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Thursday, July 28, 2016

I took a photo of a REAL GHOST... | PART TWO

Firstly, I want to say that if you don't believe in things like this or afraid of it, better don't read this article and don't look at photos in this post.

Maybe somebody remember about my post on the start of June where I wrote about that I've sitting with my niece alone in ''her'' flat and I just played with a camera on my phone and when I've seen photos I took, there was a man.
That was really scary and strange.
Also one strange thing about this is that man looks weird. I mean unusual style, hair and even face... When I saw him on the photo I had assocciations that he looks like Ken (Barbie's boyfriend). I even said it to my sister.

And another next strange thing happened just yesterday.
As I wrote in my previous post I was nerby the river with my sister and niece and my niece wanted that I visit them, so I did it, of course.
I've playing with my niece and she gave one of her Kens to my hand and I was just shocked. He looks almost the same like that ghost man on the photo I took on the start of summer...
Every detail is the same... Looks at them - both of them have raised collar, the lines on the shirt are in the same places (I even don't talk about colors of clothes - they are the same), the strange white shirt (I've never seen that a real human wears a shirt like this), very-very dark black hair (usually the color of hair like this have only people with a dark skin), but although they have black hair, they almost don't have brows. Also hairstyle is the same. The face is pretty similar too. 
Guys what do you think? This is just a coincidence or is it can be related?

I had no idea that in the world exist things like this and that ''Toy story'' can happens in a real life, although when I was a kid I had a toy phone and on the screen was the time. The numbers sometimes have changing from 9:35 to 12:35. The strange thing was that the screen was made from a paper. It was just a colorful sticker. I wasn't alone human who saw that numbers are changing.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016


I hadn't blog yesterday, because it was not the ''best'' day, it was one of thoe days when nothing is right and good, so I was pretty sad and angry to blog. I'm so happy that I have a sister. She made my today to be a perfect and to smile the whole day. I had so much fun with her and my niece. We went to the river and spent a few cool hours there.
Luda and Eva even swam, while I just tried to get a tan and take a photos of them and nature around. I wish we will go there this summer again. Almost all photos I took when it was sunset. My favourite time for taking photos, although sometimes the sun shines too hard to my eyes this time and I close them. So it's hard ''to be pretty'' on photos. I mean always. For me. But when you're happy and smile, 99% of photos will be good.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me 5 Years Ago

5 years is really a long time, so many things changed since 5 year ago time. I already don't remember good many things about me then. It's like then I was another persons. During that time I did a lot of mistakes. Probably more than in childhood or at least these ones where more serious. In this post I wanted to write some things I wish I'd knew in my middle teenage time.

1. I wish somebody had told me that I have to spent the time more productive and useful, to go to the goals. If I did that then, now I had more things I want and was more proud of myself.

2. To wear light pink eyeshadows without mascara is not the best idea. I looked like a human that always cry haha.

3. You had to think more about outfits. I don't remember what I thought about outfits I've wearing that time, but it looked like I didn't care about this at all.

4. Sideswept fringe is not comfortable and doesn't suit you.

5. Don't worry about that you're not friends with a biggest half of your childhood friends - you'll stop to be friends with other half just in two years after finishing the school;)

6. In the word perfection doesn't exist. Here is no a thing everybody like. Some people even don't like chocolate or cute animals, so it's okay that not everybody like you.

7. Don't cry because people say bad things about you. People that better than you, never say bad things about other.

8. Stop to think that whole world so much cooler than you. It's not true at all.

9. Stop to run after people that don't like you. It will never help!

10. Don't give somebody to use you. Friendship should be unselfish.

11. If a boy likes you, he will say this one day, if he doesn't do it, you're not so important for him as you think.

12. One day people that talked that you're not good enough, will like you and even will try to impress you.

13. Everything at what you work with a big passion and patience will give you rewards, it just takes a time.

14. Positive thoughts really can change your life!

15. Hard is not impossible.

15 years - 15 things!!! It's all, actually I could write 100+ things else, but who will read it? Haha, have a nice Sunday! Hope you're enjoying your weekend!
Fashion is my profession.... Well probably it was a trend to wear outfits like this. Hope I was not alone who have dressing like this.
This photo from spring 2011 and I was 14. On this photo I walk with my then a few months old niece.
 This photo was made a few months later and I see my outfit looks so much better!
If I remember this right, it was taken in first days of the summer that were cold (as for a summer). Then I walked with my friend Evelina, she is my only friend now from that time.
My 15th birthday I celebrated in the park. Can't believe it will be 5 years since that day in two weeks.