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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Morning post

Good morning! Well... for me it's morning. I don't usually write in the morning because I sleep till noon, and at that time haven't information since the day has just begun. But today is day - exception, since all left and I was alone in the city for a few days, so no one bothers me in the morning to write a blog.
We have a beautiful sunny weather for several days, so I plan to spend much time outdoors. We also have literally one day, when all the trees become green and in bloom.
Outside my window grows beautiful cherry. It just cheers me up when I wake up and open the window.

Still, by the way, I downloaded the game on the phone "Family Guy", a very interesting and funny. I advise you, if you are looking game that you can play when bored.

Traslation:You have so many followers for your externality. Haha, ok.


  1. Ciao!!
    Wonderful photos!!!
    Have a nice day,kiss!!!

  2. Great pictures dear!

    Happy Sunday

  3. Beautiful photos.:)

  4. I've seen the show but never played the game


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