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Thursday, November 26, 2015


 September 2015 Kawaii Box

HEEEEY GUUUUUYS! As I promised, I do a giveaway where you can win next month Kawaii Box. If you want to see how looks a Kawaii Box, then check out one of my recent posts - LINK . It's already my third box that I got and I really very like it and always wait for a next box. For me it's always interesting what will be inside in a box I'll get!
So if you're love everything cute, this box for you! Just enter the Giveaway! More your enteries - more chances to win! P. S. Of course it doesn't matter what your country. You can get your box in any country!!!
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Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Yeah, finally, I bought a new sofa for my room already four days ago! I decided to get a sofa, not bed, because this sofa is just my favorite from all what I've seen while a few days of searching for new a new / sofa. And this one is super comfortable... The main thing that I'll stop to hit my head against the wall! Yes, it happened sometimes in the nights...
So I bought in the store near my home, as I planned, although I almost visited all stores where I can buy a new sofa in my city. In that that store are very good sofas and nice prices, although it's very small shop... I even can say that it's tiny.
I noticed this sofa a month ago, but was not sure which one of the sofas is my favorite. I love the print, shinny color and this not very usual shape.
It's pretty hard to take photos of the sofa with my lense, but I tried.

Monday, November 23, 2015


Hello guuuys! My stomach hurted two days and yesterday I just was busy and edited photos for the new post and I hadn't a strength to write a post, so I had three days the blog break. So probably I even will do another new post later today.
In this post I'll show you what I got inside my October Kawaii box, I got it 20/11, pretty later, as for October Kawaii box - some people got it even in the start of November or at least in the middle of the month, while I got almost in the end of November. It's all because the parcel was in the capital of Ukraine - Kiev about two weeks! Usually I get parcels from Kiev about three days.

By the way, if like boxes with surprises, you can order it on the site . If you want to buy some items from this box, they all are on Use code KAWAIILOVE  to get a 10% discount!

Also soon will be a giveway on my blog and you can win next month Kawaii box! So don't miss it!
 This is how look the box. So cute!
 Also when you buy Kawaii box, you get a chance to get a big 100$ Kawaii box. Just use hashtag #kawaiibox .
 The list of items inside the box.
Sushi shaped gummies. Have a taste of nice fruits gummies. All are sweet, but some of them are a little bit soul, but it's very tasty.
As you see it's doesn't look the same in reality how on their package. In reality they all are orange. Also it has a drawback - two shapes of sushi were empty...
 Monster pouch. In this parcel are three pouches, so one of them. Comfortable to use as mini beauty bag or as purse for money (or for whatever you want to put there). I gave it to my mom, because she likes this one,
 Cat mini-pouch . It's very tiny and cute. Very good to use as a purse for coins. I already decided to get it to my niece, because she likes everything about cats and tiny things. So she can to put there her collection of pretty beads.
 Lollypop pen. This pen looks so pretty and tasty ( but we can't eat it:D ). One of my favorites from this box.
 Toy pouch. It's the last third pouch from this parcel. For this time it's pretty big. You can see that my hand so much smaller than the rabbit pouch.
Looks very cute, now it makes my room being prettier.
 And now guys you can say me what is it and how to use, because I don't know haha! Okay it's popcoprn rolling stamp set... but I never heard about things like this one and have no idea how to use it!
Although it looks very funny and cool!
 Winter animals stickers. My mom's favourite item in the box. They all are really pretty. My favorite stickers - little penguins, penguins that are kissing and little bears that on their parent.
Envelop set. It's what I needed for winter holidays. Very good for little presents and cards with congratulation!!!
Poop lollypop and it's very tasty. I can't describe a taste, but it's so good!!!
Heart shaped stickers for nails. My mom said that they are very pretty hehe. They're really very cute! <3
Very pretty stickers of different shapes. Some of them I use as decoration for my phone. It's what I wanted to buy in a few days, but I got it in this box. Dreams come true lol!

Thursday, November 19, 2015


Do you remember the big trend of the last summer - flash tattoos of gold and silver colors that were almost on every summer photos of women who loves fashion (maybe some men too, but I haven't seen it, i think some of them, will look good on men too). So it's not the end of this trend. One brand created winter collection of temporary tattoos of white colors, as white color make them look like it's real snowflakes. As for my opinion, they look fairy - like from a winter fairytale, so I think they are great for a winter photosession. Or New Year Eve / Christmas party, but for wearing in winter in Ukraine it's not unreal, because here's very cold winters and we wear very warm outfit that season. Only part of our body that's open is a face, so Ukrainians can use little ones on their face. Pretty weird yet, but cute.
I can't say that like all designs of tattoos of this collection, but I like 80% of the collections. Of course, the snowflakes are my favorites hehe.
So what's do you think about this trend of  winter 2015-2016?

I found the link where you can buy it, if you like them: LINK .