Thursday, October 23, 2014

The coldest day ever

Guys, today is the coldest day in the autumn. Soooo cooold! I haven't seen strong cold wind like today since the winter. 
By the way it was not snowy, as people said, but it was rainy little bit. 
I didn't do what I wanted for this day, I'm not passed english exam yet, but I hope to do this tommorow. I hope so much! Now I plan to do next texts, that I hope pass next week too.
Also two days - yesterday and day before yesterday my niece have visited me. We have so much fun together in with my hamster. She loves him so much.
Today I bought some blue/yellow macarons, by the way. These colors looks like Ukranian flag. Look pretty, but, honestly, I like only chocolate macarons. Chocolate macarons is amazing. _

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Get Ready for Winter | Yoyomelody Wishlist

It's colder and colder everyday. Only one month to winter. It's time to find some warm clothes to this time. 
Now I'm not ready for cold snowy winter. I need to find many cosy and warm clothes before this. So, please, winter, slowly. Some cute winter clothes that I like. What's you're favourite?
1.| 2. | 3.

Everything will be OK

Hey! Good news! My giveaway have 50+ participants, so this giveaway valid now and I'll text to winner on his e-mail on October 27. Thank for joining this!
I have plans to make another giveaway again soon!
By the way, everyone says that already the day after tommorow will be snow. So early, last year first snow was in the end of November. I hope the winter will finished soon, as started. I really adore Chritmas and New year holidays, it's the most beautiful time in the year, but this year was so fast. I don't want winter yet!

Sunday, October 19, 2014


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