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Friday, March 20, 2020


Hello guys... When I started to create this post I realized how much I was missing. That's nice to be here again.
This year I took a little break from blogging to focus on other things and to think about what's important for me now. By the way, these months from NYE was incredibly fast so I didn't plan to be that long. I didn't plan anything actually. Just time is fast and I was doing other things. I just took a break from social media and photography
Now I realize that I can spend time on blogging. The blog doesn't distract from other stuff.
I think it's the best time to start writing, as I'm on quarantine. Hope you don't need to leave your house much too... I didn't leave my house for a few days now but I guess I need to do it tomorrow for a little (today is too late). The situation in my country is not that bad in most of the countries I've heard about. But nobody can visit Ukraine now and traveling inside the country is prohibited. Buses can take only 10 passengers, so there are kinda fights on bus stops.
Now I don't even visit grandmother and my sister's family recently. So that's what changed in my life for now. Crazy.
Also, we talk a lot with my aunt, her son, and granddaughter that live in Italy and you may know Italy is the most dangerous country to be now so we are really hoping they'll be fine and this awful situation will stop asap in Italy and in the world.

During the time I'm writing this my parrot is hating me because the light and laptop is still turned on. 
Yes, I've got a pet. She's so nice. My sister gave me her because her kids don't really play with her and because she is ''wild'' but actually it took one day to make her calm. I don't know why bt all the pets I had were extremely calm.

Here is a full photoshoot from two days ago hehe.

Thursday, February 13, 2020


The was a long time not to write here. Right now I'm working on other stuff, so for a while, I decided not to spend a lot of time on blogging and to focus on more important things for me now. But when I will have nice photos for the posts, I will write posts. I don't take photos anymore after I deleted my Instagram in autumn. I will talk about Instagram in one of my next posts, but for today I will tell about the best things I watched in months. Yeah, some of these I watched already in autumn. Like the first movie in my list that got a few major Oscar awards a few days ago and it actually reminded me to write the post about this movie and not only about it.

Movie of the year, must-watch for everyone. PARASITES. Thriller, dark comedy, Drama, Mystery. South Korea. 2019. The movie got the golden palm award and people were applauding to director for 8 minutes on the ceremony in Cannes and also it won basically all Oscar awards 2020. Still doubt if you should to watch it?
The first parts and second parts of movie are absolute different movie. It's literally so unpredictable. First I thought it will be a movie about swindlers but turned out that this story is so much darker. I absolutely enjoyed the movie, there is no a single minute that is not interested to watch. It's now one of my favourite movies I watched.

The movie I didn't expect to be this good, TOMORROW I WILL DATE WITH YESTERDAY'S YOU (or My tomorrow, your yesterday). Mystery, Fantasy, Drama. Japan. 2016. What made me to watch this movie is Nana Komatsu, I watched one movie with her and it's one of my favorites. So I decided to check this out too.
That's totally not an ordinary japanese drama. By the way, after you will finish this movie, you will want to rewatch it, because after watching the ending, all things will start to make sense for you. Please, don't google the plot before watching.

Don't watch this if you don't want to cry. GRAVE OF THE FIREFLIES. Anime, Drama. Japan. 1988. It's anime based on a real story of the director. It's about war, friendship, family and love between a brother and his little sister. I really cried. 

Here are some series I watch(ed).
I didn't like the first episode, but I started to love this show more and more with every next episode, LUNCH QUEEN (2002), Japan. Don't recommend to watch this if you have never seen japanese doramas before. After watching the first episode I thought it's only about food and that actors in the show act crazy. But I really started to enjoy these series when I watched some more episodes. It's really entertaining to watch it.

The best short series in fantasy genre I watched so far. RUSSIAN DOLL (2019), USA New York af. It's only 8 episodes and 25 minutes each so it took me only one evening and morning to watch all episodes. I couldn't stop watching this untill I finished the show. By the way the second season will be this Februry but I have no idea about what it will be abou, as the story in the first season is totally finished.
Plot: Nadya gets caught in a mysterious loop as she repeatedly attends the same event and dies at the end of the night each time only to awaken the next day unharmed as if nothing had happened.

Teens made me to watch this, but actually it's 18+. EUPHORIA(2019). USA. Really loved this show, totally didn't expect it. I love how every episode show the life story of every main characters of the show. 

Teens made me to watch this too, what's even they watch? SEX EDUCATION (2017 to now), Great Britain I guess. Story of a boy (a son of sex therapist) who decided with his friend Maeve (I looove her style) to create a sex clinic just in their school. Btw, he's a virgin that makes this story funnier.

Weird adult short animated series. TUCA AND BERTIE (2019). The most specific show in this list you might not like, but I surprisingly I like it. It has only ten episodes and won't have the second season. 
By the way, this about friendship between 2 30 years old birds. Don't watch it with kids.

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Meet my new pet - literally the smallest hamster ever

Sorry for the phone camera quality. I just wanted to write this mini-post as I can't write something better today because I literally has no energy, time and I'm not feeling good (for more than 2 months straight ugh).
I just wanted to share my little happiness with you guys. And when I say ''little'' I literally mean ''little''. I would say even ''tiny''. Cause I've got like the smallest pet I ever own. Well, I had fish, but they were around the same size. The camera makes it look pretty normal, but believe me, it's tiny as hell. 
In a few weeks (he will be at my sister's house until he will grow up), I'll try to take proper photos. I already forgot how I loved to take (kinda) creative photos of my pets, as I had the last one 3,5 years ago (that's crazy, it doesn't feel that long). in 2016 3 of my pets died, I really loved them. I kinda blamed myself for them dying, especially, when I let a guinea pig eat a poisonous grass (I didn't know it was poisonous). So I never had a pet after although I always have a pet all my life and now I'm having it again. I mean I should wait around two weeks to bring it home.