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Sunday, October 6, 2013


Hey, hey! How are you? I hope you're right. I had a normal quiet day. I am glad that I made some gifts for myself, ha ha. The plan was to buy new clothes, but on the way, I realized that more than anything else I want a new nail polishes (below is the picture that I bought). And I recently showed a chain with an owl and the most necessary thing for me - comb hair, I'm not sure that I dID not show you, but it seems still not.
Nevertheless, it did not add too much happiness to me and I'm really want to come to my premises, there should be three this month.
Yesterday I received a message on my email that my order is accepted, but it took two weeks, I thought I had a parcel is about how to be in my town.
Fortunately, one parcel with winter jacket if it can be called so, it's probably more likely coat (and a person trained as a fashion designer for two years #facepalm) came. Now I need to learn at least something for this day... or I just see a few episodes of "Daria". Life is a complicated thing, you do not know what to choose.


Meybelline New York / DIVA.


  1. Klassnij lak ot Majbelline. Ja kupila vse 4 iz etoj kollekcii: malinivij, zelenij sinij i prozra4nij s konetti 4erno-belimi. A v4era nashla otfirmi Flormar eshe i "mentolovogo" cveta (ne znaju kak etot zwet po-russki nazivaetsa). Sej4as sizhu i krashu nogti, zavtra budet Post v moem bloge. Budu rada, esli ko mne zajdesh, ja vsegda o4enj rada tvoim kommentariem. Cepo4ka s sovoj prosto cool! I love it!

    Best wishes!

    1. Я пока купила только один, так как решила пока попробовать, но там было их четыре. Возможно куплю из этой коллекции еще, так как сейчас тоже поправляю маникюр и решила попробовать его, он шикарен.
      Обожаю Flormar, недорого и качественно. Ментоловый и есть ментоловый, если я не ошибаюсь, но в любом случае, я поняла о каком ты цвете говоришь.
      Зайду завтра к тебе в блог, если не забуду!
      Всегда рада твоим комментариям! Ты очень многословная! <3

  2. You're pretty and talented girl. I followed you on GFC, hope you do the same.

  3. You're pretty and talented girl :) I followed you on GFC, hope you do the same.

  4. hello dear! lovely blog :)

    I am following you on GFC, please follow me back :)

  5. поэтому вот так))) лаки прикольные) совушка класс1

  6. Ах, какая совушка классная!!!


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