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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Autumn yellow day

Hello, hello! Sunny and very cold day today! It is very strange for the last two months of autumn. We always have cold weather. For several days we had snowed , but I honestly have not seen it, because I was asleep. In the fall I to go to sleep not too late, but wake up in the afternoon. I don't like it , of course,  I love to wake up early. Just lately I don't know why I wake up, only for homeworks.
But if you suddenly ask what my mood , I 'll answer that things are so bad that I just have to stay positive and banishing the negative thoughts. In general , for me, the best way is to go shopping, so now I have to go to the store , because apparently my orders from the Internet will bring in the next life.
Have a good day !


  1. We won't see snow until maybe January

  2. great blog and beautiful pics!!lwhat about following each other??


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