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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Collect moments

I realized that I absolutely can't  blog when play music or TV, so now, when everything is turned off, I am finally writing here.
Everybody constantly askk me why I'm not started making videos on Youtube, haha. I don't think I need it because I have a blog and it gives me the same things that can get from Youtube. So for me, it's pointless.
I will make a video, when it goes out of fashion, because it's too trendy for me. Everybody make videos for Youtube, even some of my friends.
I have a lazy mood, I just want to watch the series and lie on the bed, but I can't, I have too much to do.

By the way, here's my makeup today. Love the combination of black and no bright yellow. 
Coffee with milk and my favorite cookies, mmm. // Кофе с молоком и мое любимое печенье, ммм.


  1. Great blog

    Please visit:

  2. followed you! loved reading through your blog, hope you will follow me xx

  3. Thank you for visiting me. You're an angel. and cookies. Yum. We're on diets here so I'm drooling. haha

  4. I can write much when TV/music/movies are on. Too distracting

  5. Видео блог не может заменить обычный. Я вот вообще видеоблоггеров не смотрю, мне нравится как человек пишет и я не отвлекаюсь на его манеры говорить,жестикулировать и прочее) Так что как дополнение да, но заменять- точно не стоит =0


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