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Monday, September 2, 2013

Always ready

Hello everyone! Thank you for having wished me a good road. I was ready for this trip, but then my parents were told that we had bad weather, to go somewhere. I'm even a little disappointed to be honest. However, on the other hand, I went to the "shopping" for all sorts of pieces for the University and no only that. I think I bought everything that is necessary to the student. I did not fit in my head that I could not forget to buy. By the way, just a week I go to the university for the first time. I have interesting. There will be many new things for me. It's like the first time to go to the first class in school, as I almost did not go to school - learning at home. I feel now like a first-grader, ha ha.
I have received from my sister a gift - a pendant-cross. He hand-robots, I love it. This ornament was I needed, because I have some jewelry that color, but I did not know what to combine.


  1. Lovely blog! I'm your new follower. I would like to follow me back. Thanks!!


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