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Thursday, January 2, 2014

My parcel from Banggood

Hi! You wrote still sleepy I am. In this post I want to show you my parcel from Banggood. I ordered two of nail polish (purple color and salads) in a bottle shaped ice cream. Especially I liked the purple nail polish, he was the first layer becomes very bright dense.
Then I ordered a set of brushes. They come in a very nice purse-bag. The set is a set of brushes from a brush lip brush for finishing eyelashes.
The third is the eye shadow palette (88 colors). This is my old dream, really. Shadows of good quality, I am very surprised. They look so bright. In one of the following posts I'll show makeup that I made using mosaic.
The package also ocheeeen warm gloves, mittens. They are so warm that they can nochit only in very cold weather. I also watch Fábregas wonderful violet color, very necessary thing, will often wear them. Finally, it Kowt, which I still like a long time ago. Here's a photo:


  1. Nice post! Love your makeup :)
    Would you like to follow? Just let me know on my blog.


  2. Those nsilpanits are too cute.. Star short looks good in you
    I am inviting you to join my SammyDress giveaway with 2 winners
    Keep in touch,

  3. Шикарные приобретения,особенно кофта и часы *_*


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