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Friday, February 14, 2014

Start of Valentine's Day

My Valentine's Day has started a few hours ago, because my dad woke up me and congratulated. So surely all day I'll be sleepy.
Even the Internet today is full of sweets, cupcakes, I have eaten sweets long ago... so I hope I get today from someone as a gift chocolate, although better no hope and buy herself whatever you want. But actually, I have no mood to go somewhere for a walk, because we still have a mixture of ice, snow and puddles. I was hoping it was all melted during the night, as it was warm enough. In any case, let's see what will happen, because I have some plans. Now I'll just have breakfast and watch the movies!
Have a wonderful day!!!


  1. Just popping in to wish you a Happy Valentine's day.

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  3. I love your style! Let's follow each other? If you follow me on blogspot and bloglovin and leave a comment on my blog I'll follow you back!

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  4. thanks love

    I followed back

    i wish you a wonderful day!


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