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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Happy end

Hello! It was a wonderful winter evening. After today I have exactly the winter mood. We have so much snow today, but yesterday here  was not a snowflake. Maybe I have very bad shoes for the winter, because I had already fallen once... I hate it! I must in the future to move to a country where there is no snow.
In general, today I walked a lot with a friend, we went to the shops to buy things for babies, because someone soon will have little brother. And then we ate pizza in my house.

Shirt > Choies
Jeans > I don't know
Jacket > Ceruttijeans
Beanie > Choies


  1. u look great dear... ı like this colorful look :)

  2. I like your jacket, and I feel like eating pizza too now:)
    If you want to be away from snow come to India, we in Delhi have 8-9 months summer
    Happy Weekend

  3. какой классный снежок, хочу-хочу-хочу!

  4. nice jacket :)

  5. У кого маленький братик? У тебя!!!?


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