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Friday, August 16, 2013

Quickly post with new purches

I hope it will prompt a message, because right now I'm going to get together and leave the center with my friend. Could not get to blog - health does not allow, I just hope that this will change today's walk. After all, I just will not come out for another meeting! In general, today is a very long some. I can not believe that now is not even three hours of the day !!!
Well, I'm just going to show you what I bought in the last couple of days:

These pink shoes I have found a friend in a store. They liked me, though in life they still look better.

This scarf was also a big discount. Even though I did not need a scarf, he seemed very nice original, so I'll be happy to go there.

It is exactly like this bag, envelope, it is so bright that it is impossible to observe.

And I got a chest-box for my jewelry. This thing is really needed me. Now all my jewelry take place.
That's all! Have a nice day! ♥


  1. Сумка-конверт просто нереально красивая! В каком магазине ты ее брала?) очень нравится))

    1. точно такая же сумка в любом магазине одежды - весь город ходит в таких)) в манго видела.
      а эту я брала в стоковом магазине, нигде не написано фирмы.

  2. все очень классное! серьги перышки оч милые) у меня почти такие же - красные))

  3. sumka i krassovki prosto klass ;)


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