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Monday, June 27, 2016


This post is created for Farfetch (LINK) contest for bloggers. 

It's still June, only the start of my favorite season. I think it's the best time for fashion and beauty experiments. It's why I love fashion. It gives you fashion ideas that you had no idea that will look amazing on you.
Let's check my favorite summer trends out. What's your favorite one?
Safari chic.
More safari style clothes HERE.
Similar clothes you can find HERE.

Bohemian style clothes find HERE.

More clothes with fringes HERE.

 This trend you can find HERE.
You can find beauty products HERE.

Friday, June 24, 2016


As usually it's a midnight and I'm blogging. Yesterday I wanted to write one beauty blog post, but I didn't do good what I wanted, so I took one day break. And today I want to show some things from my summer wish list on I often order things from this shop and I like their big choice, high quality and low prices. If to create a profile there, you can create a wish list with things you want too. I have the pretty big wish list, these are some items:

What's your favorite thing from my list?

Wednesday, June 22, 2016


Hello guys, as you know it's Jun 21th - the third week of the summer is over. So I want to talk shortly about the summation of these first weeks of the summer. The list will make it easier. Probably everyone noticed the I like to use lists in my posts. I think it makes posts looks more easy and interesting.Luckily and surprisingly to me June is not very fast as I thought it will be and almost every day was really interesting.
Let's start with my favorite songs of the week:

Lana Del Rey - National Anthem
Aerosmith - Girls of Summer
Guns N Roses-Rocket Queen
Kreayshawn - Go Hard
OneRepublic - Counting Stars
My favorite day:
That day when I've walking with my niece almost whole day. We had such a nice time together.<3
The worst day:
You know, my hamster died yesterday, so it was a sad day and I had very sad thoughts, so yeah... But it's for better for him, I'm just going to miss this fluffy ball.
My favorite photo of myself of the week:
Probably because it has a lot of bright summer colors. Thanks to my niece. She was never taking pictures outside yet before. Her first time. She took photos so much better than 95% of people around me haha. And it's only 5 years old.
The worst photo of the week:
Ah it's awful. Everyone has these photos when you already said that's enough and don't expect that your photographer will be taking another million of photos of how you want to bring the camera back.
Favorite photo by me:
These flowers are really good. Is that roses? I'm really bad in flowers.
The favorite event:
Celebrating ''green'' holidays in my grandma's house with my family. I didn't take photos but it was a reality, I promise you:D
Favorite food
Everything that cooked my grandmother for holidays and my marshrooms.
The worst food:
Okay, it's a drink. Milkshake in a pizzeria around my house was really not good. I'll never go there again! Did I already say it in February? Oops... at least I gave to this pizzeria the second chance.I have no idea what happened with this place!!! In 2012 it was a pizzeria with the tastiest food and drink ever in my life.
What I wanted to do this week?
To get a tan under the sun. And I did it. A little bit.
What I didn't want to do this week?
To go to the dentist to treat my gums. And I did it too. It was awful:(
And my goals for the next week:

- to pass two exams;
- to write a few posts I've planning;
- as my stomach after two weeks finally stopped to hurts, I want to workout and more walks again;
- not to be lazy;
- not to be sad;
- be productive in my businesses;
- to go to the Englist test to Americans;
- to start to go to two weeks English courses with American teachers;
- to get a tan in out of my city;
- treat my gums home or I'll couldn't treat my teeth at a dentist.