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Monday, December 2, 2013

Frost and Wind

Hi dears!!
We have an incredibly strong and cold wind today! First time wore a hat after warm weather. Monday was active, I was involved in anything, only not learning. I've seen it yet don't want to say about it,  because everything is not so clear.
So today I was doing my own thing, and even with my mother went to grandmother. We were celebrating my brother's birthday, but he is not in the city, it is a bit strange, haha.
Tomorrow going to write tests in English, I mean simply written it in another notebook. I don't know what kind of control work to do, so I hope that everything will be okay​​. In any case, if not, let they say me what I do,  not "do what you want , we don't care".
And I want to pass some my old clothes, so here are the plans. Hopefully tomorrow will be warmer and a couple of days will not be snowed!


  1. in Poland is also co cold! omg :(

  2. Меня сегодня ветром чуть с остановки не сдуло)) Не хочется верить, что теплые деньки уже окончательно закончились.

  3. а у нас тепло)) удачи с английским!

  4. Funny celebrating a birthday without a celebrant. HAHA we do it too :D

    followed u back :) GFC1016

  5. here in Philippines we have this bipolar weather because one time its sunny hot then the next thing you know is its raining hard.


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