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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Early spring

Good evening everyone who read my blog! Spring comes sooo slowly, but spring comes anyway. It is strange that three days about +10 degrees, but the situation has not changed with snow. Almost no snow anywhere, only near my house, because I'm a loser, haha.
Nevertheless, I hope that tomorrow the weather will not interfere with my plans. And I have plans to go to the shops  especially important to go to the shop and choose a phone for me. I also must pass the laptop for repair, but don't know if tomorrow I can do it, if yes, then I need to note down all the important sites and e. t. c.
Tomorrow I will watch movies about love, according to tradition.
This will be an unusual Valentine's Day, because usually in this day much colder and more snow. In any case, have a good day tomorrow!


  1. I'm in a snow/ice storm right now, spring needs to come soon

  2. wow, +10 degrees?It's so cold, right?
    I have never experienced it, and I wish the weather is normal again, :)

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  4. Great palette!
    In Athens today the temperature is 18oC, agreat sunny day :)


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