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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Shinning Mirror Nail Glitter Powder | BORN PRETTY REVIEW

Hello guuuys. Today I want to write a review of something I was very exited to get and to try. Actually I wanted to make a write yesterday, but turned out photos weren't good enough. With flash light on camera it doesn't look that way it look in reality, I really recommend to see a video of the store below, it looks more like it is there. But I should say that my silver powder is no the same as that one on the video. Mine has a golden shade (and probably even a little bit o green shade) and it very very very sniny and many tiny glitters, while on video it looks like a gloss. I really like these little glitters, looks so pretty.
Gold powder is super bright. It reminds me an yellow but shiny nail polish. But golden powder doesn't have glitters as silver one. They have that sort of mirror thing, but doesn't look like those Tumblr mirror nails I was hoping for. In total, I really like them, especially, silver one. Probably because I'm more silver lover, this gold powder looks a little too much for me, orange shade in it is too strong. And as I said those silver glitters really looks so awesome in real life.

Set have two powders (gold and silver), brushes for them, two comfortable (and pretty) packages and finally bottle of primer with bottle of seal coat - it's the reason, I bought. It's more cheap to buy them together. You can use them for all your UV nail polishes.
I want to say that you don't need to have an UV lamp, you can just coat a layer of transperent nail polish after a layer of powder. They keep without anything pretty good but not a long time. So better use transperent polish or seal coat. And be careful and accurate, it keeps on skin a pretty long time.

You can buy this set here:

Thursday, January 19, 2017

BEAUTY TREND: $1.86 BP Nail Polish from UV ''GREY SERIES'' | REVIEW

Hello everyone! Yesterday and today I was preparing to birthday for my niece. Now she's 6 years old, it's just wow, so big! Even I remember that time I was 6 and it's the age when you already understand everyting and it's the time you become more serious. Any ways, in today's post I want to talk about nail polish trends and review on my newest nail polish I've got from bornprettystore.

Recently and even in new season grey shades are one of the most popular nail trends. I actually noticed already this trend a few months before on many celebreties.
I think it looks pretty unusual and interesting, so I really wanted to at least one of similar nail polishes. That's why I love trends, that's the reason to try new things.
So I found cool nail polishes series with different shades of grey. Actually I didn't know which one to choose, but decided number 004. The most brighest. It looks really blue! In a place with good light, in the evening it's look very-very grey and I hardly can't see this blue shade in a nail polish. So it's pretty cool. Actually I think about to buy another shade from this collectione. Probably one of the dark ones.
Anyway, it's really cheap, but still bottle is not very big, it's 5 ml. Two layers of this nail polish looks perfect, with one layer it looks pretty transperent. But as for me I would like to wear it with one layer too, it's nice and it looks like it's a different nail polish.
Packaging is really nice, I've got it in a little pink box with roses print. It's really comfortable amd protect from other nail polishes, so bottle can stay clean and neat.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Today I want to do something different - to write a review for an anime. Actually before I haven't watched them since my childhood. But I've seen so many good reviews people wrote on the Internet about new anime ''Your name'' and I decided to try to watch at least one of them again. And OMG I'm so in love with this one. I think this anime is a masterpiece. If it was a movie, then it would be a blockbuster. Honestly, all the time I watched this I feels like a movie, not a cartoon. Probably it's because plot. It reminds me some movies I watched together, but it's still unique and I didn't watch something similar before. 
By the way, I really liked music in ''Your name'', I think it's great, I never listen Japanese music, so it wondered me.
Before to say more I want you to see a trailer, but I should say that trailer show only first part of this anime (I think first 30 minutes), later things become so much more interesting. This trailer in English:

After reding reviews and watching trailer, I was sure it would be interesting. I love movies where people switch bodies with each other, they are always cool and funny... but let be honest, everybody's already tired of the same thing. In every second movie a human switch bodies with someone else (mostly with a stranger) and mostly later they fall in love and try to find each other. I thought here will everything the same, like they will find each other and will be live long and happy together... but nope, in ''Your name'' you can't know what will happen next and even if everything looks predictable in last seconds everything change, and it happens so many times during the whole anime. That makes it really really really interesting to watch from the start to the end.
I don't want to say something more then in a trailer, I want it was a suprise when you will be watching this, but story is really tragic and makes worry about heroes so much. 
And I want to say that the end of ''Your name'' is really beautiful and shed a little tear. Actually I was reading reviews and I'm not the only one. Of course I give a highest rate from me to this anime. Hope my review made to want someone to see it! Don't see that this is a anime, if you don't watch them usually, because as I said before during the whole time of watching if give feelings like I'm wartching a new cool movie.
GIFs from start to the end:

Monday, January 16, 2017


I noticed it became really popular to write blogposts about summary of a week. I really enjoy reading the most interesting part of the week abd also find very motivational for being more productive on the next week. 
Actually I wanted to do this a week before but that day was Christmas so I'm going to do summary for first two weeks.
Right now I finished to watch ''RHOBH'', I'm on third season now. I haven't watched this a while and now I'm in mood to watch this again. And as it's really late I'm going to sleep as soon as possible.
I didn't buy anything new, but I've got two parcels and here are two pieces that are my faves - jacket and coat. Really like them, can't wait for the spring to wear them!
I had so many, I had really nice first day of 2017, Ukrainian Christmas later, birthday of a family member. But probably the best was on January 8th the day after Christmas. My close relatives visited us to celebrate Christmas together, was very funny evening!
The main thing is that's a new year, new start, new motivation and inspiration to work at myself and my life. I was very happy and still is that it's finally 2017 and I really hope that in this year will be a lot of interesting, new things, suprises and adventures... also it's very imprortant that year should be progressive. So this new year's spirit is my main thing these weeks.
I have a strong carving of something tasty every night around midnight. That's why all my jeans are small to me now aaah. Recently I almost never eat late after I got that I gained a few kg.
Fortunately I can say I had no really bad things, so worst things that were happening is babysitting with my niece when she acted very naughty. She's the naughtiest and hardest kid I've met in my life. And as she only listen to her mother, it's sooo hard with her and sometimes she was making me really sad these days when I'm with her everyday and even today.
Well, I liked my New Year's outfit, I tried to wear things I heard are recommended for New Year meeting hehe. And I really like my outfit for a birthday, I didn't took a picture of the whole look, only part. Any ways it's my black suit with white lace and my new chocker.
My thought of recent days was ''OMG everything is so tasty, but I can't eat anymore''. Haha just kidding, but it's sort of truth.
Actually I was thinking that days after New Year's Eve became not that fast. I mean these two weeks (and + one day) feels like really two weeks, not like three days, as it happens sometimes. Also I adore that's still light outside to around 18:00. I hated that time when it as dark already in 15:00.
To be productive and progressive in all ways, be active in fitness, to go outside as often as possible if it won't  not -20 and slippery as hell, to celebrate 6th birthday of my niece, to be good at blogging / instagraming, to take photos outside if it won't be too cold, to make an art and to stay calm if it's negative things happen.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

$4,5 STRAIGHT TEETH SYSTEM? // I've Got a Gift in My Parcel

Hello guys! Thanks for visiting the blog and happy Old New Year today (January 14)!
Today I want to share with you things I've got a few days ago and write  reviews or it's more like first impressions but after a few days of using them. First thing is straight teeth system. Actually, I wanted to try it a few months, but I doubted. I decided it's cheap, so I should to try this! First, I want to show you what wrote at the online store where I bought this:
Straight teeth system is simple and effective.
General require user wear the orthodontic braces for 1-2 hours during the day, and 8 hours at night.
At first week, your teeth may feel pain and soreness, this is normal. You need keep on using everyday.
Do not bite them, avoid deformation.
Before and after using them, please clean with a toothbrush use cold or warm water, do not use hot water! Then put them in clean box.

Type: Orthodontic Retainer
Gender: Unisex
Fit for: Teens & Adult
Usage: Main for The Front Teeth
Material: Food-grade Medical Grade Silicone
Length: 5.5cm/2.17" (Approx.)

Straighten the teeth not a short time thing, you need keep on using them. Do not suspect their effect, they need time to proof themself!

Package Includes: 
1 Pc Orthodontic Straight Teeth Tool with retail box

First, before I ordered I checked reviews on different sites and there were a lot of good reviews were people were telling that their teeth started to be more straight and some of them uplouded photos ''before and after using during a few months''. I can't be sure if it's real or not, but I hope it's real and if it is, the retainer is really good.
I was worring of the size if it will be good for me and turned it is... anyway, it's made from silicone, so I'm sure it will be okay for most of people. By the way, it's really soft, but I feel it still works as retainers I used to wear many. It feels pretty the same. But I wasn't wearing them very often yet, so I didn't feel a pain or something like it.
By the way with this retainer you get a very comfortable box for it. Nice little bonus.
Now It's all I can say, but I'll write more, but it will take a lot of time and we will if it gives an effect or not.
You  can order them HERE (link).
 By the way I've got a gift in my parcel - blue nail polish. I realized this only today after a few days after receiving. Actually I thought I ordered this but just forgot hehe. But I checked my order and found out I didn't. See I really like blue colour on nails and at all so I even didn't get this. So cute suprise!
I already tried and already adore for a few reasons: 1) It lasts already on my nails around a week, but of course I added a new layer of polish for photos to look it better. Actually I'm wondered how much time it lasts at all! 2) You need only  1 layer, as already first layer perfect pgmented and bright. So it's pretty for ecomical for time and money. 3) It's blue and it's one of my favourite colour for nail polishes and it looks bright but still a little bit dark and I really like it.
I don't have a link, as I didn't order it, but this nail polish somewhere here: LINK.