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Thursday, July 19, 2018


Women comouflage t-shirt from HERE (click to buy or just check it out)
Leggings from HERE (click to check the item out)
Blouse / summer cardigan (?) found in a thrift store
Sunglasses Dresslink
Earrings probably Oasap
Cross from HERE

Heeeellooooo! I was missing blogosphere. <3 No I didn't quite blogging. Okay... Just for a while. When I've got a break, I had no idea it will take so much time. Things we don't expect to happen are happening in life sometimes. Firstly I decided that I can't afford blogging in June because my final exam in University in the end of the month. I didn't study hard enough to be sure I'll pass the exam with good grades to get a University diploma, so I decided to prepare for the exam in June in last weeks. I was too nervous and doubted if I'll pass too much for doing something else that takes quite tons of time. I definitely will write about all this in the next posts. And they are going to be ready in less than two months for sure haha. Probably tomorrow. But I don't promise cause I'll go to the hospital tomorrow in the morning and should be there for two weeks (it's for renewal of my disability I had since I was born, I'm totally okay), but probably I could go home for weekend so I could write some new posts.
Anyway, so the break in June was planned and I wrote on my Google+ page that will be back in the end of the month, so what happened that I didn't write almost another all month? Just after my exam, on the next day my laptop decided it's time to die. Like at all, it didn't want to turn on. I had problems with it the whole year since December when my niece decided to drink super sweet tea near the keyboard and you know what happened. Firstly it can be okay, but with the time sugar kinda kills a computer. I was tired of spending money on repairs, cause I already could buy a new computer with that money I spent on saving old one. It sounds better to buy a new laptop, then to do repair every month to my 9 years old laptop. So I decided not to spent my time and money again and just wait a little and buy a new one. But my dad said to give it another chance and took it to a programmer that said changing the keyboard will solve the problem. I didn't believe, but it did! Now it works good again.
Though it's weird that the programmer didn't say it earlier in December and just took money for cleaning the keyboard and then it changed nothing. Ugh. Not going to go to him for the next time when I will need. Hope it won't be soon and I could enjoy blogging! ♥

Tuesday, May 29, 2018


It seems like I'll get you know about me something I didn't talk before. It's pretty weird I never talked about any type of manifestation before. I'm going to write about in manifestation and other new things I never wrote about. After my graduation from university (it will be in two weeks... maybe I don't know yet), I'm going to write about healthy food (ignore the photo in this post, it's okay to eat waffles once a month on a holiday), fitness, losing weight. Yep, I gained weight the last year (and bad thoughts and stress played big roles in it, so it's why important to stay positive and manifest right things in your life), so after I'll pass the main exam, to lose weight will be my main goal. I think it should be interesting experience. I never tried to lose my weight before. So I think it will be interesting for some blog readers too.
Also as I'm going to classes to study new things, probably, I'll be writing about what I've learnt as well.

Yeah, in future I'll be writing more about other of manifestation, if you're interested. I was into similar things since forever when I watched ''Secret'' about law of attraction for the first time like 10 years ago or even before when I was making wish after seeing a shooting star in the night sky and when my I blow my fallen eyelash. So I would like to write about other things I like.

So today... I mean tonight is full flower moon. And it's very good time for making wishes. By the way, if you read it later than 29.5, then it's okay. Full moon energy still works for next three days as well.
I'm going to do this just after I'll finish this post. But you can do it in the morning or even later, if you want. For me it's easier to do at night. This time I feel more inspired than usually. And doing full moon manifestation ritual seems more right when you see that full moon. But it's probably just me. Just do it, when it's comfortable for you.
Here are some things you can do for making your life and especially this month more positive and interesting, making your wishes come true:

Firstly, you need a notebook. At least, one, but you can use a few for different type of manifestation. I use one, so it's totally okay. You may already guess that you need a pen. You can use calm music, tea and candles for better atmosphere and inspiration. You can have some crystals, gems and stones around you, if you have. Find a comfortable cozy place, where you can be alone, feel peaceful and not to be distracted by other people. I also feel more inspired when I open windows, so night summer air fill the room.
You should be positive and confident about letting go your wishes to moon's energy for making it your reality. It's the most important.

Start to write about things you're thankful for (for example, ''I'm thankful for feeling healthy today''. It can be even little things, like ''I'm thankful that ice cream I bought was really tasty''. Start to write about things you want in the same way, like you already have it right now. You can mix them in the same place, like you have it all, as I said.
Full moon is really good time for writing your goals down. You can just write your goals for this month in the same place and continue to write your goals as wishes. Also you can write on another page your goals. Don't write ''I want work out 5 days a week'', instead it will be better ''I work out days a week'' (like you already do it.
Feel optimistic after the ritual and let your wishes go, you shouldn't be worry if it will come true or not, be hopeful, patient and confident that everything you need will be in your life.

Monday, May 28, 2018


Hello, guuuys! Do you planning your week on Monday or weekend? I find it easier to do on Monday, cause on weekend we usually don't want to think about what will be after it will end and just have fun. If you don't go on work early in the morning, you can try to plan your week on Monday too. I think we have the most of inspiration this day. So here are my favorite things to do on Monday that makes my week more successful.
  • Check out the weather forecast for the week. Do you check it every day or for the full week? I think it's more comfortable to check for the whole week. Any ways, the weather cast for next 5 days is mostly true. It takes one minute to check, but really helps, so you can choose your outfits for the whole week. I always do it for days that are really busy and mostly if I should go somewhere in the morning. 
  • Find motivation to be motivated the whole week. When I don't feel inspired for something important, I usually try to find inspiration in books, movies (sometimes series or cartoons), even blogs or just google inspirational quotes. I think the best motivation to do something that is important is to imagine what will (or won't) happen if you not gonna do it and opposite. Imagine how you will be proud of yourself and happy with what you did.
  • Write to-do list from the main goals to little ones. Don't forget to write which day you will do this, it's the main thing about it. Don't hide that list to Friday / Saturday. Start with not the easiest ones, as most people do. You always should start with the main goal or you won't just time for that.
  • Take a time to think what's you didn't like about this week and how you solve these problems to not repeat this week.
  • Throw out things that you're not using anymore, broken things and check if you have expired food. I don't know how about you, but I believe that mess in the house makes mess in our minds as well. I even don't know how to do something important if the room I'm in is not clean. 
  • Plan what dishes you gonna cook this and go on food shopping for products you need for them, you can buy product for next couple days. Write dishes you wish to try this week. I really recommend to use food diary apps, if you want to be organised with food and be healthy (and fit). Really helps if you want too lose some weight. I heard people that use them lose weight twice faster. Ain't it ''wow''? Also it helps to track how much calories you gain and how much you need for not gaining weight.
  • Promise a little reward to yourself if you'll accomplish your goal. Like a new t-shirt, if you will healthy all week/
  • Don't have too many tasks for the week or you'll just give up after couple days, so just choose main ones. You will have another week for other goals.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018


* At least, for me. Probably, only for me.

Every time when I want to write a new post on the blog, something happens that don't give me to do it. It becomes already funny and weird. Like yesterday I tried to do it twice. And first time when I started to write first words suddenly I started to have a strong stomachache, so I stopped and stomach stopped to hurt as suddenly as it started. So later I continued to write the post and suddenly (yep, again) my laptop turned off, although it never turns off anymore after repair. Weird.
Okay, hope I can finish the post, at least, today.

Today I want to talk about why I prefer to blog and read blogs over YouTube. I know many people say that text blogging (did I say it right?) died years ago. But my opinion that's definitely classic in blogging and classic never dies.
Because of popularity of video blogs / channels on YouTube, there is no reason for people to read blogs as well, cause it's not cool anymore... or at least everyone just watch YouTube. I don't know why and how it's happened.
I think in text blogging we just don't have one big cool platform as Youtube for video blogging. Bloglovin is pretty cool, but not perfect in many ways. Also I think that it would be cool to have some really big blog stars to promote blogging. Here are a lot of popular bloggers, but who knows really big blog stars? I don't know, everybody who comes to my mind is famous either famous for being famous on Instagram either for being famous on Youtube. I just wish blogs had such amount of viewers as youtube channels have. Bloggers totally deserve everything youtubers have as well, cause blogging ain't easier than vlogging. Hope one day it will happen. Who knows? I don't think everybody will be so crazy about videoblogging as now for very long time. It's just me or it's already not the same as like three years ago? Maybe classic blogging will be trendy again, I see many celebrities started their blogs recently. Or maybe somebody invent something new.
Anyways, here are some of my favorite reasons for loving blogging more than vloging:
  • You spent so much less time on reading posts than YouTube videos. Even long posts you definitely won't read 15-25 minutes, as most of daily vlogs last, while most of posts take 1-2 minutes to read. Sometimes even less. For me the biggest problem in Youtube is that takes way to much time. Even when you search for certain information and find a video you need, it will take so much more time then if you google it and find an article about what you need.
  • It's better / easier to show vibes you want to show with help of photography and text then with help of video. I think videos make everything more boring as it's in real life and lose magic that photos and text have.
  • Some topics hard to tell on videos and it's better to write on the blog. As I said text have it's own magic and special vibes that video can't show. 
  • In blogosphere less of angry people or trolls. I don't even remember the last time I had a bad comment. We have kind of cool positive atmosphere here.
  • If you have lifestyle blog, it takes so much less time to take photos than videos, if you have lifestyle channel, so you shouldn't film all the time and spent time more with camera them with people around you. Just took a few pictures and that's all.
  • Editing videos takes way more time than editing photos. Also it's harder.
  • Not all people feel comfortable on video, while almost everybody feel okay about taking photos.

Do you ever wanted to have video channel instead of your blog?

By the way, it took a lot of my day to write this post, cause my computer worked really bad and I needed to wait while it will upload things too many times. I don't know why it happens every time I want to blog. 
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