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Friday, January 17, 2014

It's not boring time

Eva stayed at my house for a few days. So I will not have any quiet minutes. Now I must to wake up in the early morning. I need to stop get up at lunchs, bad habit. I will try to get up early tomorrow! 
By the way, I now have a photographer. Eva loves to take pictures of everything around - the doors, ceiling, candy wrappers... So most of the photos at the bottom took by ​​Eva.

 Tried first time asparagus soup from Oriflame. Its taste .... hmm, very specific. I could only eat a couple of spoons, but need to get used to everything. My mom ate it several times and It's tasty enough for her.

Find me on the photo. Eva has already found:D 
Dad also wanted to take part in our photo shoot. 


  1. nice pics:)

  2. Great pics!


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