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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Time for good mood

Hi dears! It is strange that even less 12:00 and I already write a blog post, no?
Today is the day is not very fast, as usual, I can even say the opposite, that day is super long. Yesterday was so quick that I didn't have time to wake up, as I have already had to go to sleep again. It does not depend on how busy I am.
Today I have already responded to the many letters on e-mail, so I don't believe that it's still morning.
Right now I'm going to dress and make cleaning, later wait for Eva. Today we have to walk with her. So today will not be bored! I will try to bring my camera. Because today is sunny and pretty!
Nice sunny day!


  1. Здорово, что в этом году фактическая весна не отстает от календарной) У меня за окном тоже солнце и вообще уже очень тепло для марта.

    1. Да, хорошая зима была, поздно началась и рано закончилась.

  2. You are right sometimes it is so crazy how days go fast and how other days go sooo slow!
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