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Monday, February 3, 2014

Shine bright like a diamond

I wake up in the morning for the first time after the Christmas holidays! However, with the help of my dad. He called me and said that I was going to, then it turned out that I was no needed anymore and it was not necessary to get up. Nevertheles, due to the fact that I got up early, the day lasts longer for me than usual. I hope always will be, like this, because I hate to get up, when half a day has passed, but I can't do anything about it!
By the way, I 'm watching the third season of "2 broke girls". This is the funniest episode after "Friends" (for me). The best part is that it gets better and better, but not as usual - the first season is good, and all other is boring.
You know what today is?:D Today is exactly six months since I made my diamond tattoo. I have a feeling from the first second, when I have done it, that it was always on my arm. I think it's time for a new tattoo, haha. Okay, no, I don't want to annoy my mother. I'm not going to do anything new to 18 years, or more likely to the time when I will live without parents. Especially, it will more faster than everyone think.


  1. I've seen a few episodes of the show

  2. С юбилеем татуировки. Буду ждать новенькую**
    Смотрю на твой ноут на фото с экрана такого же, почти что)

    1. Я тоже буду ждать, эээх.

  3. I really love your posts<3 I just followed you on GFC, of you could follow me back, that would mean a world to me:) Thank you so much for a such an inspirational blog!<3 xx peach


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