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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

The Cat Who Came for Christmas ⠇BLOGMAS 6&7

I was resting on Christmas and and two days from blogging. Actually I was very busy and next days will be busy. I'm gonna spent a lot of my time in hospitals to take some health tests and heal my teeth as well. For tomorrow I am gonna be visiting around 6 doctors. And it's all in the morning, ah. Definetely not my favorite to do in the morning 😪 .
By the way, do you remember lately I was telling books I want to read this winter? Well, it seems one story from book happened to me this Christmas. One random cat really came to our house for Christmas. At my grandmother's house. Cat spent whole Christmas with us, we fed her well. Turned out this cat lives in a little dog house around my grandma's house. But it's really cold there. Hope somebody take her home. I with my mom really liked this cat, maybe we would take her , but it seems that this cat not is the calmest, and she was always jumping on a table and a stove. We don't want problems, you know.
So Christmas we spent at my grandma's place and whole Christmas we celebrate it home with my grandma and my sister with her kids as always.
These days were really awesome and I really got Christmas spirit for these two days. That what I needed before these crazy days. Now I want it back. Or summer. That's -10 C d. everyday, very cold. There is no way that in these cold days someone want to leave their houses. But I should quicly to do all my businesses. Faster I'll do it, faster I'll ger braces.
Any way, I think it was the best Christmas eve. For now I'm inspired to start to read The Cat Who Came For Christmas. That's I will be doing now. Then I should sleep good, because morning is going to be crazy. By the way, I know there's saying that of a cat visited your house on Christmas you'll get new friends and love. As it happened at my grandmother's house, that's pretty funny.

Sunday, January 6, 2019



 It's kinda hard to take pictures of falling snow, but I catched some fluffy snowlakes in this shot.
Same lights for Christmas and Halloween lol.
By the way I got a cactus and now I think I have addiction because a few more, there are so many cute ones. Mine became even fluffier since it became really cold outside.
For some weird reasons we have no light for two hours and I finally decided to watch DVD I found in a thrift store.
Turned out there is notb only movie, but also interview, quizes an more. Now I want all my favourite movies in DVD. That's pretty cool.
 Suuupriiise. Didn't expect to see a bear shaped chocolate in owl haha.
Also my nephew was enjoying to play with my jewelry. That's so sweet, not sure how he found my jewelry box.

And now I want to share with you reasons why I am not that excited about holidays this year. Although this year I noticed so much more people excited about it, like I see there are so much more decorated houses and shops than usually, so much more fireworks, so much more people walking with Christmas tree they just bought and all these social medial posts, most people I know definitely enjoy winter holidays.
What's about you?
I have some reasons why I don't have holiday spirit.

I was busy to the very end of the year and didn't finish all businesses and was ready to do more. This year was extremely busy for me. I was doing bunch of things almost everyday. In December I still needed to do paper job and to pass exams on tattoo classes.
I was really into things I was doing and when I was doing final things I needed to finish before holidays I was in mood to do more. I really hate to have unfinished businesses. And now after having first holidays I became pretty lazy. I have one perfect day for finishing some important things and I was doing nothing and next days was awful slippery roads and later weekend. Ah. I feel super lazy amd basically don't want to leave the house before it will be warm outside haha.

I started to prepare too early. That's another reason. Christmas market and tree in my town opened on December 1st. So on the next day I decided to decorate the house too. It's super early for Ukraine where all holidays in January. January is basically month of holidays.
In childhood we always with my sister were decorated in the end of December that feels more right.
Also in first days of December I spent like 5 days in the centre on Christmas market because that where I studied tattoo art. Then I felt super festive.

So just got tired of everything festive. Like since Halloween ended everything was in Christmas lights. Like the whole city. So I kinda had Christmas mood in November.

 Merry Christmas everyone who celebrate Christmas Eve today as I do, at this time, I preparing table and cook some dishes, almost ready for my family who will come today. Must be nice evening and tommporow should be fun as well.
Tommorow I will write final Blogmas post. I think better to have Christmas eve and Christmas day together.

Saturday, January 5, 2019



Hey guys, sorry that didn't write post yesterday as planned. I didn't forget, just had calm days, I was healing, feel so much better, I think I won't continue to be sick. At least, I hope. So nothing to write about although I had a lot of plans but as I felt bad that was impossible to do. And bad things are that now I could do it only after Christmas that will be in two days, by the way, but hope I can do everything on the next week. I already got a messege from clinic where I will put braces, they asked me if I did everything haha. I did nothing. Any way one decides nothing so whatever.
So instead of writing lifestyle posts I will write about lessons that we get every year. These are mine.

I LEARNT A LOT ABOUT POWER OF THOUGHTS AND LAW OF ATTRACTION. I was really into it in spring and things were really working, I kinda forget about it this depressing summer, but still this year I learnt so much more about this. I just need periodically remind about this to myself.

I LEARNT A LOT OF COOL WORKOUT EXERCISES. That was another thing I was really into it. Again especially in spring haha. Now when I finally feel healthy after month of being sick I really want to do it again. I really inspired to workout as often as it's possible.

LEARNT TO COUNT CALORIES I EAT A DAY. Some people say it's what you shouldn't care about, but I find it's very healthy habbit to keep yourself healthy and fit. I don't count exact amount of calories but now when I know how much I should eat to not to gain weight. I just know approximately how much calories I ate. And guys I was suprised that actually I eat more calories then I should and that's why I gained weight the last year... I mean in 2017. I was actually shook about hidden calories in drinks and how much calories only one cookie may have. So yeah, I think it's cool to know how to keep yourself healthy.

IMPROVED MY DRAWING SKILLS. As I was going to tattoo class I needed to draw pretty a lot. So I really see progress, although my teacher didn't really taught how to draw better, I learnt it alone just because I was drawing so much more than usually like once in months.

ART OF TATTOO. So yeah. It's something is that absolutely new for me, although I really liked tattoos all my life and recent 5 years I was very into tattoo art I basically knew nothing, so I learnt bunch of it all on tattoo classes. 

I LEARNT A LITTLE OF JAPANESE. I don't think I mentioned this on blog, but yeah, I'm learning japanese since May I think. Really was into it all summer, but in autumn as you know I needed to be more in tattooing, so I really forgot a lot of things, but since 2019 started I remind things I forgot everyday.
If you're interested why I started to learn japanese, it's pretty the same why I started to learn English really hard around 5 years ago. I just really like japanese music, shows, culture and I was wondering how hard to learn language that is so different from all I knew and I know Ukrainian, English and Russian, if you wonder haha.

So let's just talk about think I will be working on this year and I really hope I will learn it.

Drawing. Yes, I said I improved my drawing skills, but in 2018 I just only understand that's possible to learn how to draw better and actually I was not drawing that much, just only in forst part of tattoo classes, that was like one month, so... I really will try to draw more this year, will try to draw harder drawing, to work on shades and little details.

Nail art. I already ordered my first nail art brushes kit, excited to get. It's like of the ways to improve my drawing as well. And I just want to be abled to have pretty nails when I want without spenting all money on nail art master as many people around me do.

To improve my tattooing skills. I just should buy a tattoo machine and other stuff and start.

To learn japanese and english.

Cooking. That's my goal for every year, but I never do it, because I don't really care about cooking, but let's maybe I will learn new recipes this year.

Thursday, January 3, 2019


Today I again had struggle with editing photos. How annoying it is when you almost finished editing and something goes wrong and photos delete.
Actually my second day of the year was pretty calm, as I was planning I just was trying to take care of my health and to feel better. Well, I feel better, but now I don't know if it's effect of pills or I really will feel better. I hope so, cause I have no time to be ill and should heal my gums and teeth before getting braces. 
By the way, about goals for the day, although most of the day I spent at house of my sister, playing with kids while eating pizza, I sucessfully did them all except of workout, just forgot about this one. I reminded about this late in the night and was gonna to find some yoga exercises in fintess apps I have on my app, but found nothing what I could before to go sleep and basically fell asleep while searching for it. For the next day I have the same goals, so no need to write it.
Also I want to talk how I plan to blog after this week of Blogmas.

Firstly I want to TAKE IT MORE SERIOUS. Want to impove the blog in all possible ways. I try to be a better blogger since this year.
A LOT OF FITNESS AND HEALTH POSTS. I want to make healthy lifestyle tob one of my main priorities since this year. I was doing pretty good in spring, but after death of my brother, losing best friend and another very important human for me I really gave up this summer. But better start again late than never.
POSTS ON BECOMING BETTER VERSION OF YOU OUTSIDE AND INSIDE. I want to talk about some my beauty experieces and lessons from my favourite books for example.
MORE BOOKS AND MOVIES REVIEWS. Except of recent days when I watching Christmas movies I watched just few movies this year, same with books. It's hard to read book and to be focused on story in a book, while you have too many problems in your own story.
TIPS ON SOCIAL MEDIA AND BLOGGING. I see you love it to read, I love to write. Hope we together could improve our social media this year.
CHALLENGES. This year I want to try new things, improve myself, so I want to take some interesting challenges, you will see what I mean in near future. Maybe you will try with me.
TO SPEAK ABOUT IMPORTANT TOPICS FOR ME. There are lot of topics I never taked about that I really important for me. I'm excited about this one the most.

What's your blogging plans for this year?
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