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Thursday, May 18, 2023


Hello to all the blog readers! Today I have an fantastic advice when it comes to wearing eyeglasses for sight. If you are tired of compromising on your style when it comes to your  prescription eyewear, look no further than CliCliMe, the ultimate destination for jewelry eyewear and fashionable prescription eyeglasses. With a beautiful eyewear store like CliCliMe you can enjoy fashion-forward designs and exceptional quality of product you can fin on their official online webstore.

Glasses shouldn't stop wearing your ideal style in clothes, proper eyewear can be an extension of your personal style and unique image. CliCliMe offers a gorgeous collection of designer eyewear that caters to diverse tastes and preferences. 

You having an excellent sight while wearing their creations are top priority of this eyeglass webstore founders. From classy and sophisticated to quite bold and eye-catching that designed to make a statement. With a wide array of shapes, colors, and materials to choose from, you'll find the perfect pair to elevate your look and express your individuality, no matter your preferences and how high your standards.

The best thing about them is that they
 offer designer prescription glasses that combine fashion and functionality. They source only the finest materials for our eyewear, ensuring durability, comfort, and long-lasting satisfaction.Their use cutting-edge lens technologies to provide crisp vision, reduced glare, and UV protection, allowing you to see the world with clarity and confidence. Now you explore the world around you without any issues. The coolest thing is that you will do in the most stylish way possible, if you will choose them as your eyewear manufacturer.

Shopping for eyewear has never been easier with CliCliMe. The user-friendly webstore offers a seamless browsing experience, enabling you to explore our collection and find your perfect pair from the comfort of your own home. And if you prefer a more hands-on approach, we have partnered with authorized retailers who share our passion for exceptional designer eyewear and excellent customer service. 
The greatest function on their web shop is that you can actually check if the eyewear you want to purchase will look on you face shape and feature before ordering. You can do it by uplouding your photo on the website. Just click ''try on'' button that you can see on every photo of the products on CliCliMe, as the creators of these beautiful glasses believe that everyone deserves to look and see their best, even if you prefer shopping online, when you usually purchasing with being sure the ite you paid for will suit and fit you the way you wish it was. 

Also, their pricing are very reasonable without compromising on high quality. Theirr commitment to affordability ensures that you can indulge in designer eyewear and designer prescription glasses without breaking the bank. 
Don't wait too long if you are looking for extra cheap prices, as just right now they have up to 97% off on some of their eyewear. You should check it out!
By the way, with every order you get a free cleaning clothing that made to take care your new favourite eye accessory.

So, why settle for less when you can have perfection? Upgrade your eyewear game with CliCliMe and experience the perfect blend of high fashion, function and crystal-clear vision. 

Wednesday, March 8, 2023

The Best Shapewear for this Spring | SHAPELLX

Hello, my lovelies! It's been awhile since our recent time being together. How are you all? I'm absolutely fine, in case, if someone was worrying. I wanted to congratulate all beautiful ladies reading this post with international women's day. I personally believe everyday is our day. We totally deserve it! And this day is just reminder all our dreams are achievable. We just need some confidence for it  Do you know what some of main ways to be confident in your power and look? Feeling healthy and comforable. If you want to look and feel confident in any outfit? No need for further exploration!  Shapellx has gorgeous collection of bodysuit shapewear, the best shapewear in this market, for sure!

This bodysuit shapewear is designed this way to give you stunning feminine silhouette and smooth look that will enhance your confidence and self-esteem. 

Shapellx shapewear is made from high-quality materials that are both comfortable and durable, so you can wear them all day without any discomfort and doubt in your figure.

One of the great things about this certain bodysuit shapewear is its uniqueness and versatility. You can wear it under any outfit, whether it's a special occasion dress or a pair of blue jeans and a black t-shirt.

Shapellx bodysuit shapewear and dresses with built-in tummy control are available in a wide range of sizes, from small sizes to plus sizes, as the brand wants to be sure that every costumer can find something for their unique body type, as their main belief is that every woman deserves to feel her best in any clothes even before trying shaping underwear you thought you can't allow to wear something you wanted. You can wear whatever you want no matter what's your size!

Their store's costumers love to share their opinion on it's products and their positive experience with this brands shaping bodysuits. You can read numerous positive reviews and feedback about their products on their website.
It certainly shows their shapewear has helped to thousands of women of different ages and body types to feel more confident in their looks and comfortable in their own skin.

Visible difference in your look while wearing their bodyshapers is guaranteed. You won't regret buying it! Order best shapewear on the internet already today!

Your Anna-Alina


Sunday, July 3, 2022

The best shapewear for summer

Hello to readers of my blog. Hopefully everyone's summer is quite good as it's possible in new realities of 2022. Mine already had great and pretty bad moments. I'll tell you more about it the next posts. To blog more this summer are one of three main goals I should work on before it's September. Probably my most essential summer goal is quite related to the previous one - be better in time management. If I'll be good at it I could blog more. And the last but absolutely not the least goal - to feel confident in summer clothes. It might be pretty hard if basically all people were in a hermit mode since the end of 2019. It's almost three years! My favorite ways to get more confident and comfortable in open clothes:
1. To take care of my skin with different body lotions and scrubs.
2. To workout at least 1-3 times a week + taking myself on long walks any day I have this possibility or feel good.
3. Shapewear! Good shapewear are saving lives. I can't live without shaping underwear. If I'm not wearing it, any outfit looks worse than the times I'm wearing it. Especially during the middle of the summer when the weather is so hot that we have no choice but to wear very open short clothes. 

But I love the fact that in 2022 there are so much choice of different types of shapewear. In this post I'm gonna share where you can buy good quality shapewear wholesale. That's the place where you can find the best must-haves for hot (and confident) girl summer.

I already told you I like shaping underwear. I wish all underwear were shaping, otherwise, what's a point? Other types of shapewear that are the best for hot weather include shaping workout leggings and other butt lifting shapewear like shorts (short leggings), a full body cover bodysuit. Bodysuits can cover basically your whole body, but there are some designs made especially for spring-summer season. They are thin and small and their upper part looks so cute that you can mix it with any shorts or skirts you like and you will get the cutest outfit.

Hopefully, these advices were useful.
Always stay confident queens you are!

Sunday, April 3, 2022

6 Hottest Spring/Summer Fashion Trends of 2022

Finally, it's spring, although some of us are still wearing warm jackets and coats, the weather is changing so fast during this time. I'm pretty sure in a week or two we'll all be having sunny weather outside. Birds are chirping, bold trees finally turn green and bright again, the warm wind blows pink blossom petals from a cherry tree, the sun shines in your face... Uh. I'm so ready for it! But every time I'm thinking about the weather going warmer, I'm also wondering if my wardrobe is ready for spring and even summer. I had enough of 2019-2021 when because of corona and other things most of the time I was at home or was going to a grocery store in a ''whatever'' outfit. We all are tired of it, so 2022 will be the most stylish by now, it's time to shine again!

Let's learn about trends for spring and summer 2022. I found this season there are a lot of cool new trends and throwbacks from the past we forgot about. It feels so fun to wear something that was popular when you were younger, so couldn't wear, although you wanted it as a child, so now as a grown ups we can do it. I chose for you the most practical trends from catwalks. And it won't be hard to find in your local stores or at your favorite online shop. In this list everything you need to know to be the main fashionista this season.


One of the most unusual, but still quite wearable for daily life if cut-outs in the right places. If you go to the party, you may choose the clothing item with cuts in more interesting places. Examples below on the photo.
Definitely one of my favorites from trends for 2022. I would call it ''the hottest new trend for summer''.

Image source:

Bulky bags

The most practical and comfortable trend for wearing. I think we all missed a trend like this. I was literally dreaming about the time it'll happen again. I we all were so tired of small bags everywhere in summer 2021. Yes, they are cute, but you can't fit in them anything. The only thing that were saving us carrying a tote bag in small bags and take it off when you going to the shopping or need something to carry. Now we finally could carry everything we need in our favorite main bag.

Image source:

Lime green

If to speak about trendy colors, there are a few options like Barbie's favorite hot pink, also lavender, and light yellow are trending. But definitely, the main color of 2022 is lime green and I'm so happy about it! The world needs brightness and some color right now. 


Another throwback we forgot about. One of my favorites for 80's-00's kids. Back in early - middle 00's all Barbies were wearing dresses and tops with halternecks. In childhood many of us had the top like this and for most of 00's kids that top was the one you couldn't stop wearing. Definitely one of the hottest trends of the past that needed comeback for the hottest days of summer.

Image source:


Throwback trend we all remember and were terrified it will come back. This trend everyone is scared of is back for 2022 and might decide to stay for a few years. But looking at examples of low-rise skirts and pants that designers want us to wear, we could see if to choose the right size and combine withe clothes it looks good with, it won't look anything as that early 00's nightmare we had. Now, this looks fresh, trendy and sexy!

Image source:


The trend we needed but didn't know about it. You can wear net basically with anything, in different situations, with clothes of a different style. It super transforms any outfit into something more creative and unusual. Do you feel like your outfit is boring? Add net to it! It may be a long net dress you can wear on a basic dress or you can even combine it with a pair of pants and a top. The net jackets or vests are must-have for all fashion lovers during summer 2022.

Image source:
What are your favourite trends for spring / summer 2022? Would you wear old trends that are coming back?

Saturday, March 26, 2022

10 Ideas What To Do on QUARANTINE (or During MARTIAL LAW in My Case)

So now when many of us are stuck at home, when many businesses and places are closed, it's easy to get bored. I wouldn't say I ever get really bored, I mean how could we? There are lots of stuff we can do. But being at too much makes me a little bit sad. And when I start feeling like that, I love doing things from this list, some of them I didn't do yet, but I want to try. Especially when now it's better to stay home in my country. To be honest here n Ukraine literally nobody wears a mask the recent month since Russia decided to attack North, East, South Ukraine (I'm living in the West but you never know what could happen). I'm still wearing a mask so I'm feeling a little bit more sage, especially, as I still didn't do vaccination as I planned to do it on the day the war started, so my plans were ruined.
I'm still hoping we all will be having a nice summer, but now I have nice activities to suggest to you while we're all waiting for better times.

Clean and organize all your home room by room every day - We often don't have time for a big cleaning or organize chaos we're creating in hurry. Chaos in your home is chaos in your mind. It's so nice to be in a clean room where all stuff are organized and easy to find and look aesthetic. If you're on quarantine, I think it's time for cleaning and organization day. I know cleaning literally all day might be tiring. There is a scheme that works for me. Clean only one room every day. This way you're not in hurry to clean the whole house until the end of the day, you're only focusing on one place and don't skip some corners and hidden places that need cleaning too. I don't know but I always find to things to clean and organize.

Try a 2-3 weeks fitness challenge - Not particularly fitness challenges, but you can try whatever you want like Yoga challenges, running marathons, 5-15k steps a day challenges. You can choose whatever is more comfortable for you but I recommend choosing something that keeps you moving and makes you stronger and healthier. There lots of apps that can help you. I always step counter apps on my phone, also I found many apps that show you exercises, have a timer and have great music for workouts. Plus show calories you lost after workout. Also, there you can track your progress.

 Improve your skills - It can be any skills you already have. It might be musical instruments, singing, writing, drawing, painting, sports... The one thing I want to improve now is painting. Because I literally don't know how to paint, my drawing skills are so much better. I want to paint some paintings for my bedroom, I already did one, but I hope to do better ones in near future.

Cook something you wanted to cook but forgot about - Most of us rarely look on things we save. Time to look at your screenshots, Instagram and Pinterest saves. Once (lol) I looked at all my saves and found a lot of shows to watch, food to try, and ideas for DIY. That was fun.


Home studying - As a person who was homeschooling the whole life I know, it's possible to learn something at home only by yourself too. You can look for courses online, some of the really good courses are absolutely free. There are lots of video lessons on Youtube. Things I want to learn about more are History, programming and investment.


Prepare your garden for spring and summer - With every year I get more obsessed with flowers and nature. I am living at an apartment, but I still have place around my windows where all flowers my grandmother and mom planted grow and I hope most of them will bloom in summer. I definitely want to plant a flower, or berries or a pretty plant. At least an indoor plant as I have an empty pot waiting for a cactus or a flower, I don't know yet.


Read books or listen to audiobooks - One book app made all books free for Ukrainians so I saved many books. I already have read one during this time, it's about storytelling, I was never thinking about this topic so it was interesting to learn about.

Try to learn something new this month - I often try in a certain month to focus on a certain thing to learn. For example, painting in August and nail art in the next month. And almost every day I try to learn this subject at least for half of the hour.


Knitting - One thing I started to be interested, I would love to try it, my older sister was never knitting and could knit a cool trendy hat. There are a lot of knitting magazines or knitting schemes on Pinterest so you can always easily find ideas. Seems knitted clothes are very popular recently too.

Plan and write your plans after the quarantine - I literally already wrote how I'll be celebrating a victory of Ukraine over evil people who do terrible terrible stuff in our country.

Painting and repairing furniture and home - I would looove to do this one.

I was thinking to write about at least 20 activities, but I think I rather do a second part!