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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Sunny cold

We have cooling. We soon must expect snow. I don't want that! I hope it will  be unstable snow. I need at least another month to tune in for the winter. I have litlle summer. I had only two weeks of free time, other times I had to take the examinations, or go all the universities in the city and collect documents. If I told you that last year was short, forget , because this year has been a thousand times shorter, even though he was great. It seems to me that I was celebrating New Year with my family at sister's home a couple of weeks ago, and now again the New Year. 2014 , please be slower!

Jeans from LIU JEANS 
Sweatshirt from Choies 
Scarf by my grandmother.
Colorful hair 

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  1. о, цветные кончики - здорово! )) у нас был небольшой снежок *

    1. Небольшой снежок это вообще классно! Я люблю снег, но не люблю то, что творится после него.
      Жаль, такой эффект только на один день и не очень ярко.


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