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Friday, April 19, 2019


Hi guys. I thought maybe I should do a post to help a little to new bloggers, or maybe to bloggers who have a blog for while but still can't find their readers. So here some advices from that I hope (I am sure) will help you. Most of these things really helped and some things from this list I didn't try but other bloggers say it works.
☆ Make account on Twitter for your blog. I looove blogger community on Twitter. People are super supportive there. Plus, it amazing place to be inspired to blog. When I have blogger block  Twitter always helps. Sending link of the new blog post gets big part of views of the post.
☆ Pinterest. Honestly, I don't know how to do it and probably when I tried I did something wrong because it didn't work out. But if you haven't heard about it before and want to get more views on your posts google more about it. Maybe I should try again too.
☆ Try to write posts about popular topics (that you like). If your posts doesn't get views you want try to write one or better few popular topic posts. You can find ideas on different sites, even on Bloglovin or look at ''the most popular posts on my blog'' posts. Searh them on Bloglovin, find out what people like to read about.
☆ Check if your design is comfortable fr viewers of the blog. Be sure that you have black letter on white background, not neon on black. It hard to read. Be sure it's easy to find your new post. Classic simple layout are really confortable.
☆ Find your blog friends. It's not hard to find on Twitter some blogs you would to read. Comment on their posts, some will comment back for sure. 

How did you find readers of your blog?

Thursday, April 18, 2019


Hello guys!!! Hope you are enjoying spring days. It's becoming really warm. Well, some days are wars and some are cold. That's okay. Today I want to give you some tips how to make onigiri balls (rice balls usually with fish inside). Now I enjoy it more than sushi rolls... maybe it's because it is a new thing for me. It's my third try to make them and finally I did them correct. 
My mistake was that I was using a regular rice, but for onigiri you supposed to use good qulity rice for sushi. With usual rice you even can't make balls and it will taste worse. So first thing you should is to cook rice as it's written on package. Maybe better to cook a little longer. On my package instructions were saying that it's supposed to be cooked faster than I was doing and still rice was not soft enough. So check if it's ready whlile it's cooking. Also I have read you don't suppose to salt onigiri as you will be using soy sause anyways and it will give enough of saltiness. Me and my mom didn't like the taste of not salty rice, so please use salt and it will be awesome. 
I really recommend salmon or tuna as filling and avocado and cream cheese as additional filling. Tastes a-ma-zi-ng. 
In the end you should use seaweed nori. You can use it in different ways. Rice can be fully covered by nory or you can use only piece of it, so it will be more comfortable to keep in hands than just keeping rice ball without nori. Also you can decorate as I did it. You can cut from nori different things. Use your imagination. I think panda is perfect and quite easy idea for decoration.
Also I prefer it with soy sause, it make it tastes like paradise, although I know in conveniet stores in Asia they without sauses.

Another thing I tried recently is one month drawing challenge. Internet has for every months and many options. So idea of it that you should draw something everyday. Mostly it's something you don't usually draw. So I thought it gonna be fun to try to draw new things.
But turned out it's hard. At least, for me. You supposed to write 30 drawings in 30 days. Every day is new drawing. For me main goal was to improve my drawing skills but you can draw something good very fast, it take hours and you definetely don't have few hours everyday. Plus, we don't feel good enough everyday to do art or just don't have mood for it. I can say the same thing about blogging. If you want to create something good it takes time. And drawing something simple and fast makes no sense. So that's my experience with drawing challenge. I want to try some other challenges. It's better be fitness challenge, cause I forgot about it a long time ago. With all those businesses and health issues I felt as it were bad time re-start. I was good at it the last spring but summertime sadness made me forget about my sport habits and then buzy autumn and then lazy winter haha, you know how it happens.

Saturday, April 13, 2019


Heeey guys. I didn't post a few days because I finally had second of two surgeries I need to do before getting braces just in the middle of this week. These days I almost was lying in my bed 80% of my time and gonna do it again after I will finish this post. Because, obviously, I still feel bad, I really feel that today is day of healing, so tommorow I will feel and look better. Yeah, my cheek is swollen, three days ago it was the worst. It how preparations before getting braces look like and we will talk about this more in this post. Hopefully it will be helpful. I think some people who visit my blog may to want to get braces, cause it's not only teenage thing, you can do it in every age.

So first thing about it that really annoyed me. This preparing takes a lot of time. Way more than I was expected it. Look, I agreed to get braces in December and hopefully (if my gums will heal) I will be wearing them since May, like middle of the end of the month I think. So around half of the year. It's kinda crazy for me, I thought it will take a few weeks. I don't know if I have any other problems  and if I already can get braces. I was in my orthodondist only once, I am texting with his manager on the Internet. I was doing things they said me to do for 4 months. And that's all, I had not my second check out yet.
By the way, my 6 months of preparing is not that long. I know another client of my othodontist. That's a girl, she is like 11, I don't remember exact age. So she was preparing for 1,5 years. And on another side I already had no patience for months and want to do it faster haha. So see if you're a teenager it doesn't mean it will be easy and if you're an adult it doesn't mean it will be hard (not my case though).
If you think it's to late to get braces, firstly, visit an orthondist... better a few of them, because dentists was saying I can't get braces and turned out I can as you see.

You should spend additional money for preparations. I won brace system but still spent quite a lot of money. It can be confusing for some of my new readers. Short story: I won free brace system teeth straightening on Instagram contest, there were 400 people who wanted it too, but winner is only one and it's me. I couldn't believe it and even had tears of happiness (a lot) when got message with congratulations. I am super lucky, I know. It just happened like two days after I decided I will get braces in 2019 any ways and even if I need to save on everything to afford them. So now somebody still doubting in law of attraction?
So yeah, I had a lot of work on my teeth, gums. It costs not little money. All pills and painkillers are very expensive too. Two surgeries I had were expensive, obviously. 3D shots are the most expensive things ever lol.

So yeah, if you still have not your wisdom teeth, you most likely should have surgeries to delete them. It may be 2 or 4 surgeries. As you readed in the start of this post it's no the best thing I experienced in my life and even now I'm feeling quite bad. Thanks gods, I will never have this type of surgeries again.

Firstly, you need to heal my gums. And it takes many months. So firstly heal gums before getting braces or you will have biiig probelms with teeth and gums. 

I needed to heal all my teeth earlier so maybe I could avoid three deleting of teeth (that's not wisdom teeth). Nothing hurted so I was doing nothing with my teeth. Actually I was visiting dentists but they were telling me nothing about that I should heal some of them, so I don't know what I could do with it.

That's all I had on my mind for this topic. Maybe I will make second part after I will get braces. 
By the way, do you think braces look ugly or kinda cool? I always thought they quite cool, I wanted them since I was a kid, even if I had straight teeth before I got my adult teeth. Bad example of law attraction... But my opinion always was that they look cool on cute people that have nice style.

Saturday, April 6, 2019



I haven't talked about fashion / style for a long time here on the blog. I count grunge as my favourite style in clothing. Dark colors, ripped jeans, shirts, merch of rock bands, leather... But now it's 2019, trends change and grunge changes too. Now it's more bright, it even can be pastel. So let's talk about what Instagram tellg fashion grunge style is these days. I defintely love these trends.

🌌 80's style sport jacket. Started from this one because at least that what I wear on the photo, so now this post make more point. Usually they are very bright, but mine is pastel. Absolutely love it.
🌌 Japanese kanji or anime themed sweatshirt or t-shirts. The next only piece I wear on these photos from this list. You may not see but it's actually pastel t-shirt with kanji and iconic japanese strawberry milk on the back. One of my favourite trends, cause I like basically everyhing japanese.
🌌 Bright stripped tops. This trend made me to find my stripped t-shirt that I wanted to wear at home. Only thing I love about fashion it makes me to try things I never tried and had no idea they be really good. 
🌌 Сheckered pants and skirts (especially yellow and red ones). It reminds me of time when they were popular in my childhood.
🌌 Also checkered shirts, the best with t-shirts. I realized how good they are only recently.
🌌 Angels print. I looove angels aethetic. Amazing trend.
🌌 Denim jackets, boots and 80's jeans. Classic.
🌌 T-shirt over sweatshirt or dresses. I tried it recently for the first time and loooved it.
🌌 Moon, Sun and stars print. For a human who takes pictures of sky more often than selfies it's amazing trend.
What's your favourite trend?

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