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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

How to Dress Like Kylie Jenner

Hey guys! I as always promised to write on the blog again and didn't it, I hadn't a opportunity to do this, but today I'm gonna to write twice, if everything will be good and I'll have time for this.
Now I wanted to tell how dress like TV and Internet star Kylie Jenner. I know that many girls (or just people) loves her style as I do. She is only 17, but she has already her own fashion style and I love it! Her all outfits are really interesting and cool, so I found where you can bought clothes that Kylie wears. I chose some casual outfits as not everybody can to buy a dress from Chanel. So this is some of her looks with links where you can buy clothes.

Jacket Baleciaga 1,555$ (you can bought from Topshop 110$ )
Fur bag bug 900$ ( the price is crazy, I'm sure that you can find something that look similar and costs 1-2$ or it's simple to do by your own hands)
Shoes about 1000$ HERE

Shoes Chanel

Monday, March 2, 2015

Some photos from my Instagram | February

Hello guuuuuys! Hope you all are okay! I just want to show my new photos from Instagram and probably you haven't seen some of them on my blog. It's not all photos in February, more photos on my Instagram page. Welcome! Link over the post.

Now it's only start of the day, so I have so much plans. I will very busy today, as I want to do all those things today, that I wanted to do last weeks haha. But in the evening I'm going to relax, then I'll see you again. I want to be more active now, while I can to do this!

Saturday, February 28, 2015

FAVORITES | February

Wow! It's the last day of winter finally finally! Hope it's really mean that we will not have cold days again before next winter. By the way, this winter was perfect. Almost whole winter was without snow and pretty warm. 
Also the end of February means that it's time to show favorites of the months.
Purchase of the month:
I've tried to buy only thing that I need this month, so I hadn't many purchases in February.
My favorite one of this month is the faux leather sweatshirt with diamond print. This looks really good, photography can't to show it's beauty. I bought this from Oasap, but now there it's out of stock. 
Series of the month was:
''Young and Hungry''
Ahh... it's great comedy series. I've watched all episodes in 1 or 2 days, as there are only 10 episodes right now, but I'm exited to watch season 2. I'm really waiting for this so muuuch. 
I said here on the start of this month that the series about young girl that loves cooking and haven't money to pay for her flat, but she is lucky to get a great job. She is cooking for one of the most successful young man.
Everyone have to watch this!

The best beauty thing that I tried this month it's the gel for washing / scrub / mask ''Biokon''. You can to buy this in Ukraine, Russia or France. It's Ukranian brand, this product is making in the city where is a war now, so it's a little help to this city that really needs a help.
Aw, I forget to say that it really works so good. If I were not so lazy to use this everyday, I had a perfect skin, but I'm trying to use two times per a day now, so I hope soon I will have better skin.
I found a great vitamins. It's made of moringa and it is very good for our health. These tablets are 100% natural. It's from UK, and you can order this HERE.
I feel really better after them, also I noticed that my skin becoming better. This have so many vitamins, these tablets have vitamin A 10 times more than carrots have, this is very good for our skin, hair, teeth... There are much vitamins, all information you can find on their site. Check out for more information.

Thursday, February 26, 2015


When I felt sad I decided to write this post, as hope it's help to somebody to feel better. So it's my 50 ways to feel better.
1. Go to walk. Fresh air always help me to feel better and also you can to find something interesting, when you will walk, so it's my favorite way to feel better.
2. Time to clean. Probably all people feel no good when everything is dirty and things are scattered around the room,
3. Speak pretty. Stop to speak too fast, loud or soft. I noticed when I'm no trying to speak good, then I feel bad and don't enjoy talking with people, so let's try to talk, as you wish to talk, people love it.
4. Eat something sweety. Everyone know that sweets (especially chocolate) make us to feel happy, right? 
5. Or eat fruits and vegetables. Bananas,oranges and blackberries are the best for it.
6. Eat meat less. It's really makes us to be angry.
7. Write your thoughts on the private diary.
8. Or on the blog (twitter, instagram...) if you want to share this with other people.
9. If now it's morning, then start it positive. If you start your morning good, then you day will be good too.
10. Draw what you feel. You can to draw everything what you want, and remember that your drawing don't have to be perfect, you do it for yourself.
11. Find a hobby. Singing, dancing or something more unusual.
12. Also you can to go to the courses that you want. Maybe you want learn more about make up or photography?
13. Let's sing karaoke your favorite songs. don't care about your neighbors (if it's not a night or morning).
14.Time for sport. Ruining, pilates, fitness or everything you want, it makes to feel you good and very good for your beauty and health.
15. Just turn on your favorite songs,
16. ... and dance. It's also good, like a workout.
17. Time to watch your favorite movies,
18. ... or watch all seasons of your favorite series.
19. Also you can to find new movies to watch. Better to find comedies,
20. Stop to think about your future too much. Just know that everything will be as you wank, just believe in it.
21. Better to do something that makes your life better. Do it everyday!!!
22. Buy something that you want so much. Life too short, so buy what you want.
23. Travels don't cost so much sometimes. Let's find places in your city, where you never been  cafes, parks, shops...
24. Go to the shopping. Maybe is it time for new dress or shoes?
25.  Use internet only  for something that you need. Stop to spend your time by googling that you don't need.

Have a good day!!! <3

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Burgundy lips | LIFESTYLE

I think it's time to make a lifestyle post, as I didn't do this about two weeks. I just wanted to write more posts about another interesting things. Now I still have some ideas for my future posts, so you will see this soon!
By the way, about life. Now all I do is just work for my goals. Ever anything going be okay, we just have to follow things that our hearts says and don't give up, even it's hard.
It feels like a bad period of my life in the past (at least, I hope), so recently, I'm getting results after all that time.
By the ways, the recent days I have two new hobbies - drawing and pilatess. I start to workout easy and have mood to do this, sport make me happy and be more proud of me, as it's real important to look better. I need changes before it will be warm March and April.
Also I really want to learn to draw. I've doing it not when I was a child, but since that time when I became a teenager I stop to do this and I already forget how I've doing it. Sometimes I become nervous a little bit when I can't to draw something, but I'm pretty sure that it's only a start is hard and soon it will be easier. I'm started to drawing sketches, I just was so inspired by Instagram where are many great sktches, so I decided to start drawing them too.

I remembered about my burgundy lipstick, not a usual thing for me. I use only light or transperent lipstick for eveyday.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Oscars 2015: My Fashion Favourites And Anti Favourites

Maybe many bloggers doing this post today, but I don't care, as I want to share with you my fashion favourites and anti favourites too. I didn't watched Oscars, as it was too late when it's started - about 3 a.m. in Ukraine, I even have no idea who got Oscars this year, but I saw many interesting outfits, so some of them:
My favourites
 ... and anti favourites.
Which look are you favourite look and anti favourite look?