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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

I'm back: Black night

Hey! I think it's time to finally write on the blog. During this time, a lot has changed for the better. There have been many unexpected events, everything is changing rapidly . But I still have a lot of plans of what needs to change. I also plan to update the blog as often as I will have that I can share with you. For sure I 'll write today againh, at least one post .
I have the desire and energy to do a lot of things today!
It's weird that don't feel sleepy, because I read an interesting book - "The subconscious mind can everything" John Kehoe to four o'clock in the morning . Read very easily compared to other similar books that I read. She is very positive - I started reading when I was a little depressed, but book cheer up me and forced smile. So I advise everyone to read this!
It addition to the post a few pictures that I took a few days ago. Helped me take them my favorite photographer - dady.
By the way, I  wear cool "leather" jacket from Dresslilly. I bought it here, I'm just shocked by the prices. I'm very happy, because I have dreaming two years about something like that.
Lastly, I hope you like the new design!

Jacket // Sweater // Leggings (Sold out) // Old scarf // Bag


  1. Great jacket and leggings :-)

  2. Love your jacket!
    Can you please like my new facebook
    page and my new instagram
    I will follow you back! Thank you so much!
    have a nice day!

  3. Beautiful!:)

  4. wow very pretty!!

    Thank you for your comment, I followed you on bloglovin ! Also followed your blog on GFC! Hope you follow me too xx

  5. wow i love your blog and thank you for your lovely comment on mine. I follow you now. xo

  6. You've got such beautiful eyes ♡

  7. You look amazing
    Fabulous post

    Love Vikee

  8. Nice blog!

  9. we've been looking for a good leather jacket for some time, we might have to check out the store because we love how this one looks on you!


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