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Friday, July 26, 2013

Best childhood memory

3 day challenge - best childhood memory

Childhood is always a lot of adventure and a lot of cool time, how do you choose the best memory from childhood?
Still, I think my best day that I spent is at Disneyland. I can't describe in words how cool it was. We were there all day and it was fun. In my opinion when I was nine years old, on the birthday it was perfect to go here. Now I'm really want to go back there. It would be cool to be in my birthday there. But it is impossible - this summer I just don't expect any journey, because I have to be constantly in the city, because this year I'm enter to university.
It's strange for me to stay for the second year in a row in the town.

You was once in Disneyland? 


  1. I've actually never been. My fiancee has though.

  2. ААААА..это же Диснейлэнд*______________________________*

  3. Мы тоже с мужем очень хотим в Диснейлэнд попасть. Думаю нам там будет очень весело ))