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Monday, February 18, 2019


Hello guys! I don't remember if I mentioned it before but one of the main things I want to do this year aka my resolution for 2019 is to become more ''eco-friendly'' to our planet. Some things I already started to change in 2018. It's not of these things you planning to start since Monday, if you're aware of what happens in the world you want at least try not to do worst since today.
In this post I just wanted to hare with you some short information everyone should know and to give some tips how to take first steps to make this situation better.

More than 250 million tons of plastic are produced every year. site says to imagine how many it is you should imagine 1000 of Empire State Building side by side. In ocean are islands made of trash. Researches showed that ocean will be contained more of plastic than fish before 2050 year, and it's not far future, it's only 30 years since now, so it sounds terrible. Also new researches showed  that many plastics actually give off powerful greenhouse gases as they break down, contributing to climate change.
''Over time, plastics give off more and more gas. Light (and to a lesser extent heat) are the primary catalysts for this gaseous release. This leads to an alarming feedback loop: as the climate changes, the planet gets hotter, the plastic gives off more methane, increasing the rate of climate change and the circle continues.''
By the way, yeah, if you eat fish, you eat plastic as well. Here is list of some health problems you can get from eating plastic:  irritation in the eye, vision failure, breathing difficultiesrespiratory problems, liver dysfunction, cancersskin diseases, lungs problems, headache, dizziness, birth effect, reproductive, cardiovascular, genotoxic.
Around 1 million birds die every year.
Unfortunately, only 9% of plastic is recycled. Usually plastic finish his travel in Antarctica and that's why icebergs melts and many species of animals there die out.
So here, finally, some tips that actully can make you become better version of you :

♻️ Carry products you bought in your bag or even better to have a tote bag for shopping. So you will never need a buy a plastic. Don't forget to say that you don't need a plastic. Actually, I always carry food just in bag.
♻️ Use a glass straw instead of plastic ones. I was showing you mine, I ordered it on Aliexpress, very cheap. And it feels even tastier to drink from straw like this.
♻️ Don't buy  packaged vegatables and fruits. Just carry free food in your bag, as I said before.
♻️ Don't buy coffee, or if you buy it, use your thermos for it.
♻️ Sort your trash. Actually, we only get a trash can for plastic around my house this year. Really happy that finally we have it.
♻️Use eco-friendly teeth brush that last so much more, same about toothpaste. You can do your own natural one.

♻️ Watch some documenta movies about ocean. I haven't watched yet, but plan to do this. Here are some I heard are good ones:
A plastic ocean; Chasing coral; Before the Flood.
♻️Don't think I'm just one person, I won't change anything. Everyone think like that, that's why we have what we have.

Monday, February 11, 2019


I've posted these photos on Instagram already a few days ago. I decided to try this challenge just after I've heard about. Have no idea why it takes me so long time to post something on the blog. I think I lost my habbit to blog. Or it's just my lazziness.
Anyway, I just add caption from Instagram. Cause that's everything I wanted to be said.

I like that challenges like this one that make you to try new things. Otherwise I would never mix my sweatshirt with this net west under it or doing a little different hair. Though I like this mix of clothes, while hair is not comfortable at all, that's why on second photo it's a little bit ruined. Also it helped me to be a little more creative 😹. I don't have chain necklace as on Bratz picture so I did one from detail of my old bag. If not this challenge, I would never did it.
In my childhood Bratz were very popular. They kinda were ruling the world some times haha. When I was like 6 or 7 I remember that I went to a biggest toy shop in my town. Then I saw them...👑👑👑👑 Probably when I saw Bratz dolls for the first time in reality I had sparkles in my eyes. I think I looked like this - 😵 hehe. Pretty sure it was my last time seeing them, as well, cause it costed way more than my dolls. So I didn't ask my parents for this doll or even didn't tell about what I dreamt. Plus, I already had some other dolls, so everyone would say why you need more.
That's how Bratz stayed my pipe dream. Well, I could buy it now, but I don't think I need it now 😹. .
I can't be sure but I think Bratz influenced on my sense of style of makeup. These dolls were my first fashion crushes for sure. I was dreaming to dress like them as well. Though with help of Instagram I remembered it and decided to try it. 

Monday, February 4, 2019

What changed in my life in first month of the year

You won't believe me but I was trying to write this post since the end of January but days go too fast. I am into different things I do daily then I rest with a Korean show ''My daughter's men''. Check it out on Youtube. Soon I will be watching the recent 4th season, so it's really funny and sometimes sad show... Perfect! So, anyways, after all that around midnight I realize that I need to write a post, but I am too tired and had no photos to add, so meh. Hope in February I will be better at writing posts, but in this post I will share what happened
I started working on my social media better. It's important for a blogger. I even made my twitter account. My blogging tip number 1 is to make a twitter account, post blog post links and communicate with bloggers.
Restarted Japanese learning. Now I am on the same level I was in the end of September when I stopped to be active at studying. Because since then I forgot too many things with my tattoo classes I went to. It feels fun to study new language for me.
I failed at my workout challenge, at all. You will wonder that it's not because I am lazy, it because my legs don't like frosty weather. But this year it feels awful. Since yesterday I feel better, but still they are hurting around three weeks. It's hard to sit down, then it's hard to stand up. It got warmer, we don't have snow anymore, so I will try on this week to start to workout if I'll get better.
Time for better skin care. After I decided to get braces, I also decided to work hard on other things I don't like in me to feel more confident. One of these things is skin. I always get pimples and black heads. I have quite oily skin in some parts of my face, that's why. I bought bunch of skin care products. I decided to try new things. Now I don't try to dry all pimples and other stuff, I did a research and found out that should heal my skin with oils instead of it. Also I try to use mask a few times a week. Also I use a soup for face. It make my skin not too oily, but I use it only once in a few days not to dry my skin. Also changing pillow cases every few days is very important. In result, I almost don't get new pimples. Though I have scars from old one and it's my main skin problem. I need to drink more water for better result, I drink less than 1liter usually, it twice less than I need to so it can be one of reasons of bad skin.
And better teeth & gums care. As I am getting braces, before I heal my gums and teeth. I wish I did it before, so I had no need to do everything on this week. Yeah, tommorow I will heal two teeth and probably will delete one. Not sure, but will go to a dentist, for sure. I have an appoinment.
Though I love new sweet ming teeth whitening powder and ordered my favourite tooth brush from . Their pastes are amazing.

Back to tracking what I eat after holidays. I feel better when I know that didn't much food I shouldn't. In previuos post I was talking about an app I use for this. 
I read more. I meant I've just finished reading two books  in January, but I was almost read none since September, so it's still good. I read almost every night before I feel asleep and also this months I was spenting a lot of time in lines so definetely had time to read it. Hope February will be even better for it, cause I still want to read some winter-themed books.
I am trying to learn nail art. Just tried. But soon should to try to draw something. Just ordered from Aliexpress. They were super cheap, but still pretty and comfortable.

Did you start already something new in 2019?

Tuesday, January 29, 2019


Hey guys, I was not very active after Ukrainian winter holidays because now I am really busy with visiting all kinds of dentists before getting braces and when I am home I don't feel good enough to blog because it hurts after dentists, you know. Hard second part of January and whole February will be like that ah. Well I hope it won't hurt that much anymore and my other gum healing after teeth deleting won't be that long. I am still healing after my first ever tooth deleting, it's 6th day and still hurts, especially, at night.
I can't delete other teeth cause they are on another side and if I delete them It will hurts from both sides and I won't be able to eat lol. Yesterday I've got a receipt from my dentist and will heal my gums at home. So while I don't feel that bad as before I will write a few posts I have in my head, and in drafts.
Hope this one will be useful for you. I want to talk about some apps that I use daily and they make my day better.

Remente. My favourite app. Here you can write your goals and steps that you should take to achieve it. Or just you daily or weekly or .. you know, plans and this app will remind it on days and hours you chose to get it. 

Calorie Mama. Firstly, it's first step tracker app I found that doesn't Internet to track and it doesn't need always turned on phone. That's so awesome, now I don't have to deal with these problems. Secondly, you can take a picture of you food, and this app will say how many calories it is. We played in this app with my 31 year old sister and found out her kids look like potatoes with sussages and have 250 calories lol.
There are other helpful fuctions in this app.

Afterlight. I should include at least one photoeditor in this list, right? They are super helpful in our time when Instagram rules the world. 
I was always wondering how Instagram models make all photos look cool. I've heard a lot of VSCO and that everyone use it. But actually VSCO on Android really sticks. It has like only few filters. Another thing I hate about Android. First one is smilefaces emoji that look like poos, so I use cat emoji instead, but as I can use cat emoji and use Afterlight editor I don't see problems anymore. I am so much more happy with my Instagram feed now. Well I just used only on my 5 recent photos yet, so it's too early to judge, but you can see a difference, or you can't yet on my instagram @_annaalina_ .

Getcontact. Since summer I started to get calls from weird people that were saying I owe them money and if won't pay them, I will be in a prison. They were using different numbers all the time, so I couldn't just block them all. Then I stopped to take a phone when on screen and phone number I don't know but then I realized that I miss important calls as well. Like a courier couldn't contact me to give my order. 
So with help of Getcontact you know who is calling even if you don't know a number that's calling you. Very helpful.

eReader Prestigio. The only app I use for a long time, whille other I started to use since December-January. eReader is your virtual book shelf. It even looks like this, if you open the app. That's the only reader I use because it's perfect. It even have function to make from a normal book to audiobook. So you shouldn't even to read, if you feel lazy, or too sleepy, or busy. You can change the voice in setting, it can be basically any voice, so I really like.

LOL I took this photo in 2016 and already have another phone but you still can see that one of these apps I use a really long time. That's why I post this photo instead a new one, I want you to see that I really love these apps and recommend it. Just kidding, I am just lazy, and taking a good photo is taking a time and when I finally get a photo what I wanted, I get tired to blog. Or at least, lose inspirition to write.

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