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Wednesday, December 4, 2013


I had a lot of important things today and you know what? I got sick. I had a headache at night and it hurting until now. The truth now is better, my mother gave me pills and fed , as  need to eat when you are sick, so that now almost all is normal. It is a pity that all plans have to be postponed for at least a couple of days. I was ready to do everything today. Have to lie in a warm bed, drinking hot tea with lemon and watch TV.
And at the moment I'm doing online shopping, has already ordered some things I need to make another one order. It is uplifting. I don't know how much I wait parcels... about ten and everything for me and some gifts for my family for the holidays.
Oh, by the way, about the holidays - I have already in the room a small artificial Christmas tree and Christmas bears with a bottle of Coca-Cola in their hand.


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  2. Поправляйся скорее!) И не болей больше!
    Хорошего тебе декабря)
    Если будет время, заглядывай ко мне в блог
    Буду рада :)

  3. Алин, выздоравливай! у меня вчера было недомогание, дикая слабость и боль в горле. но я сделала народные процедуры и здорова!


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