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Friday, May 1, 2015

What I'm going to do in May

My photos from May 2014

Hello guysss! It's started May, finally! April was really hard, I  had really many problems and so many things changed, I'm sure that after bad things happening great ones, so May have to be good month. Some plans for new month.
1. First thing that came to my head is to take good photos more. Recently I didn't do this. I have to do this more to make the blog, instagram e.t.c. better. I already planning to do new photos, but maybe it will be rain not only whole day, but whole week. A little bit sad, but I hope weather will change at least for one day.
2. But the main thing is I want that this month will be progressive in my goals. I promise that I will do for this all I can. I really hope that will be have a great progress.
3. Visit a dentist... and probably a few times. I already haven't big pain in my teeth, so I think it's time to do this again, but I really don't want to do this... ah.
Okay, then I have to care for my gums again, I didn't do it so long time. I really need to do this.
4. Also I have to do some documents that I need and travelling passport, as, unfortunately, in Ukraine now it's not good time and you never know what will be tomorrow. And our president said that war can to start in all cities at any moment. It's really very scary!
5. Fitness, fitness, fitness. It's going to be good month for fitness. I think that I have to training at least five days per a week. 6 days of sport and one day for rest... it's perfect.
6. To learn cooking some interesting dishes and continue to eat healthy food.
7. To breath of a fresh air more. I really haven't did it enough in April because of some not good reasons. I have to stop sitting home.
8. To have a fun. Really hope that it will be fun month! Here is going some nice cool events this month!
What's your plans for this month?

Thursday, April 30, 2015


♦ Okay, I didn't write posts today, so I need to write at least two tomorrow. I'll start tomorrow in the morning.
♦ So cold! Better if I never will leave my bed. Pleeeaaase, wake me up in the summer!
♦ It's 12: 00 and I'm still in my bed, but I wanted to write on my blog. Oops!
♦ Okay, I'll do this, but first a coffee with breakfast.
♦ And I need to check out instagram.
♦...  and twitter.
♦... and youtube.
♦... and blogs.
♦ OMG, that blogger from Italy has so perfect photos and interesting posts... kill me, please.
♦ I'm pretty inspired. I think I have to try taking photos like those.
♦ Aw, I forgot check out my e-mail, 
♦ Director of the Hospital in England wants  that I will write about them. But I've even never been there, what can I write about that Hospital? People are so strange...
♦ So I dressed cool outfit, did my make up that looks good on me. let's go to took photos.

♦ Oh god, I'm really ugly and my outfit is really bad.
♦ Why I have a good camera a few years and still haven't normal photos?
♦ In my town it's so hard to find pretty place for photos. Why I haven't born in New York or Los Angeles?
♦ It's so hard to make a sharpness by myself. Blogging it is not me.
♦ Okay, let's check out the photos. Here are or blurry photos where I'm pretty, or photo of nice quality, where I look like I haven't slept a few years. Which of them to choose for the blog?
♦ People that take good photos easy are wizards.
♦ Wow, Photoshop is really good thing. Now it's my favorite photo ever. I need to add it to my instagram.
♦ 100 likes in a few minutes. So cool... but here's so much photoshop and I'm not look like me here, better, if I'll delete this!
♦ In my head are so many interesting ideas for the blog!
♦ But first I want to playing with my hamster.
♦ Oops, what I wanted to write?

It's all, because I can to write this post a very, very, very long time, so better if I'll do second part of this post (maybe). Do you have these thoughts sometimes too?

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

What's on my new phone | TAG

Yay, it's my photo that I taken today. The chicken really like Instagram :D

Okay, I want to share with you some my favourite apps. I will not tell about apps, like Twitter or Facebook that use almost everyone, better I'll tell you some apps that you can don't know and it can to be useful for you.

Bitmoji. I already have whole post about this app, but if you missed this, I can tell you again.
This app helps to create your OWN emoji that look like you. You can choose style, hair...
After when you created them you can use them everywhere where you want. All songs are free. Looooveeee iiiit.

Clean Master. Everyone need to have this great app, they helps for my phone so much.

Sims. FreePlay. I use it less after I have the Sims on my computer. 
This game is really good and almost look like on computer, but I don't like that actions here are really long. Example, the action to sleep is 24 hours. I really don't understand why creators of this game did his.

Sonic Dash. Really good game. I really loved it since I played it on the computer many years ago.

The Simsons. Tapped Out. One life - one love.

3D  Bowling. I just really like bowling.

Photo Grid. This app helps to create collages, but it's not all what it can. Here also you can to make your photos to have size for Instagram, like Instasize app. And OMG here are the best filters ever.

VSCOcam. The best editor for photos, but Instagram already have so great editor, that I already don't  need it.

Shape'd. You can create different shapes to your photos.

It's all. Not so much, as recently I use only Instagram and Twitter, but when I will find some good apps, I'll write about it! So bye, maybe, I'll write again a little bit later, as today I, finally, feel good!

Saturday, April 25, 2015

After 5 weeks of healthy food

Hey guuuys! Today I have mood for a diary-post, I want to share with you some my thoughts and news.
So yeah, it's almost three days that I didn't write on the blog (again, ahhh:( ), I almost even don't use the internet, it has a reason.
All this month I feel good, I ate healthy food and didn't buy ''bad'' food in the shops, I almost haven't visited shop in April. I did it because of health, I wanted to feel more good. So yeah, I feel okay all these weeks and even lose a little bit weight. If I were not so lazy this month (I just had problems and I didn't want fitness and even walks, so I sat home a lot, as I was sad), maybe I will loose weight more. I walked a few days ago and went to the supermarket and bought some unhealthy food, so after that I feel still really bad. In any case, after the pills I feel better and even can to write this. Also after seafood I feel already better. Seafood is so good for us. I have to eat more, even if I don't like it too much.
 Something neeew.♥

 Really love my new Beats Lady Gaga headphones, pink cuties. The last one from Nike was uncomfortable, so I returned them back to the shop.
 Trees becoming green...and white, finally!!!
Surprise of the day - 5 cute chicken, they all was born only yesterday, so can to follow them, while they're tiny. It's strange, as we live in the flat. They are sleeping, so more photos later.
 This one can't sleep without my hand, I don't know what to do with him, haha.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

What's in my bag | TAG 2015

It's already my tradition to do this tag every year probably since 2012. Many new things happens every year (in my bag too), so I always have something new to show and tell about it to you.
It's the night, so I forgot to take photos of some things, in any ways, I just can to tell about it. So sorry. It's late. I waited when my head to stop hurting (my new favorite show helped and now I feel great).
Okay, my list of those things that are usually in bag:
My cute kitty-wallet with money and cards. This cutie from Oasap, but I saw that so many online shops have them.
Passport. Usually, I forgot to wear it.
Little cute papers to write something + a pen. I love this quote - '' dreams come true ''!
Trinket-box for my earrings (and rings). I often loosing my little earrings, so I usually have a few pair of the same earrings. It's really helps when I loose my earring again.
Lipsticks. Usually two. My lips are so bad without them. And usually it's Avon.
Hairpins. They help so much.
Phone, of course.
♥  Perfume. As I want to smell good always.
Taser. This red thing on the photos isn't a lipstick, it's electrical weapon (but it look really like lipstick). I bought this only a few days ago, now I hope I will be more safe and confident, as so many angry dogs and people around.
Camera. I'm trying to bring my camera everywhere to take photos for the blog.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Hot or Not lists (Boho kimono, Polaroid, galaxy...)

Hello guuuuys! I didn't write on the blog a few days again. I just want to change some things, be better, as a blogger. So I'm going to make my blog better and interesting. I need to think about my new posts and other blogging things more, so before it I needed to rest and to think what I really want to do with it.
Today I'm going to do probably two posts, as recently I wrote not fast as I want. Okay, second post will be in a few hours, before I need to take some photos and I want to share with you my favorite list and anti-favorite list.

Hot list:
Knit little tops. I still inspired by looks from Coachella. And noticed that so many girls there wears cute knit white tops. I love how they look with denim. So good for hot days!!
I have violet knit top, but it's really tiny, so who want to wear that have to have perfect belly and arms. 
Highlight effect. Some time ago I didn't understand for what girls (and boys-models) wear a highlight on their cheek, nose e.t.c... But now I see a huge difference. With a highlight any face look shinny and more healthier. I love how it works on eyes and cheeks.
The dog bag. Look at this dog bag. I think it's really lovely. What can to be more cuter? 
Boho style kimono. Boho style is one of my favorite styles. And I really like how good this kimono looks with shorts, boots and hat. It's perfect.
And not list:
The lace leggings. I don't know where someone can to wear those lace leggings on the collage. It's not bad for beach, but they are even pointless for the beach, for other places they are too transparent.
Tattoos on fingers. I know it's a good idea for small tattoo, If you don't want to have big one, but all tattoo artists says don't do it. It's not a good part on body for tattoo, as there tattoos becoming to look bad very soon and all what you will get after about 3 years after tattooing is spot and scar.
Galaxy print. I liked galaxy print in 2012 so much, but now it's everywhere, so I started even to hate this print. I love how galaxy print looks, but they have to rest a little bit.
Polaroid cameras. Now almost everyone addicted to these cameras. I love the design of some those cameras. They are really cute, but they have too many limitations. First, that while almost all those cameras costs pretty cheap paper for them costs expensive. Second, I have to take about about ten photos to have one good. Ten photos are expensive. Next, I've heard that it's unreal to make photos sometimes and they spoils if it's sunny. Also they have a bad quality. So I think better to take good photo by your camera to add polaroid filters and just print them.