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Saturday, March 28, 2015


Hey people! I hadn't time this Friday in the evening to write post that I said will post, so I do this todaaay. I want to tell why I didn't blog a few days. I had reasons for this. First, that my laptop has a virus and problem with ventilator inside my laptop, so laptop turning off really often and I can't to use it more than 30 min. But today my laptop works better, so I'm here. I hadn't time to go with my computer to programmer, because I had a problem - my friend played with my phone and lost it in the night. We searched it in the place where we have been while nobody to found it and we gave up, as it was really dark and we didn't find nothing. After I discovered via Android lost app that somebody found it and was in the cafe in the center of my town. This app works everytime when phone is online, I don't know what to do with it, but I hadn't hope that I find my phone and I'm sure that rude human that found my phone already drop out my sd-cards with the numbers.
I bought already new phone - white Lenovo, I discovered that it China brand , but it isn't cost like cheap China phones and sometimes the phone works really bad, my mostly everything is okay. Maybe somebody has/had Lenovo phones? Tell me if it works good or bad.
Before this phone I got pink Lenovo, that phone was really pretty, but inside he was bad. So I disappointed in Lenovo, I though it's normal brand and now I really think if I have to continue use this phone or I have found something another. I think I want Sony or HTC, maybe Acer... I don't know. I just had my laptop from Acer and camera from Sony, so I know these brands are good. Also I had HTC phone and it was good.
Sweashirt Choies
Leggings Atmosphere 
Boots Oasap

Friday, March 27, 2015

Hot or Not

Hey guys! I'm already here, yeah! I had some reasons why I didn't blog a few days, but I'll tell this on the next post today. This post not about this. I want to share with you some things that I like or don't. Say me what you like from these lists!

Hot list:
Topshop ''shells'' bags. Isn't that the cutest thing for summer or even spring? If you want to feel mermaid, this bag for you. I'm really in love with this. I always loved shells, and finding pretty shells on beaches was one of the best games for me in the childhood.
Also I really like unusual colors of this collection, they are so great!!!
Adidas holographic snickers. OMG my love to holographic color forever! Really in love how it looks new Adidas shoes. So many cool outfits can to create with this beauty.
Thrift shops. It's almost two years when I discovered how cool are thrift shops. There you can to find so cool things from famous brands so cheap. There you can buy brands like Zara or Topshop e.t.c, but in Thrift shop it costs in a few times less than in other shops. Sometimes I'll see even clothes from Chanel, D&G e.t.c and yes it costs really cheap. I think it's so cool thing! I love to buy there also books and different things for home.

Not list:
Strappy cutout swimwears. Maybe someone like swimwear like this, but I even can't imagine how funny will look tan because of this swimwear. After one beach day with this swimwear you will have to wear jeans and sweater even in warm days.
Also I think these swimwears look like underwears.
Toy gun.  Now every boy has toys guns. Who invented it that boys have to play with it? I thinks these toys and video games where you must to kill aren't normal for little kids. It learns them that hurts somebody is okay.
Not believing in yourself because of people. I don't know why people so often tell to other people that they can't something to do that they want. Nobody know what you can, only your heart. I'm from these people who believe that we can follow wishes of our hearts, only we follow our own (not somebody's) wishes we becoming happy. So if somebody say to you that you can't something, even don't think about this, just do what you want and show to them that you can do it.

Monday, March 23, 2015


Hey guys! Today I want to talk about a shopping. Now it's so popular to buy something on online stores, as it's easy, quick and comfortable, so people buy everything all they need on the internet more and more. 
If to choose what is better, for me probably it's online shopping, as in the internet you can to buy almost everything (or really everything) and I can't to find so many things that I need here, in my town, as it's a not so big town. But any case I like real shopping, I like to walk in big stores to find interesting things.
What's about you? What do you like more: online shopping or in-store shopping?

It's things that I like and don't like about in-store shopping:
+ It's fast. You just have to choose what you need and bring this to home, while you have to wait items from online shops pretty long time.
+ You see how it looks in the reality and can to see if you something don't like in a item that you want. I think it's the best thing about traditional shopping.
+ It reason to walk to somewhere and not sit home all day, it's always good for your health.
+ While you have a shopping, many great things can to happen. Sometimes I have a real adventure.
+ I don't know if you know, but in a magazine I read that shops are one of the best places to find new friends or even love, if you're single. I really noticed that people that I met first like to talk there.
- Angry sellers. I think a seller is a face of a shop and sellers have to be kind to costumers. So many times sellers made me feel not good for all day. If I know that in the show works bad sellers I never go to this shop again.
-  Sometimes everyone have no mood to go somewhere.
- You can don't find what you looked for.
- Sometimes weather is too bad to go to a shop.
- It's take more time than order this on the internet.
It's things that I like and don't like about online shopping:
+ Yon can to find something that you haven't in your city.
+ You can find about a item all information on the online shop.
+ Don't need to go somewhere. It's good when you're tired.
+ It's easier to find sales.
+ Easy to find better prices.
- Sometimes you can to get not your size
- You don't know how good is quality of a item.
- Sometimes you need to wait a long time.
- You even can to get a thing that you didn't order. I happened with already and it's the worst thing.
- It's boring and you can't enjoy this shopping.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Beauty daaay

Hello guys! Have somebody seen the eclipse, I've seen, I'm watching on this with my mom from the window. It's so usual, not everyday you can see it. The last and the first time when I've watched this was on 6th June 2006 (6.6.6), then I was a kid then and I with my friend have founding ghosts and we found really scary things, it was a strange day. But today was a good home, but productive day, so it's second day when I did everything I wanted. I did all main businesses and good things happened, so there everything even is better, then I thought will be today. Also that I wondered that I felt good whole day, only the bad thing is that probably I had to much fitness and walked so much, so my legs really hurts, so it's reason why I'm home today.
Also today was a beauty day. I cleaned my skin, did different masks and e.t.c to feel prettier. So it was reason to make a few new photos.
Jacket Oasap
Top present from Italy
Leggings (new) Moooh

Really love these my new leggings. Probably I will wear them everyday in the summer and in the end of the spring. Their quality is are really good and it looks more like pants, but really light ones. 

 I got new lip gloss from Avon - perfect kiss. I had very similar about two years ago and I loved it,so this lip gloss makes me feel like I'm in 2011 again. Nostalgia. The lipstick is really good, it can to looks light and bright on lips, I wear thus on the last photos.

Thursday, March 19, 2015


Hey world! I feel really good recently, I just lost my blog inspiration, so I even haven't any idea to post, but it happens sometimes and it's always only for a few day. By the way, I just I wanted to say that I had a greeeeeeeeaaaat day. I haven't seen my good friend a few month - since August probably, so it was like a holiday to met her. We walked around our city and found so many cool places. I had to bring my camera, but I even forgot that it exist, I just enjoyed that walk. But only bad thing that the weather was really bad - so windy, a little bit cold and hard air. Also I noticed that almost people are angry. I think it's because of eclipse. I always wonder why people are so angry to people that they don't know. I think that life is too short for being angry, actually, it doesn't make nobody happy, so better to make somebody to smile and feel happy because of this too. I always was a person that love to give something to someone more, than to get it.
By the way, I know that somewhere are holiday day of St. Patrick. I don't know much information about this day, as here nobody celebrate this, but because of this holiday next four days and today in Jysk and my favorite supermarket are great sales, so I brought a new frame with a quote. It's really inspirational. From  tomorrow I'll be to wake up and see this quote on the wall of my room.
Also I bought this for my cactus. Looks interesting and bright, and I love that it's "broken", it makes to look the vase cool.

Also I bought many delicious food with pretty good price. And only today I decided to stop eat sweets for a time and today I eat chocolate with chocolate milk shake haha.
In any case, I felt today that the eclipse is coming (it will tomorrow), so tomorrow have to be a unusual day. Wish you feel good tomorrow, as many people feel not good because of eclipse!
I'll try tomorrow to make outfit-post and maybe something else!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Hot or Not: Chanel shopping basket

Hello! I'm writing this post right now from my phone, so it's a little bit unusual for me, but I just already in my bed and going to sleep, as it's late. I hope that I can to post this blogpost.
I had a pretty productive monday. I did almost everything that I wanted. "Almost" because I was sick recently, so I have many works now.
And yes, today I'm feeling almost okay and for tommorow have so maaaany plans. You'll see it later.
And now I want to talk about new Chanel bag. Yes, it's not usual Chanel bag, it's like a shopping basket. Looks really weird. Probably this bag for positive people that love shopping and also those people have to be rich, as it costs 14 000 $.
As for me this bag is just fun... And it's not comfortable, as the bag is transparent, so you can use this like real normal bag, only like accessories.

So, guys, what do you think about new Chanel bag? Someone like it?