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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Like Summer

Good morning ! Or rather, good afternoon! I just planned to write this morning, I thought even in the evening, but I only returned home at night, as I was at sister's home . And when I came I wanted to sleep badly .
In the morning finally came my parents and I could no longer sleep. For all these days of the day that I was alone, everybody didn't give me to sleep! Not destiny!
Today plans to go to the vintage store, I want to find a bright light sweater or T-shirts, because I can't stop wearing my sweatshirt, so I need something bright. Hopefully I'll find something interesting! I love this store, where you can even find designer items with so good price. Thanks to the people who have changed my opinion of such stores. I think I will always love them, because there you can find unique things.
Also likely today I 'm going with my sister in a botanical garden, there are incredibly beautiful nature now. We must take photos there!


  1. nice photo :)

  2. Lovely pictures, I love your nails.:)


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