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Monday, August 13, 2018


Hello, guys. No, no, I'm not going to have a blog break  for a long time again haha. Just had kinda birthday week break. And after a few days of resting, it's hard to write the first post. Somebody have the same problem?
But I have very interesting information to share, so I couldn't write this post. It's something I was very shocked about and was fully into it in winter 2017. Now it seems less popular and many people start to forget about, but two blog posts about Mandela Effect I wrote the last year are still the most popular posts on my blog and people still read it. Recently I found some new Mandela effects people have found.
If you don't what is it, then Google says: ''The Mandela Effect is evidence that you may have experienced events from a different reality. Finding others with similar memories can affirm that''. In previous posts I was telling how many thousands people remember that probably the most popular show ever titled '
'Sex IN the city'', not ''Sex AND  the city''. I clearly remember that I saw it on TV, as a kid (LOL) and, plus, Ukrainian version is still titled ''Sex in the city''. Weird, right? There is no reason to translate it not correct.
Or I was talking about how people from all the world remember that there were 52 states in America. This one I clearly remember as well from an American movie.

Okay, let's start! This one I have heard the last year and it freaked me out, but I still forgot to add to my previous posts about Mandela Effects. It's about the most famous person in history - Marilyn Monroe. There is no people in the world who doesn't know about her... You know what I mean. Everyone noticed that she had a mole. Where it was? I'm 100% sure it was near her upper lip when I was watching tons of documentaries about her in my childhood (yes, I was a fan). But in this reality she always had it on her cheek. Look, that's how I remember it and how it actually was:

If it always was like that, then explain me, please, why the piercing around upper lip called as Monroe piercing?

Another one is that doughboy always had a white scarf, not a blue one, how most people remember. White on white looks sooo weird and suspicious.
I told you people think it's blue:
Apps are so new, but they already mean too much for us that it has own Mandela effects. Well... maybe this one was just a new update for FaceTime, but it's still funny and strange.
 People remember that when somebody facetime you there was ''*Name* would like to FaceTime you'', now it's ''*Name* would like FaceTime''. Like, what? It sounds so wrong! It needs ''to'' or either way it doesn't make any sense. It sound like a person who calls you, want download FaceTime app, like I would like FaceTime, you're with me?

Another one about my favorite fairytale ''Alice in the Wonderland'', so I should vividly remember the correct quote. Cat says: ''We all are mad here'', right? Well, at leas, not in the cartoon (American one, I watched Russian one as well, if you don't know, it exists). So cat in the cartoon says: ''Most everyone's mad here''. Why they changed so cool quote from the book for that? Pretty pointless.

Next Mandela Effect about song which made Justin Bieber to be the most popular person alive like 10 years ago - ''Baby''. 
I clearly know lyrics cause I was teaching my niece to sing this song, but turned out lyrics ''changed'' and now it makes no sense. How I remember it:
''I know you love me, I know you care'' (makes sense).
Real lyrics:
''You know you love me, I know you care (of course, if she loves you , she knows it, what the hell, it doesn't make sense and I remember the different lyrics).

You probably saw Momo pics everywhere recent month or two. That's scary doll with big eyes. I swear it can't be created just a few months ago. I saw it a few years ago.

Another one is about Kennedy's car. I don't remember another pair the last time I was watching it on TV. I remember only four people in the car, as thousands people do. I definitely would remember this weirdly long car.

The most weird one for me is that vividly remember my huge map and that was snow on the top of Earth and now it doesn't exist on my map. Many people remember that big snow on their maps and globes as well.

By the way, in Ukraine we have our own Mandela effects that are really weird, cause everybody remember something that didn't happen actually, but it's hard to explain / translate. By the way have you heard about Mandela Effects in your country?

Saturday, August 4, 2018


Photos from one of the most amazing days of this summer. When I with my family went to the central park and also there was mini-zoo. I don't support things like that, cages were very dirty, I didn't see the food in them and animals asked for food ( but we couldn't feed them there, of course), especially, the owl looked terrible, also I wondered that beavers are free and could walk around people (I'm scared of them after the time I've heard that one beaver killed the man like two years ago in America), but that was free and kids looooved to see animals. And I took so many colorful photos. Also I spent a lot of time to took photos of my look in different places but looked good only on the last ones we took the last minute before we left the park. Everybody has not photogenic days, right?

Friday, August 3, 2018


I needed to write this post before August started, cause first two days of the month failed, I was home all the time, had bad mood and watched vlogs on Youtube. So I definitely should write this post to be more organised and motivated.You should try to write these posts about planning or to write in a notebook, you will achieve so much more goals... If you won't forget about the list.
I decided to write things that I'm gonna do (plans) and things that I wish come true (goals/wishes).

Definetely will do:
<< I want to finish three books I'm reading now. Usually I read only one and when I finish it, I read another one, but one of these books is paper book, so I read it when I have no ability to read it on the phone, and others as I said I read on my phone, but they're in different genres, so what I read depends on my moon. If you're interested, I read the first book of Harry Potter, The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck (just started to read and already don't agree with the writer about some things, but still want to keep reading it) and All I've Ever Wanted.
It would be perfect:
<< I would like to start reading the second book of Harry Potter or even third one or another book from must-read list if I will be tired of it.

Definetely will do:
<< I want to get my habit to write on the blog back. To write at least three posts a week. Work on my all social media.
It would be perfect:
<< To write 5+ good posts a week. Get good results from work on my social media. Would be great if my little Instagram store will work out, I just started it.

Definetely will do:
<< To prepare everything to my birthday. Find interesting recipes. Buy things. To do cleaning.
It would be perfect:
<< To have a nice birthday with my family and have fun time. To make a pretty cake.

Definetely will do:
<< Finish all work with documents from hospitals. 
It would be perfect:
<< To finish it on the next week.

Definetely will do:
<< Back to fitness after like 3 weeks of doing it.
It would be perfect:
<< To workout daily or at least 5 days a week (depends on how I feel myself) as I was doing it before.

Definetely will do:
<< Try not spend money on unhealthy food. Save money. Try not to buy food in plastic containers and carry food in my bag instead of not ecological shopping bags.
It would be perfect:
<< Try to eat only healthy low calorie food (okay my birthday will be day off). To loose some weight. Not to use plastic and shopping bags at all.

Friday, July 27, 2018


Summer. I always loved this season. Always it's my favourite one. So busy, bright and chaotic. Also too fast, although one summer in childhood felt like years. Hard to believe we have only one month, right? Although I think it felt like we had not more than one month of summer, already many things changed. Good ones, bad ones... It's summer and we have it all. I'm already wondered what August have for me. For sure I know it won't be boring. I literally have no time this summer. Only thing I hope for that I'll finish all these businesses with papers before my birthday, so I will have at least one month to relax this summer. I mean it will be busy anyways, but it's way better to be busy with businesses you chose to do.
On weekends I try to forget about all businesses and problems. Just have fun and take pictures of my favorite moments. I think I already did more photos this year than the last one, so it's good and I hope I will write more good posts. There are lots of things I would like to do yet. I definitely should write the list to not forget about them and be motivated. If you're interested , I could even write on the blog.
I'll try to get everything from the last month and enjoy these summer vibes, although deep inside I already dream about crunchy yellow leaves under my boots and watching movies from my must-watch list with big mug of cocoa.
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