme know if u did, so i can follow u back too and maybe we can follow via gfc too? lemme know! much love! ♥♥♥


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