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Friday, January 24, 2014

We have results!

One of the sites for people who like healthy lifestyle I found great news for animal lovers - vegetarians have a good results, vegetarians becoming more and more. Every fifth person on earth does not eat meat.
Many singers, actors, writers , athletes affected huge numbers of people. For example, I started to think about this in 2011,  one blogger it prompted me. And I still inspire some bloggers - vegetarians. Automatically stop to eat meat after such videos as "The video the meat industry doesn't want you to see".
The bottom line is that meat production falls, people began to eat less. In many countries around the world every tenth human stop to eat dead animals. Most vegetarians young girls and boys .
This is progress, people started to think more about what they eat, how it affects on our planet.


  1. Анна- Алина, спасибо тебе за замечательный пост) Лучшее что может сделать блогер это повлиять на человека, сделав его гуманнее и мудрее. Именно это ты сделала сейчас! Спасибо!!!

    1. ^____________^

      Спасибо за такой комментарий!

  2. Nice post :D
    Thank you for your comment, I'm following your blog now <3

  3. I've probably mentioned it before but I'm a vegetarian


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