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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Cafe / Shopping / House for kids

Yesterday I had a nice evening with my sister and her family. I was not planning to go anywhere, but it happened spontaneously, I told my sister that I want to buy new clothes, she said that I can go with them, because they were going to do it also.
We went to a shopping center, where there is a children's corner, so it was impossible to replace Eva back from there. And after we (Eva) rolling on the superstore by car-truck, it was the only thing that has managed to replace her from a child's room.
We also had on dinner pizza with peppers, tomatoes and olives. Honestly this is the worst pizza in my life, I doubt that I'll go again to this place.
By the way, even though I didn't have luck yesterday, but I got on a nice discount at the store. So one item from my list of plans for October is done - I have some two pairs of jeans.
But that's not all, as I have almost finished writing a contriol test on Ukrainian language, so I am glad that at least something done for study!

1. Luda is my older sister, if someone does not know. I took a photo, when we sat in a cafe. / 2. Pizza. Not very tasty, but I was very hungry, soit was okay haha.
By the way it's the best thing in the world - headphones. I recently bought them and now I can't live without it.


  1. These pictures are so lovely! You look absolutely gorgeous. Amazing post!

    xo, Meera |
    twitter + instagram: @meeranavlakha

  2. that pizza looks much different than the american variety

  3. последняя фотография красивая)

  4. It looks like really nice evening :)
    I'm your new follower ;d
    Kisses from Poland :*

  5. хороший денек! люблю пиццу, но вкусную конечно*))


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