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Thursday, December 5, 2013

My little Christmas tree/ Sick child/ Parcel from Choies

Hi! I hope you had a good evening! I received a package with some things for me and visit my niece. She is very ill in recent days. For her it's hard to talk and she didn't want to eat, because she some kind of sore throats and it likely, that she will be some time in the hospital.
With my health all is okay. Is it possible to get sick only one day? Anyway, I did it.

It's about 20 days to the New Year. Do you believe it? I'm not!
Believe it or not, but I must decorate home, so I have in my room already the small artificial tree. I think that's not all, now I need to find a "rain", Christmas uggs (Socks? Stockings? boots? Generally that usually hang around the fireplace) and my lovely Santa Claus. Then it will be look like home on Christmas.

Another news that automatically makes this day to a good day, it was my parcel from Choies. This time I came cutest denim shirt with minions,  beanie, that I really wanted and ... and glasses. It's weird to buy sunglasses in winter or autumn, but I'm not the only one who bought it now, many bloggers  bought these glasses, they were on a good discount. They were in a very classy and sturdy carrying case for glasses, I loved it. The only one ear of "Mickey Mouse" keeps bad shape, so I have to fix it , I think it is possible:)
About the cap I can say that it is high quality, without any threads , it's just perfect and so warm, I wore it today in the evening and I was warm in it. For some reason I thought she was very light , but is not, so I will wear it in the winter days.
I waited for light shirt , but it turned out that it is quite dense. But I don't want to hide anything from you, so tell you that inside was a lot of threads, so I had to get rid of them,but it's was easy. In another all is good. How can you not love minions?
In the next posts will show it on myself! Goodnight!


  1. здорово, миленькая елочка! рубашка прикольная, мне нравятся миники)) хотела даже сшить или связать)

  2. I hope your niece feels better

  3. Lovely purchase :)

    New Post Up:

  4. nice post :)

  5. А можешь подкинуть ссылку на рубашку?))

    1. Сылочка есть на рубашку в этом посте, нажми внизу поста.

    2. там написано shirt/ рубашка > CHOIES


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