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Friday, April 29, 2016


Firstly I want to recommend to enter the Giveaway (more enteries you will do - more chances to win). Rafflecopter choose the random person who will win when the giveaway will be over! The giveaway is international, of course.
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If you're not sure what's a Japan Candy Box, then it's monthly box with 8-10 tasty snacks and sweets from Japan. 
You can order this HERE. But if you want to buy items that I got in this box, then check them on this PAGE, there are all links on products from this post.
I got it for the first time, so I was super exited about it. I never was in Japan and never tried their food, but I've heard that in Japan are a lot of unusual food with interesting cool tastes, so I wanted to try them sooooo muuuch. And my big wish came true - got some of them. More details below!
 The list of what I got in this March Box:
 ♥ Strawberry chocolate candies. They had to be very pretty and had pretty shapes and pink colors.But they all melted, so it what I got (Any ways, it tastes amazing, so so so good!♥):

 ♥ Potato chips with vegetable taste. Actually it has no sweet or salty taste. It has no taste, but it still has something inside that I like!
 ♥ DIY sea world jelly candies. It was very funny to do it by myself. I didn't know how to do firstly when I got it, but I found the video, so it's what I got:
  Very tasty pizza chips. Sooo gooood!

Little chocolate cookies! Amazing! Has so delicious taste!
 ♥ Lemon taste gummy candies. Really nice!
 Tiny grape candies. I really like the taste!

  100% natural juice from grapes gummy candies. 

 Coca-Cola chewing gums.
 ♥ Candies that have a taste like sodas.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Vanessa Hudgens // Style-Inspiration | A to Z Challenge

It's the time for V, so I decided to make another post about my celebrities style inspiration. For this time it's Vanessa Hudgens. I just remembered about her, cause it was Coachella festival a few days ago and everyone call her ''Coachella queen'', cause of her boho style and best outfits for Coachella.
I think that she's one of the most stylish celebrities. At least, I adore her outfits. It's very hard to find bad outfits of her, she's always looks so stylish, cool and pretty. So here are some of my favorites. I took photos from HERE, check out for more of the looks and finding where to buy all these clothes.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016


Day 24 of A to Z challenge, It's the time for the letter U. I decided to use the word "useful" and to show things that are uiseful in my bag and try always bring with myself when I go somewhere and to show my new bag, but about it later!

1. Extra earring backs. I'm like a big fan of earrings really often lose my earring backs, so it's realy sooo important to have them in my bag.

Especially it's annoying when I go to a special event or want to take some photos of me where I wear these earring and *BOOM* I lose my earring backs and it destroys my look. So don't forget to bring extra backs for your earrings with yourself where you go, if earrings are important thing of your look.

 2 and 3. Note stickers and a pen. It's very useful when you need to write something important you've heard or it's good to use as a list of things to do for today or a list of things you need to buy. Very useful when you need to write somebody something that human needs like your phone, email or maybe even recipe. It can be everything!
 4.Taser. Actually the thing makes me feel so much more confident. I used this for homeless dogs a few times, cause on my street so many homeless dogs, mostly they don't care about people, but some of them can be really angry.
 5. Lipgloss. I always take a lipgloss with myseld them, cause my lips are really dry, Especially, if it's a bad weather outside, so it keep my lips soft and wet,
On the photo one lipgloss from Born Pretty Store and another one from AVON.
 6. Little bottle of a perfume. Who doesn't want always smell good?

And this is my bag I bought a few days ago in my favorite thrift shop. It was very cheap, I have no idea, cause it looks great. I seriously dreamed about a similar bag a long time. The side side that it's not summer bag and it will look strange if I will be wearing this in a warm season.

Monday, April 25, 2016


Day 23 - Letter T.

Hello guys! It's already the last days of A to Z challenge, so we continue A to Z posts, and it's the time for ''T''. I decided that it will be a good idea if I'll do a post that starts with ''Top...''. Mostly people like it. At least me;)
I had an idea to write this post at least a month, so it's the time! I always try avoid negative things and focus on positive ones, so take it not so serious. Any ways, blogging has many things we don't like!
  • When bloggers do a ''loud'' title of a post and turn out that post about nothing. I notice pretty often these posts when click on the bottom that shows popular posts on Bloglovin. For example, a post's called ''How to make your big dreams reality'' and there are tips that everybody knows, like ''be positive'', ''never give up''. Not so useful, right?
  • When blog friends write not their real opinions. Not all bloggers are honest. I remember very good the situation, when my blogger-friend that always have writing good things to me, wrote really bad things on a gossip blog. Not very nice situation, after it I never talked with that human again.
  • I hate when people comment the post without reading this. It's very easy to notice. These comments doesn't make any sense. 
  • Cheap China shops that want to works with bloggers. Don't get me wrong. I mean I noticed that if bloggers get a little reward from a shop, then that shop will want too much things from bloggers and if a shop is pretty expensive, then probably nobody even will check out if you do your job. Looks like expensive shops even don't care about this lol. While I'm really not going to do 5 posts about your shop on the blog, and 15 on Twitter and Instagram for $5 discount.
  • I don't like that many bloggers is really trying to copy each other and be ''perfect bloggers''. Ah let's just keep calm, be yourself and have fun. It will make people to remember your blog so much better, if you stop to copy other people. Don't compare, we're all different and have different lives.

What's the worst thing you don't like in blogging?