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Monday, December 30, 2013

Fun evening with my friend

How is your preparation for the New Year? Everything goes according to plan, all in time, tomorrow still need to finish cleaning up and start to cook something tasty .
Today I agreed with my friend about how to celebrate New Year, we will celebrate together. So we had a good time and took ​​some pictures, by the way . It was not very cold, if you ask me. We have absolutely no snow and already we have a temperature of about 10 .
Tomorrow I have no idea what I would do, as plans are changing every minute. Whether I spend time with my friend in the shops or will be with my sister, but in any case, I need to prepare for the last day of the year. In this world there are people who want more December 31?

Sweatshirt  choies
Jewelry rose gal
Pants /SUUW
Shoes oasap

By the way, the photo below was taken with the help of a professional light, haha.
When we photographed was dark and one man came up to us and asked how we can be photographed in such darkness and began to shine a flashlight on us.
In the photo you can see that it's hard not to laugh.


  1. I don't have anything to prepare for news years, I have to work the next morning so I will most likely be asleep by 12am

  2. Amazing colourful top. Best wishes for the new year


  3. Beautiful session lovely model :)


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