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Monday, October 21, 2019


Hello guys, yesterday I had a little trip to the village. Btw, my header photo was taken around the same grape tree around the same time of the year but as you see the difference is huge. There are no leaves now. So I took my orange leaves fairy lights. And got my orange plaid and chose some cute pumpkins. One of them I took home and gonna curve for the first time in my life. Also I chose two outfits for this trip that I think look really autumny. My favourites are shoes from site and the shoes link is .  I forgot to take photos with flashligh so you could see little rainbow s on them more.

  1. After I took pictures of everyone and nature my camera died so I basically had no time to take photos and was disappointed that photos turned out not that I wanted but filters and other photoediting changed my mind. I didn't need 50 photos anyways. I don't really like to take photos this year because since I become older I want to have better photos and want to improve myself first before taking photos of myself. I love how photos show what I don't see in mirror and what better to change. Anyways, in the next post I'll show photos on other location that actually is not that cosy.
And now I want to share quick recipe of tasty cake you all should try when you will have a lazy day. Good to do it when you want something sweet, but you don't really have anything except bananas.

  1. 1 tbsp vegetable oil
  2. 1 tbsp milk
  3. 1 ripe banana (mashed)
  4. 3 tbsp flour
  5. 2 tbsp sugar
  6. 1/4 tsp baking powder
  7. 1/4 tsp cinnamon (optional)


7 mins
  1. Pour oil and milk into mug

  2. Mash banana with fork and stir into oil and milk

  3. Add flour,sugar,baking powder and cinnamon and mix all ingredients to make a smooth paste

  4. Pop in microwave for 5 mins

Friday, October 18, 2019


Just took some photos of my view in twilight before it became really dark in seconds and before trees will have no trees because turned out a peak of pretty trees is actually one day. They were pretty green like 3 days ago, yesterday was a peak of it and now trees haven't half of their leaves. I thought it will be lasting like two weeks at least but no. Bold trees make me think about a New Year eve and I think previous was very short time ago. I know at least 5 people think so too.

Anyways, in this post I will tell what's on my ''bookshelf'' and what I recommend to read and what's not.

Tokyo fiancee.  Basically, this about a woman from Belgium that lives in Japan and  fall in love with her student.
I regret  that I've read this. I was reading this basically the whole September because it was not that interesting and it was making me fall asleep fast (while interesting books make me to read it the whlole night untill I finish the book). I wish I was reading something else instead of this. Definitely,isn't worth your time.
It's so easy and other lies. It's book by member of my favourite classic rock band - Duff Mckagan. So if you're no fan of it, it don't think you really need to read this, but I find stories from this book interesting and it will be useful to read for people who do drugs or drink too much because he was talking how it destroyed his life. I thought books will stop being interesting after they started to be sucessful, but turned out  rich life have their problems and sometimes they're the same that all people have.
Harry Potter. Third book. I wasn't reading Harry Potter for months. But I think autumn will be good time to read like other 2 books of Harry as well, so maybe I will be read 4th as well. I definetely need to read a little bit of this for Halloween mood.
Superstition.  Parapsychologist Sam Towne believes that ghosts come from the human mind, not from "beyond". To prove his theory, he invites eight volunteers, including skeptical reporter Joanna Cross, to take part in an experiment. In a series of seances they invent "Adam Wyatt," a tragic Revolutionary War hero, and are thrilled when he starts rapping on tables and spelling out messages. From cult classic author David Ambrose comes a story based on the true case of an experiment into the paranormal, a story that will change forever the way you feel about...
Sounds interesting, right? That's why I decided to read this. I think I wrote about this one before, but, well, I only started to read this one.

Now if you want to watch something interesting, I recommend basically any dorama with Yamashita Tomahisa or Yamapi. First, I watched my first dorama like three years ago, he was playing a student there and then I wanted to watch another dorama and thought it will be more interesting to watch with an actor I already know and turned out he's in many interesting doramas. I watched more but I will write only about ones I fell in love with.

Kurosagi. A boy who lost his family and was once victimized by a swindler returns as a black swindler to deceive only other swindlers. This one I watched in September although it's from 2006. Each episode different story about different types of swindlers and their victims.

I'm Your Destiny. If you're like fantasy, you will like this one. It's all about signs. I was watching it in winter I think and it was so right time to watch it.

Operation Love (the Japanese one). It tells the story of a man who travels back in time in the day of wedding of a girl he loved all his life to change their fate. .My favorite dorama I've ever watched yet. It's fantasy too. It's super funny and relatable.

From 5 to 9.  Very unusual story about a girl who works as an English teacher and dreams of moving to New York, but unexpectedly, she encounters a handsome monk and then it all starts.

Buzzer Beat. I watched it 2 or 3 years but still remember it's very cute love story and I was enjoying the vibes this dorama gives.

Booonuuus. Movie with him I watched 2 or 3 times because I love it. Close Range Love. This about love between a student and a teacher. Has super cute and cool moments, but a lot of struggles, as well, obviously.

Tuesday, October 15, 2019


Hello, I ate something bad so have no energy for blogging, plus, October is a pretty busy month and I have time only at night when I'm sleepy, so here are post 3 in 1. Actually, it's my autumn posts from Instagram. And the photos I took yesterday and today. That's just view from my windows. I didn't leave the house today. But I'm going to leave for a drugstore.
By the way, turned out, that autumn evening even prettier than yellow leaves on sunlight, I took a few photos as well, but I barely had a battery so I should repeat tomorrow. Sad that twilight in autumn is like 5 minutes. So hopefully I won't forget. I really need an autumn photosession as well. The photo on the header is taken in middle of October if I remember this well. That was so pretty in the village. I was waiting for this time of the year to take some photos, but turned because of night frost there, there all treas are leafless for like 2 weeks now. Ugh. Anyways, here are some ideas for autumn photos that better to try these days before rainy grey November.

1. Photo of homemade fall food. For example, apple / pumpkin pie, hot chocolate with marshmallows, cookies. Looks good with Christmas lights, fallen leaves and a plaid. 
2. Selfie in fall coloured outfit. 
3. Pictures at fall picnic 
4. Pretty fall flatlay. The best looks eity candles, lights, cosy sweater, dried flowers and books.
 5. Photo when you're reading a book.
 6. Cosy photo in knitted socks at home. 
7. On a beach and in a plead. 
8. In a black hat.
 9. With an umbrella during rain. 
10. In the gold-colored forest. 
11. Photo of autumn-themed page in your sketchbook. 
12. In a cosy sweater while keeping a cup of coffee.

Also, ides hw to spent free time these few golden days.
.🍁 Decorate your home with fallen leaves, acorns, candles and other autumn stuff. 
🍁 Go to fall picnic. 
🍁 Learn settings of your camera. Autumn is the best time to learn how to take photos, cause literally it's so pretty 🍁 Create an autumn sketchbook. Write about everything inspire you, add autumn photos and draw in it. It's super calming and will be interesting to read later.
🍁 Prefer autumny colours in your outfits. Burgundy, dark green, orange, mustard and black are the best
.🍁 Binge-watch some autumn show in rainy days. on the other side of is really cool animated series I discovered this fall.
🍁 Try some autumn recipes. It's  may be something little if you're not good at it or take risks and try something new.

Thursday, October 10, 2019


Recently I started to notice how everybody uses monthly habit trackers. I thought it's a sign to start my own, plus, I found my sketchbook I started in 2013 when I entered to the University. I definitely need to finish this one as my sister gave me a new one on my birthday which I can't wait to start.
I keep it easy, you can see mine above. I'll try a cute one in my new sketchbook.
1. I think actually it's better to make a better habit tracker so you will try better to fill it.
2. Simple or pretty but better to keep in a place where you can see it. Like on the wall, mirror e.t.c. This way you will remember to fill it and have habits you want to get.
3. Try to create a simple but nice pattern that you get if you fill everything, so it will be another motivation not to skip any day.
Here some cute ideas:

By the way, these days when I started to live alone I started to experiment with different salads because it's fast, simple and one of my favorite type of food. 
For this one you need basically everything you need for sushi rolls:
Boiled rice,
Canned sweet corn,
Canned tuna or meat of crab,
Nori and ginger for decoration and better tasted,
Soy souse and a little bit of mayonnaise.
So that's it. Hope you will like it!
Anyways, if you're looking for a movie to watch on Friday night or on weekend I recommend basically any Tim Burton movies. Recent month or two I tried to watch basically all his movies I could find. I was fan of his cartoons way before, like since I was really little. Here's list of my favorites:
The Nightmare Before Christmas
Corpse Bride
Sleepy Hollow
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Dark Shadows
Big Eyes
Pee-wee's Big Adventure
Edward Scissorhands
I think most of them spooky season themed, so it can be a great idea to see them before Halloween.

So this post is the post for three days and if I'll write double post tomorrow too, then my Blogtober will be alright. I think I need to make a lifestyle post, I wasn't doing it for a while.