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Friday, February 28, 2014

Do what you love

That moment, when you was planning something on a certain day and thought this is today, but it turned out that not. A little upset because of this, had to change my plans. It's sad when you expect one thing and get another.
In any case, tomorrow promises to be eventful. So it's not a bad start for the spring! I'll be on the birthday of my godmother. Cool that I see my little nephews and sisters, that have not seen many monts. I hope I can bring along my camera, because it is now my sister.
By the way, I didn't know that today is the last day of winter before this minute. Just as a surprise, winter was so short and it's well. I don't want continue. Winter was not very good for me, like autumn, hmm. So you can congratulate me, exactly six months today, as in my life an unlucky streak, ha ha! Hope spring will change a lot. I have big plans for March. Their performance depends only on me.
I found the image on Tumblr with damn right words. Recently, the people who surround me often criticized because of my actions and plans for the future, not understanding me. It will always continue, so the main thing to do only what the heart dictates, and not take all these words to heart, even if it say the closest people.


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