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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Days with the niece

Hello! I missed for the blogosphere! I hope that someone saw my absence here. I haven't wrote almost four days. I have a broken laptop and only today I able to bring it from a repair. This is the reason why I didn't write in the blog.
Almost every these days I spent with my niece, taking her for a couple of days to home. It's so much fun, but at the same time and tedious.
And yesterday with her, my parents and grandmother went to the forest to pick mushrooms. Tomorrow will show pictures. In general, I take many photos in these few photos these days, enough  for at least three posts for the blog. Here are the photos I took on the first day, when I bring Eva and the camera, it was in night:

Eva found the box with my jewelry: 
Result of the fact that Eva has found a box with my jewelry, lol:
And after midnight, we decided to do with Eva manicures, unfortunately it hasn't been possible to take photo of her manicure: 
Dressed pajamas and ready for bed. / Одели пижамы и готовы ко сну.


  1. Oh! What a beautiful child!!
    You must have a very good time with her, and she with you, I think!!
    We love all the photos!
    Thank you for visit our blog and comment!
    We are following you with GFC.
    Kisses from Spain.

  2. Ева такая хорошенькая и забавная*)

  3. Ева только что приходила и говорит вам всем большое спасибо!


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