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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Something that you miss?

12 day challenge - something that you miss.

Something that I miss? I have many things. I love to come to a place where there didn't was a long period of time and find something that reminds my childhood. It's just reminds me that time. I especially miss those who have, unfortunately, can't return. Especially for my grandparents. But I know that the soul is eternal and they are with me in a difficult time for me.
I still miss those wonderful days with my friends, the trip in the beautiful place where I was, and probably all the best moments of last summer, that summer was special for me, although I haven't written about it before.
Nevertheless, I just remember all the good that was, but I never want to go back, because every day my life just get better. And I wish you the same - never look back and move forward!

Photos from the prom, which I haven't on the blog. 


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