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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Back to Life

Hi, I go back to normal life and to the blog, of course. And to the blog soon will be a new challenge for 31 days. I love that!
I already feel better a million times than yesterday and the day before, so I hope that tomorrow will be all right.
Today I just did what I could not do these last days. So, yes, I'm happy that I'm healthy!
Only after the sick, I appreciate health.
I don't quite have no plans, and now is the time to be able to rest and gather strength for the next event. The only thing I want to meet with a friend. Maybe tomorrow;)


  1. да болеть , а особенно летом, кошмар.

  2. I hate being sick. I long for being able to actually stand up and not wanting to immediately lay back down.


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