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Wednesday, September 20, 2017


💖 We have bad hair days and feel ugly those no matter how we try. And we have bad mood because of it untill we have good hair days again.

💖 If we see in a shop clothes that we know won't be look good on us but clothes look great, we still buy it, but we never wear it cause it doesn't look on us.

💖 We post photos where we look good and we don't care if somebody looks really awful on them.

💖 We love to watch our favourite cartoons from childhood when nobody sees us.

💖 We have too many things in our bag even if we go to a grocery store for 10 minutes. Like we always a few beauty products, mirror, we always bring a mobile phone even we don't wait a call and not going to do something something with the phone.

💖 We can have a huge collection of bras but we always have around 3 that we always choose to wear cause they're really comfortable.

💖 We're the biggest fans of our ex-friend's Instragrams alough we actually don't follow them.

💖 We can have a pallette with 100 eyeshadows but still use only 2 our favouriute colours.

Friday, September 15, 2017


Hello! As I said before, I want to share with you my August favourites, though mostly other bloggers were writing about this type of a post two weeks ago... but better late than never, right?
These a few recent days I needed to visit a hospital daily and it's so tiring and bring all inspiration for writing new blog posts. What a chaotic year! Anyway, weekend is starting (it's Friday's night now), so I can write a few new posts before very busy week.

The best deal of August.
 That's eyelash tool from Rose Gal (EYELASH TOOL LINK). Definetely the best way to spent 0.40$! 
I'm as a fan of eyeshadows that use them mostly everyday have a prolem with messing my eye makeup with mascara, but this stuff protects your eyelids from mascara and helps to have a perfect makeup look.

Beauty product of the month.
This lipstick from AVON, I already the second time. Really nice colour and shines amazing, though you should be really accurate with this one.

Body care.
Really amazing scrub from Fresh juice. Basically the same as a natural scrub that made of coffee and orange I was buying the recent time.
Smells fantastic and effect ''soft skin'' is so great. 

 Taste of the month.
Found this yummy chocolate cream on the shelf where Nutella is bit it costs like 5 times less and still have an beautiful taste. We looove it with my sister and niece!

Favourite book.

The silver trilogy. Dream a little dream.
If you love fanatasy, interested in dreams and mystery things, books about young people, you will definetely like it! I really recommend this!
After finishing this post I'm going to read the second book. If I will like the whole trilogy, I write a bigger review for this.

Movie of the month.
Adventures in babysitting (1987) . So worth to watch! I say it the second time on the blog. Perfect family comedy! Directed by the same person that directed Home Alone.

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