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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Bye, cold!

Today we have a record high temperature for the last time - -5 C degrees. I think tomorrow, go to the beach with friends or what to do... In general, I soooo want spring, as no one in this world. This is my main desire for me now... Okay , this is the main desire after cake "brownie". But unfortunately, in our city snow is not going melting. At least, Iit's not -30, so I'm happy.
Also I received a package with new clothes. By the way, tomorrow still need to pick up the parcel, just in post office today did not find it, promised to deal with it tomorrow.
Now, I'll watch the video on Youtube and go to bed!


  1. we had a rather warm yesterday but today was cold

  2. У нас сейчас тоже минут пять, а на днях, вчера вроде бы,было +2 =0
    Жду фото с посылки))


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