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Friday, October 25, 2013


Do you want to be little bit scared, ho ho? Terrible nights continue in my life. We had a breakfast with my mother, talked about her dream, and as it turned out, she dreamed that she gives the money to my grandmother ( father's mother ). The fact that she died six years ago, and transmit something to dead in sleep is tabu in any case .
But that's not the worst thing that happened. The worst thing, as always happened to me. I opened the door to my room and I could see the door to parents' bedroom, which was closed . And there I saw the a woman who is incredibly light.
I believe in such things as the first years after the death of my grandmother I could see her often, and also my friends also saw it - in my room through the window. I mean she was watching us from the window.
So I think she reappeared here. I have written a blog post yesterday that I was afraid of ghosts. It's special for me!


  1. ужас....может это из-за приближающегося Хэлла? или просто ты очень восприимчива

    1. Я о Хэллоуине даже не подумала. Всё может быть...
      Вроде как в эти дни нечистая сила спускается на землю, если я не ошибаюсь. Хотя я даже не знаю верю ли я в это, но почему-то это говорят люди.


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