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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Night lights

Hiii. We have so gloomy weather in the city, I love it. I was waiting for this weather, and even now I can't think about the seas, the beach and the sun. I love the rain and darkness. It inspired me to go take a walk somewhere. I want to buy a imitation leather jacket and shoes. It hard to find shoes for me, so I usually just order it, but now will try to find something. I don't know in which shop I go, but I am going to go to the center. The main thing is not to get wet today. Something tells me that in my town will shower!


  1. а мне всегда в такую погоду, хочется спааать!)
    удачных покупок тебе:)

  2. классные мордашки*))) а у нас жаарко(


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