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Thursday, January 16, 2014


Hello! I have a good mood, so I write to you. First, I cheer up with the show "Everybody Dance" that I watch now. In recent days, I like to watch some shows or series, so I have some plans what I must to watch. 
Secondly, I cheer up, because on the street no snow again. I like winter this year! I hope that when I wake up, on the street will not snow because I have important plans and I don't need bad weather.

I just love the cocoa, I drunk it a long time ago, the best drink for winter.
And again, I spend much time with Eva. 
I received a necklace from Choies. When I saw him, I realized that it must be mine, because I always try to be happy, no matter what happens. I want to make a post "outfit of the day" with it.


  1. lovely neclece :)

  2. Колье очень симпатичное, хотелось бы что то такое только с каким нибудь более брутальным словечкомXD
    у нас все наоборот занесло снегом, хотя бы не видно всей питерской грязи, бело и аккуратно-________-

    1. Там вроде была еще надпись "bitch", но я чё-то не захотела, мне шапки хватает с этой надписью.

  3. lovely necklace , I love it !


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