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Friday, August 18, 2017



''We don't see the world as the world is, we see the world as we are.'' - Stephen Covey

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Tuesday, August 15, 2017


Hello guys, I'm not in a hospital yet haha! So I would like to share with you this post about things I wish knew a few years ago.
I already wrote a similar post a few months ago about my early teens, so I thought it's time to do second part. By the way, this one was more easy for me, cause it wasn't that long time ago and I remember many thing I did wrong.

👎 Friends who use you for something are not your friends. I had a friend that always asked me for money, I paid for her in 100% of situations, I even paid for her food and a freaking bus. She always had no money and I really loved her as my bestfriend, so of course I was helping her. And one evening she called me and asked if I can borrow one expensive thing, I was not sure about it and I needed to ask my parents cause they bought it and they said no, so I tell her that I'm sorry but I can't do it and he hung up the phone, I thought it's bad connection and tried to call and she didn't answer all days I was calling. That week I lost two closest people I was depressed as never before. I think it was a real depression that lasted around 4 monthd untill winter holidays.

👀 I wish I knew when I was 16 that I'm pretty without black eyeshadows I was wearing everyday. 

📖 It's useless to enter to faculty that is not interesting for you and you're not going to have a work that will need a degree from that faculty. I wish parents said me to prepare good one year and to try to enter to ''my dream faculty'' the next year.

✏ Fake eyebrows aren't cool. When I was 15-16 I liked that they looked fake cause it was sort of ''look, I use makeup, I'm cool'' and now when I see people with bright brows that they painted I can't focus on their eyes, I'm always staring at their eyebrows and feel awkward about it.

👄 I wish I put braces when it was possible. I have some fake teeth now, so I can't put them, at least, upper one

💍 I wish somebody teach me before how to wear jewelry right. I wore already very bright clothes with eye-catching jewelry. Or collars jewelries with sweater  that already have a collar e.t.c. It was kind of clown style.

💆 I wish I had better care for my face / skin, used more products for making it heathier.

💘 Don't believe in everything boys say to you. Especially if you've only met them.

😂 Don't do stupid things you will regret later!!!

Monday, August 14, 2017


Hello, today I'm going to a hospital I was talking about in the previous post, so I don't know how long I should be there and when I will blog again. But as I said maybe doctors will give me ability to spent time out of the hospital. I hope it will be real!
Cause I know how boring is to be in hospitals, I was around 3 weeks in hospital in 2011, because I needed operation then.
So I decided to make this little post with short strange facts before. Maybe someone can relate some of these to them or am I really weird?
  1. I don't have photos on my laptop, phone or camera at all. I don't see a point in this in 2017. I never save pictures fronm the Internet too. If I like something I post it on social media or in digital albums and that's all.
  2. I don't feel pain on bottom of my legs. When I was born I didn't feel my legs at all and even not very long time I still didn't feel pain to the knees and I liked it haha. But it definetely good progress that I already don't feel pain only on small part of the legs.
  3. When I was in early teenage years I used to do my first everyday makeup looks. I had no idea how other girls use a mascara and still don't destroy the whole eye makeup so I just used eyeshadows, pink was my favourite. And you know eyeshadows without a mascara is real fail. Especially pink ones.
  4. Most of my clothes from thrift stores. I love that there you can find cool fashionable clothes that cost in a few times less than in other shop. Anyway most of shops in my town have bad quality and delivered from Turkey or China, so thrift stores rule.
  5. I forget the сhange on a cash desk all the time ... and sometimes even things I bought. I had one awkward situation when I had money only in big denomations but needed to buy cheap things before Christmas, so of course I should get big change back from it, but as you understood I forget about it and went to the door. I felt that somebody is staring at me from the back too strong, I turned around and saw how around ten people in line and saleslady look at me with very weird sight. They probably thought either I'm rich... or stupid. Yeah, second one. Two years still one of most awkwardest moments in my life.
  6. I LOVE TO WALK WHEN IT'S RAINY!!! I used to walk like this on my birthday the last time a week ago and I enjoyed it.
  7. I prefer cheap restourants, cause mostly their food taste better and it has taste of home.
  8. I can't drink hot drinks at all, like tea/coffee/whatever just should be a little warm or I'll couldn't drink them.
  9. I'm slow reader and watcher. I mean it happens very often that I re-read same pages over and over, cause I don't want to miss any little details, same with re-watching some moments in movies.
  10. Have you seen this ice cream on these photos? It was inspired by ice cream I saw but prices were too high, so I decided to do it by myself and you know what? I payed twice more for buying all stuff for this LOL.

Sunday, August 13, 2017


   The next day after my birthday in photos from my phone. Didn't bring my camera that day. In the next posts will be higher quality of photos, though I think my phone can do photos only a little bit of lower quality, if it's a good light as on the last photo, but it was dark there, thought a lot of cool neon lights.
More of text below the photos.

Okay, let's start from the beginning. I missed on the blog a little bit more than a week, though this week was very long for me, but still busy and some days were a lot of fun. So it feels like I had another blogging (I have a lot of them this year!). And I can't promise I will be active whole August, cause this month is and will be crazy and super busy. I'll tell why later.

So basically after the last post I wrote I went to village to relax with nature and fresh air before my birthday on Monday and days where I should everyday to go to do medical documents cause I need to make a new document that confirms I'm human with disabilities. I was doing it 3 years ago the previous time and should do it again. Actually it's so stupid rule to do it every a few years... like I was born with it, I don't have one organ, it won't grow up, why I should spent a month of my time to comfirm I still have dissabilitties?😒

Back to the village. 🚗 🌅  Actually blogging was one of reasons I went out of the city. I wanted to take photos for new posts and Instagram and I did, so I'll show them in new posts, but I had promlems with it when I first went to the village. I forgot two important things to my camera. I'm such a loser! Good that it was weekend and my dad needed to go to the city and back to the village anyway.
So I went back home, brought stuff I need and in a few hours went to the country again. Btw, I also forgot about my brush for hair, so I had no idea what I was thinking about. 😃 I never forget things! 
Time in the village was fun and it didn't want to go back to reality my city and all businesses I will have there.

The next day was my birthday 🎈🎉 I wasn't prepared at all. Nothing was done - dishes, cleaning, me, so untill the evening I was doing it all, I was two hours in shops to buy everything for the dinner. One was of the reasons why it took so long is shower on the street and very cold wind sometimes. It's always no rain and super hot outside on my birthday, so I couldn't believe it was my birthday ☁☔. Any way, after all businesses outside I came to cook some of my favourite dishes with my mom and we overdone it, cause we did too much of meals that we had no space on the table and everyone already was fed up. 🎂🍜🍛🍝
Actually it's the best birthday I remember, it had such a great vibe. Everyone was so kind, even strangers, I've got cool gifts, had favourite food, everything was perfect that day. I regret I didn't write it after my birthday, cause now 6 days after I forgot many things, but I remember I was 100% happy with my birthday, as I didn't expect anything cause nobody was prepared before the birthday is already started. 👸👌 

On the next day I continued celebrated it but already in the center of our town. We went to the park, I was the last year there the last time and everything became so much better since then. I'll take my camera the next time that I'm sure will be very soon.
We saw some animals, like bears, cute little goats, many kinds of birds... Oh god, they've got like a million of ducks this year. The last year there were like 20 ducks. And cats, they never had them before. All are free, except bears, of course, though we even wasn't in zoo corner, we jus were around that place, so we didn't see everyone.🐻
Also I've got a vanilla cappuccino, I needed to write this because it was the best one in my life. I need to find how I can do it home (I definetely can't go to the park just for it haha), that's so good. 👍
The we went to a beautiful place for a dinner, that place is perfect to visit with kids, but it's not boring to wait for your order for adults too, they have so many cool details in their desigh and they have a lot of real fishes everywhere - big ones, little ones, I was staring at them all the time. We've tried many kinds of sushi rolls 🍣 we haven't tried before, there even was with sweetie fruit, interesting and good, but not the best one! Also I've got a very interesting cocktail, that was very tasty too. The top was a little bit soury, middle was neutral and bottom was sweety.🍸

Okay, it becomes too long so I just want to say at the end that as I'm getting documents I was talking about, I need to go to the hospital. Like to live there some time. How long it will take? I have no idea! I'll go tommorow. I heard that maybe I could actually spent time home or where I want but only sleep there, I hope so, but I'm not sure yet. We will know it if I will write or not a new post tommorow or maybe in 2 days at least if I will be busy. Why I need to do it? Just another stupid rule that have no a point. 💉💊

I have more to tell you, but this post is way too long, so maybe the next time.

How was your week?

Thursday, August 3, 2017


Photo from my instagram ( @_annaalina_ ) I didn't post on the blog.

If to believe in everything Internet psychologists say, Instagram is worse than Apocalypse for humanity. But, hey! It's just a social media which can be fun and even useful if to use it right. 
I want to you a good side of Instagram and that a bad side isn't that bad as people say.

✨ Mostly, I hear the biggest problem of Instaworld that people don't want to leave it. I mean they check new photos in their feed or how many likes got their photos too often.
But honestly, that's not a fuilt of Instagram, it's laziness of people and I swear if Instagram didn't exist, they would find something another fun to do instead doing something important they must do.

✨ Another one big problem of users of Instagram is being jelous, because photos look too perfect. Most of popular instagrammers have perfect body, perfect clothes, expensive houses / appartment and cars, even their food look like a piece of art... But there are two reason why I should say ''Stay before to get depressed that you and your life look zero as what you see in your feed''. First - it's because people show the best moments in their life, second - there is a thing like photoshop or other retouching photoeditors... Even filters can make everything look so much better!

✨ It's one of the best app to edit photos in. It has one of the best (and free!!!) filters. And Instagram photo tools  just rule, there is everything you need (except if you want to change something in you on a photo haha).

✨ It's sort of album of your life. It seems pretty cool to have a place where are all your favourite photos. Plus, it's easy to find a photo you need.

✨ It's can be useful for your job or even become your job if you don't have one. There are lot of sucessful shop or just accounts that make money on ads if they have a big amount of followers. But it takes a lot of time and work before you'll get something from it.

✨ You can drive traffic on your new posts on the blog. If to write about you new post in description of your photos that can make some people to be interested and they will check your blog.

✨ I would say Instagram is the most inspirational social media, not only because pretty pics in it, but it inspires to look and dress prettier, to visit new places, to work at yourself and everything around you. Sometimes it inspire me also to cook something pretty and tasty too.

What do you think about Instagram?