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Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas tree, kids and sweets

Goodnight! I'm so tired, so I will write briefly about what I was doing. I had an invitation to the New Year's holiday, the last time, as next year this time, I will have 18, so I went. I also brought along my sister Luda with her daughter. We could not remove Eve from the main tree, she liked it so much, but Father Christmas contrary frightened her, since he was big enough, tall, ha ha.
By the way, I take a picture with him! I have never had a photo with Santa Claus! Never too late to make such a photo, ho ho.
And I got a lot of sweets, most I ate already, because I have long wanted a tasty gift and I love sweets.

Okay, I'm very tired, so I do not know what I'm saying.


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