Thursday, August 27, 2015


Guys, it's time for giveaway on my blog!!!  Sponsor of this giveaway is Kawaii box. I did a review in one of my recent posts. And now you can to win one!!! But not the same as I got, as every month inside boxes new different items (I think it's will be September Kawaii box). If you're interested what usually what usually are in the boxes, check out their official site HERE (link). Also you can't check out what I got this month HERE and last year HERE.  Usually inside boxes you can to find 10-12 kawaii items. 

And all you can to do is enter this giveaway. You can to do only one enter, but don't forget, that more enteries - more chances to win. There are many different enteries, so choose what you like the most. It's can to be follow me or Kawaii box on Instagram or Twitter or like our Facebook pages. By the way, the Facebook page of my blog was created only a few days ago and I never said somebody about this before, so I'll be happy, if you like it, there will be new posts and photos of the blog and even more.
So Let's go to join this super kawaii boxex, while I get a little pause on the blog and Insagram. See each other in 2-3 days!!! Don't forget to enjoy the summer and join this giveaway!!! <3

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Wednesday, August 26, 2015


The weather in Ukraine is crazy, because the weather recently can't understand if it's summer or already autumn. A few days are cold, a few days hot and a few days cold again. Every day I don't know what to wear. Today is really cold again... and rainy. Probably because of this I feel like I'm so tired whole day, I even did nothing, but in the evening my niece Eva visited me, as yesterday and I have a real reason why I tired, hehe. She was crazy, but still cute today, we played so much, so yeeeah, all I want now is to sleep.
By the way, probably Eve will visit me really often a few months. I'm glad because of it, as with her it can't be boring even one second, she's so noisy and fun! I really waited her whole day before evening, so it will be a fun time! Also then in the blog will be more photos, as Eva love to take photos of me so much hehe. <3

Kawaii Box July 2015 | REVIEW

Heeeey! I'm so sleepy, so I'm not going to write a lot, better I'll show you pictures! I got my super kawaii July blox from, so if you like my box you can to get your own on that site. It's not my first box from Kawaii box, so I recomend it!
Only thing that for this time I waited about a month. It's JULY box, but I got it today in the end of August. 
Every month in boxes another items, but all of them are really kawaii.  This is what I got in my parcel:

 DIY chain candy. Taste is sweet and unusual for me.
 Pastel pearl bracelet
 Kawaii toast coaster
 Alpaca keychain
 Mushroom mini push
 Super long notes
Cute gum

Probably my favorite thing: donut mirror 
Pretty shiny glue set and glitters

71 stickers / 11 designs
 Lovely pencils. My favs are with aliens, watermelons and fishes