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Friday, July 19, 2013


Heh, yesterday was a fun day. I told that I was at a birthday party, then at night when I drove home to me already, I talking with one man and I drove a few stops more than I needed and I was walking for a long time, ha ha. But it's good for me, because I allowed myself to eat two slices of cake in the evening, I'm currently on a normal day does not allow this, I'll write about it later.
Today, we have finally sunny day and I wanted to work out my own affairs. This is strange, because usually calmer weather inspires me for it. I have plans right now to apply to the University for another specialty - now that it is connected with computers. And then right after university, I go to the dentist and talk with him about braces. I hope I have finally put them, already half a year I do it.


  1. оо мне тоже нужно посетить стоматолога)

  2. Great post! I hope to see you in my blog sometimes! Thanks! :) Following you now!
    Kisses from VV!!

  3. Interesting blog!

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  4. I recently went to the dentist, how beautiful your diamond tattoo

  5. Great tattoo dear!
    Thanks so much for the follow, I followed back!

    XOXO, Lory

  6. АЛИНКА, ЭТО ОЧЕНЬ ПРАВИЛЬНО, ПО ПОВОДУ СТОМАТОЛОГА! Если ты действительно этого хочешь, то лучше не затягивай! Удачи!))))

  7. Уже решено где учиться будешь? Или пока еще никаких результатов не сказали? :)

    1. Результаты в августе. Университет выбрала, а специальность еще под вопросом. Скорее всего филолог-переводчик.

    2. Это хорошая специальность, интересная и нужная


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