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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Drawing with baby

Day with my niece again. We were alone. Listening to loud music, drawing , watching my favorite shows instead of cartoons haha. It's strange that everything was so quiet, but not boring. You are never bored with children .
And yes , I'm still tired after runnning after baby when it came time to dress up and go home, so today I didn't learn anything unfortunately, and it's too late in the evening I can't learn, better tomorrow to try to get the all job.
Now I 'm looking for my favorite show now "Miami Ink" and I need to figure out what to wear to the wedding, which will be out of town on this weekend. I wanted to wear a dress, but  everybody say that I need to wear pants and a warm jacket in this weather. Hmm, I think it's weird to wear to the wedding pants for girls and I have only jeans. Okay, I have to wear something beautiful.


  1. часто она у тебя в гостях)))

    1. Где-то каждую неделю, они живут на живут на соседней улице, через пару домов, так что так. Но я у них чаще в гостях))

  2. great drawings, very artistic


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