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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

WRECK THIS JOURNAL IDEAS (tasks 8, 14 - 26): draw in motion, tongue drawing, document your dinner

Hello guuuys. I didn't blog again, the same as other things I would like to do, but March is so crazy , so while I have free time, I want to share with you new WRECK THIS JOURNAL post, that's because as recently a lot of my time I need to babysit with my niece, as her parents are busy with moving out, so while this is happening we're having fun with this book.

First I want to show you the page I showed you the last time but now I finished it (probably, maybe I'll add something else, idk).
It's task 8: Leave here leaves and things you'll find. I glued some of leaves/ flowers I found this early spring.
 TASK 14: draw lines while in motion, on the bus, on a train, while walking. We had so much fun with my niece during the whole time we have doing this.TASK 15: fill this page with circles.
TASK 16: document your dinner. rub, smear, splatter your food. use this page as a napkin. Well, I had no idea what to add to this page, I didn't want to add somthing that will have a bad smell later, so added only fruits, now this page smells like an orange.
TASK 17: write one word over and over.  First I wanted to write ''peace'', but then I decided to learn my niece how to write '' love''.
TASKS 18 - 22: 

  • make a funnel. drink some water. I did, my niece drunk. So we had fun with this one too.
  • tear out crumple.
  • make a paper airplane.
  • wrap something with this page.
  • tongue painting with caoloyrful candies. Well, we went for candy shopping, but we decided to buy other things, so I just drew Rolling Stone's mouth.
TASK 23: chew here (don't swallow!).
TASK 24: tie a string to the spine of this book. swing wildly let it hit the walls. My niece was enjoying so much while doing this task, so she did it twice haha! I drew mini-journal and broken wall on empty page too. My niece really liked that, so we did together a few books for her too.
TASK 25:  Bring the journal without hands. And here my niece found how to do this and I just drew Harry Potter with his ''WINGARDIUM LEVIOSA!". Hope it's looks a little similar.
TASK 26: climb up high drop the journal.

Friday, March 17, 2017

WRECK THIS JOURNAL: tasks 1 -13: hot chocolate drawing, drawing with holes e.t.c.

HELLOO WORLD! Today I woul like to make a post about one thing I really like to do recent a few weeks. And usually I do it together with my niece. It's so much funnier with her. And it's wrecking a journal... Well, not really, maybe just a little bit.
Probably almost all of you heard about this popular book you should  destroy using creativity. While my niece already did some tasks that really destroy the journal like to jump on the boor and let it to fall from high place, I'm not enjoying to do this so much as she does. I really like to make pretty pages but still to do tasks that in the journal.

First, I want to show that I decided around the page you write your name in a few different ways to draw me and my niece. Well, I'm not an artist, but my niece looks pretty similar. At least, I drew us in clothes we have hehe.

 On one of the next pages were written ''Leave this page empty'', so of course I decided to draw something and later I thought if to paint left page black too it will look better. I drew GUNS N' ROSES's cross because I had no idea what to draw, so I turned on the phone to look for ideas as I listened to APPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION album I though it will look nice on this page.
 First task: STAND HERE ( WIPE YOUR FEET AND JUMP UP AN DOWN). My niece definetely had fun while jumping. We drew leg of the same size as her, she drew a flower and grass inside, I added bone an pandas stickers. And I drew cat's paws and galaxy backround with my niece.
 TASK 2: pour, spill, drip, spit, fling your coffee here. We used hot chocolate drink. I wanted total hot chocolate drawing  but mu niece traced with a pen. And I  adde a black paint to make it look cooler. I think you can see which page I drew and which one my niece;)
 TASK 3: To make holes. And I decided to do something interesting with this page like drawing flowers on one side and drawing Homer that's dreaming about doughnuts. 
 TASK 4: draw fat and thin lines. pushing really hard with the pencil. I drew an elephant  and it tooks me a while to draw it. 
TASK 5: this page is for handprints or fingerprints. get them dirty then press down.  So I drew sort of winter / summer  or sky / earth drawing, it was really funny.
TASK 6: colour the whole page.
TASK 7:  throw something a pencil, a ball dipped in paint.
P.S.IT'S UNFINISHED PAGE, JUST BACKGROUND. TASK 8:  Glue leaves and things you'll find.
Task 9: do some rubbings with a pencil.  So I chose for this my eyeshadow  pallete, my candy pen,  coins, key, shell e.t.c.
TASK 11: scribble wildly, violently with reckless abondon.
TASK 12-13: tear strips rip it up!

P.S. I destroyed task 10, but in the book is the same one so I will try the next time.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017


Ready for warm part of spring with this hairband from Dresslink (hairband: link).

Uuuh it's hard to back to blog when you've lost habbit to do it haha. I took some photos but had no idea what to write and found in drafts that I wanted to write about some nice reasons why I wait for spring 2017 (I wanted to write in February). So I need to write this now or never hehe.

♥ Well as I said before I can't wait for the time to wear spring clothes. I love my boots and coat (btw, I need and going to do some outfit posts in warm clothes while it's still a little bit cold).

♥ My favourite thing is that it seems like every woman exept me is going to give birth this spring haha. Well I don't really care about celebrities that going to do it, but some of my relatives is going to do it and the most important that my only sister will have second child probably less than in 2 months. I'm exited that it will be a boy for this time! 

♥ The last months of studying in the university... I mean, at all, not summer holidays. I feel sooo strange about this. I'm such a kid yet, how I even can already to finish a university? 
I was ok about finishing school, cause it felt like I was there all my life and it was finally time to finish it, while these four years in university were like two years and I feel lik it's only half.
Any way, I'm glad I finish it, university makes me feel stupid, while I felt clever in school haha.

♥ It becomes warmer and I want to visit some pretty Ukrainian towns so much.

♥ I want to have more healthy lifestyle like more sport, more healthy diet. At least I will have company for this soon - my sister.
Just want to feel more healthy, have better skin and shape. The fact that my clothes became too tight for me isn't funny and I neeD to do something with this.

Monday, March 13, 2017


 Heeeeellloooooo haha! That's really hard to start to blog after such a long break. Around three weeks I think. The longest time I wasn't blogging and I was really missing blogging all these time. 
I wrote in my recent posts that my laptop is working really bad, actually, it already needed cleaning, and ''masters'' cleaned my laptop just in one day and broke something, a detail that is very important for computers to work. Of course, they didn't say anything and when I brought a laptop back realized that now it doesn't work at all... That was a Friday's evening, to late to go back so I needed to wait to Monday, they gave money back for cleaning and said that can't do anything with, because they actually are not that good in computers and can do little things like cleaning (as you see they can't do even it). I brought a laptop to another place and my laptop was there almost all this time because they have a lot of other computer to repair. So they definetely did thing better, but some things are not perfect. Well, at least, now I can blog again.

I have my laptop back already 5 days probably, but I didn't use it most of these days. They were busy and recently I spent all the time with my sister and niece. Like they always visit in the morning and can be here to late evening and after all this time with my crazy niece and even lazy to check my instagram feed or to make a cup of coffee. Even today, thought for this time I visited them, they move to another probably this month, so I needed to visit them there for the last time. Tommorow new week is starting, they will be busy on works / kindergartens so it's my chance to do more works I need and get my scedule back, I think blogging will help me.
Thought all this happened in the right time as I almost all this weeks I was sick, every week something new, even now it's not perfect. I'm a child of summer, I need sun, warm light air and green nature to feel good. I definetely need to move to a warm place one day, winter makes to be depressed my soul and body. Btw, it's a real spring here, finally no snow, no frost, no ice. It's not warm yet, but it's an amazing weather for Ukraine in March, cause snow in middle of April doesn't suprise anyone here.
And as I was sick my skin and face at all was really bad, like I'm 13 again. So I had no chance to take pictures. Now I'm finally okay. I never have a perfect skin, but at least that isn't bad now. Glad to be back, I will blog tommorow again!
Now I want to show some of new stuff I bought or got like a present. Mostly on March 8th.
This an amazing ''macaroon cake'' spoon is homemade by my sister, it's her presents on March 8th, she works homemade things you can order HERE, you can enter by Facebook, if you doesn't have VK. She really needs Instagram...
I've got a perfect lipstick ( cause it's almost transperent but still sniny ) from my grandma. Actually she gave 2, but then my 6 years old niece said that she wants and brought bright red lipstick. LOL. I don't know why she chose red one and where she's going to wear it. Today she said she won't wear pink anymore and clothes with hello kitty, because she's too big for this haha.
 I've got famous WRECK  THIS JOURNAL and THE BOOK THIEF. I did some pages of journal with my niece, one of the, on the first photo, I'll show more in another post. Book I didn't read yet.
 Really nice BB cream that mademy skin better (but it's too dark for pale me) / some gifts from my mom. Thing for easy hair brushing (must-have for long hair), and stiff for better skin. And they really work.
 New jacket (really need it so much) from ALCOTT it's from my aunt  and two leggings from my fave thrft store and they are amazing and costed almost nothing. They are comfortable af and just nice.


Wednesday, February 22, 2017

What I Learned from Owning Rats

A few months ago I wrote a post about my experience of having a guinea pig, I wasn't sure if people will be interested in it, but turned out that post became the most popular during two months.
So I thought maybe some of you will be interested to learn more about rats too. Although I know not all people like them. Actually I didn't too before owning them too, I even didn't want them and when I've got two huge rats, I was so scared. But now I know they're awesome. Here are some of good and not only things I've learned about them. I really need to write this post now before I'll forget it at all.
  1. They are like mini-dogs. Everything they do remind me of a dog. They are friendly, always want to play, love to eat everitime... 
  2. They love to play in ''Mouse hunt'' and to be cat there. It's shocked me.  Not sure if you know what game it is. It's cat's game where you make a mouse (bow) of a paper and a thread and moving it and trying not to give to a cat to catch a mouse (paper bow).
  3. Rats are super clever. Even don't try to deceive them!
  4. They love to eat everything, even furnitures, so you don't need to buy a special type of food (but don't forget about vitamin C they need).
  5. They need and want a lot of our love. And it's freaking cute.
  6. Rats actually rarely bite, as I said they're very clever, so if they bite you, you do something really bad.
  7. Be careful when you buy a rat, rats often has diseases. My rat died because of his disease that happens very often to rats.
  8. They're sooo cuuute, kind and funny and when people start to notice their lovely ''soul'', they forget something they don't like about rats.
  9. You should clean their cage very often. Because their awful smell and their health.
  10. You can learn them to do tricks.