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Wednesday, August 24, 2016


It's hard to think now that it's the last week of the summer (!!!) and it will start autumn and study very soon. I'm seriusly have no idea how it happened, but fortunately I study at home and only sometimes should go to the university when it's the time for passing exams. So I still rest probably to October. At least I hope... I need to check out when I need to go, I have no any idea haha!
Any ways, in this post I want to show how look outfits of my dreams that I'd like to wear to my university. In the university so many young stylish people, so I prefer to wear my favourite pretty but comfortable clothes
Mostly in this post looks are not like summer light looks, because here this August was really cold, so I'm already inspired by autumn fashion. I think they are great for October / November.

Tell me which look you like the most! Scroll left or right to see the whole look. Click at the photo of an item to check it at an online store out. It's not a sponsored post, it's just the looks that inspire me.

Sunday, August 21, 2016


Heeeey guuuuys!<3 I'm seriusly very busy this summer. What's I'm doing? Well, 50% of my time I take a care of my rat Khansu, cause he's very sick. I hope he will fignt these problems with his health and will live. He even ''wanted'' to die yesterday, but I gave him some medecines and put he to a warm place. 
And other 50% of my time I spent time with my other pets... My rat Roxy gave a birth to 11 tiny rats. Nobody waited that it will be so many babies. I thought ir will be asround 4 rats haha. So yeah, now I have 13 rats... It happened just before my birthday, but I still didn't tell this on the blog, cause I wanted to show photos of them.
As they finally opened their eyes, started a little bit to eat and don't sleep 24 hours anymore, I take photos of these little angels. It's the cutest age now and they grew up so fast. Every of them look sooo sweet.
I'ver heard that rats should be with their mother 5 weeks, but also I know that when they are 5 weeks, they look almost like a adult rat, so I'm not sure if we can to keep them else 2,5 weeks here. Any ways, I hope they'll find a good home. I'm going to give them and their mother to a pet shop. Hope I can do something like this or I need to find 12 people that will want a rat. Ah.
Yeah, their mom is still too wild althought she lives here 1,5 months, so I decided it better to sell her too. Also it's reallly hard to have 2 rats at the same time.

Thursday, August 18, 2016


Hello guys, recently I make posts about nails as you can notice, so it's the last one of these series. The last theme about nails I want to talk is how how to do gel nails at home and what a lamp I use for this.
Let's start with this! I've thinking to buy a big usual UV lamp for doing gel nails, but later I found a mini-lamp tha had a size of an usual flashlight, so I decided to get this one, cause I don't want this takes a lot of space and I love that I can take this UV flashlight everywhere and use it everywhere I want too. It doesn't need an electrocity, only batteries.
Usually it takes around 45 seconds to dry nails with this lamp. Of course with a big UV lamp you can can dry all nails in 45 seconds, but usually when I use my UV flashlight I can dry the there nails in the middle in the same time, so I doesn't take a lot of the time too. This flashlight for gel nails you can find HERE (link).
Now I want to talk about what you need for doing gel nail at home. 
So of corse you need a LED UV lamp. You can find laps of different sizes and prices HERE.
Also you need some special gel nail polishes that you can find HERE.
You need a base coat or your nail polish will be on your nails just a hour. For the best effect use a top coat too. So check them out HERE.
And gel cleanser. HERE.

Hope it was useful for you. If you have questions yet, give me to know! By the way on the last photo I use stickers you can find HERE.