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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Sister's birthday

Hello! I finally slept and I share with you pictures from yesterday's birthday of my sister Lena. She is my cousin, but you can often see her in my blog, because she is like a native. Today she was 18 years old. Lena older than me for exactly one year and two weeks, so this means that my birthday soon.
By the way, somehow yesterday with my sister (Luda), went out to get some fresh air and the kids ran up to us and began to shout: - Hey, look, twin sisters!
Ha ha, I didn't thought that we are so much alike, lol.
So, after yesterday, I still have a good mood. Now I'm home, because on the street is very cold. I'm interested this year will still be hot weather?
The birthday girl is the first (left).
I'm the first (left), if someone does not know.
Eva shows how to properly posing, haha. Where is she saw it?
Lena and Luda.

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