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Friday, September 23, 2016

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Keeping Rats As Pets

Many of you liked my post about my rats in August, but as you probably know I gave them to a pet shop, cause I can't keep 11 rats and baby rats were around one month and were almost the same size as their mom. And one of the reasons was that my favourite rat and their dad died because of pneumonia. And they reminded me him too much.

Any way, I though maybe some of you think about buying a rat or just want to know about them more. Actually, when I got them I knew nothing about them, but after a couple of months owning them I can say that know them pretty good! Let's talk about good side of owning a rat now!

+ They're very affectionate. Rats are really very affectionate natures. They showed their love to me just on the first day in one hour after I got them and have seen for the first time.
And they very like be hands ... but especially they love to be on shoulders somewhere in your hair and on a face! Haha! I'm not kidding!

+ And very clever. Some things that work with hamsters do not work with rats. It's hard to deceive them. I was so wondered how clever they are.

+ They eat actually everything you eat. So you should not buy a special food and will always have something to give to a rat to eat. They can from cakes to meat. But better to give the fruits and vegetables, of course.

+ They love play games. I played with a game of cat and mouse. If you had no idea what is it. It's a game for cats. You need to make a rat from a paper and a thread. Your rat will try catch it.

+ You can train them to do tricks. Just search for it on Youtube. It's amazing!

+ You can even walk with them. But when they already know good you or they just will escape. And do not choose a place where arecats and dogs.

+ Your life will be never boring with them. They move and do funny things every second. You will have no time to be bored!

And bad side of keeping them as pets:

- Susceptable to health issues. As I said my favourite rat is died because of his illness although I tried to save him. It was so hard to see how they are dying... Oh no, I'm starting to cry. Next point!

- They have short life. Even they have a good health, they live maximum around 2-3 years. It's hard to say goodbye to your little friend in such a short time, when you're already close to each other.

- Their houses started to smell bad in very stort time after cleaning. You should clean at least one time for 3 days, but I usually cleaned everyday.
And I've doing around my opened window, because it smells so bad that it's hard to breath.

- People will say that they're scary and ugly too often. Even on Instagram. Some people wrote that I should stop posting photos of them. Like what? It's my Instagram profile and will post photos of my pet. It's okay!
They just understand nothing. Whatever.

- They can destroy your furniture, curtain and wallpapers. They actually destroyed my curtains a lot, so I can't wait to change them finally (maybe on this weekend) and they destroyed my wallpapers. A lot. But in the place that nobody see, so it's a good side of this story. Any way I will change it hopefully soon.

- If you live in a small town, it will be hard to find a veterenar for your rat. And as you remember they bocome sick often.

Thursday, September 22, 2016


Hey ladies. So now weather becomes colder with every day. At least, here, in my city and I already can't wear summer light dresses with weather like this, so it's the time to find perfect but still not expensive dresses for fall or even Christmas / New year eve that's possible thanks to online shops. I know it can seems too soon, but you probably know that it takes pretty a long time to get clothes from online shops. Usually it's a month or two (or even longer if workers on your post office as on mine tell me about a parcel after a long time after receiving it). Once I waited for a skirt more than 5 months haha.
Any ways I found some on one good online store, I ordered clothes before. So I can recommend this. Click here to check the store out. And tell me which one is your favourite!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016


Finally I did this. I wanted to make this post since first days of September and it's ready only now. 
Actually it's so much harder to create makeup posts then it can seems. Half of colours escape from photos (;D), and usually makeups on photos look or too light, or too dark, not as in reality haha. And my worst part that I really hate that photos make an accent at every defect we or our makeup have but probably don't notice in a real life and than we should editing photos too long if we don't want to take photos again (any way, everything will be the same the next time too. Hehe. Okay, time for talking about best autumn makeup trends!

♥ Dark lips. Classic trend of every fall. But for this time you can use not only burgund colour, but to try black one.
Although I have some dark lipsticks, they are not dark enough, so I did one thing that Dior did on their fashion show - eyeliner + transparent / light lipgloss and you have dark lips. Result watch on the photos.

♥ Greasy black eyeliner and black eyeshadows. Yeah this autumn it's a trend to make your eyes to be black. But you can choose any way to make it that you like. Just greasy eyeliner or total black eyeshadow is your choice.

♥ Glitter on eyes (or brows). I always loved shiny eyes, so I love this trend! I'm not sure if you can see it, my eyeshadows are very shiny and have tiny glitters. I think I know what eyeshadows will be my favourites this autumn. <3
♥ Natural skin. Designers show on their fashion shows that it's the time to give our skin to rest from shading, blushing and highlighting. For the cold seasons better left your skin natural. One exception - covering face skin defects.

♥ Peach eyeshadows. The most fashionable colour of eyeshadows is peach. Natural, but still give to our eyes more colours. Absolutely love it and that fact it's great for everyday makeup. Actually, peach is one of my favourite recent months yet. So sad that my peach eyeshadows look the same as gold ones. Photos always don't snow half of colours. Never notice it before I decide to take photos of my makeup.