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Monday, October 15, 2018

20 Blogtober blog post ideas | What happened?

HELLO GUYS !<3 I really did missing you! I was just going to write everyday posts in October (Blogtober) and dissapeared. It was happening with a few times before. After decidening that I am going to be active, my laptop stop working. Now I hope I will get a new one soon, cause I don't see a point to rehab my old laptop every month, cause it definitely can't work longer, plus, it's too expensive for me to do again, as I invested my money in classes. I will tell you about this in one of my future posts. But it was wanted during 5 years and was going to do since the winter, so I'm happy about it.
By the way, maybe I'll get my new laptop today, but if not, it will pretty long time. Any way, when one day my laptop turned on, I realized it's probably just for one day and edited photos, and then uplouded them to blog drafts, so I definitely have some high quality to post, but I can't wait already to uploud photos with pumpkins and autumnal trees I took yesterday in the village. I just need a computer for this.
So anyways if you blog in October (not like I do) maybe you wouldn't mind some ideas for you posts.

  1. Recipe of your favourite seasonal meal. 
  2. DIY fall / Halloween house decoration.
  3. Stylish fall outfit ideas.
  4. Fall makeup look tutorial.
  5. Any of fall tags ( you can find them on my blog).
  6. Halloween nails ideas.
  7. Ideas for little family / friends Halloween party, like food, activitors, decor...
  8. Top posts on your blog of last autumn.
  9. How to get rid of falltime sadness.
  10. How to have a fun day if even it's a grey rainy day.
  11. DIY of pet's Halloween costumes.
  12. List of funniest pet's costumes on Halloween.
  13. Easy DIYs to do together with kids.
  14. Sweater collection.
  15. Fall accessories collection.
  16. Best fall activities.
  17. Tips how to stay healthy in the fall 
  18. Recipes with murshroom and why we should eat them more.
  19. The best apps of fall.
  20. How to create fall of your dreams.

Friday, September 28, 2018


Before written part of the post, I wanted to share with you photos I took in a botanique garden that near my house. It was taken a few days ago when it still was hot. Don't be confused by my outfit. I was a freak that day. Most of people were wearing t-shirts and my friend as well. So we seemed weird together. But I wanted already autumnal photos so I tried to create fall vibes with my outfit and some photoediting, but for sure, that days still had 100% summer vibes. Can't wait for October and real autumn nature time. I already have ideas for photos for that time.

 And then my camera's battery died because I didn't charge it before photoshoot. Fun fact is that my camera and phone's camera both are 13 mpx, but quality is very different.

October this year is month of finishing old businesses and starting new ones (another reason why I'm exited for October). So I definitely want to blog was one of these. I want will to try change something. 
DESIGN. I'm really tired of my header and kinda of my wallpapers, though probably nobody see them. I probably will change for just white color and still not sure what I should with my header. I want to have something my photo on as main page, because I don't have photos of myself in every post and I want readers know who writes posts here. I would love to trade this for a painting or maybe soon I'll took nice autumn photo, so it will be look good for winter as well.
SPECIFIC THEMES IN SPECIFIC DAYS. Or maybe without specific days, because to write something the same every week is too much for me, cause I don't blog that often yet and don't want that my blog will turn about one certain subject only. But you know what I mean? Story times, My Instagram this week / month (this one I find boring and it's advertisement of your Instagram page, but it's just example), Links I loved... By the way, I had ''HOT or NOT'' posts, maybe I should bring them back?
WRITING ABOUT THING I NEVER WROTE ABOUT BEFORE. Writing about subjects I never talked about here on the blog. There are many things.
TO IMPROVE MY WRITING AND LANGUAGE SKILLS. English is my third language and although I watch and read in English everyday, I often have times when I'm not sure if it's right to write like this or don't know word I want to use.
TO WRITE LIFESTYLE POSTS SOMETIMES AS I WAS DOING A WHILE AGO. I'm missing them. Plus, I said it before that I'm that person that remember things because of photos. So I would love to write some posts just for me. Maybe nobody would care, but it could be nice if some people will find it interesting too.
TO WRITE MORE POSTS THAT WILL BE USEFUL FOR MOST OF READERS OF THE BLOG. I really want to start write posts with tips for you guys. I know you liked posts with beauty tips / secrets, so maybe I should do something like that again when I will have enough of information.
TO WRITE MY FOOD RECIPES. I was saying it before, but we will , if you will like it or not.
TO WRITE POSTS SPORT, DIETS (NOT THE BAD ''DIETS'', JUST ABOUT HEALTHY FOOD) AND LOSING WEIGHT. It's one of my main goals now, so I will share it with you.
TO WRITE MORE POSTS ABOUT MANIFESTING. This year I manifested some things. Good and bad and I want to share my experience with you,
TO TAKE MORE PHOTOS FOR THE BLOG. I'll try to do as many photos as I can before dirty grey rainy part of autumn. Well, then I will do photos at home.
TO WRITE MORE ART / DIY related posts. Cause as I said October will be month of new starts and art will be big part of it.
TO WRITE MORE DRAFTS. So I will always have ideas for something to talk with you guys,
TO BE READY FOR BLOGTOBER. I won't doing Blogmas this year, cause we already had Christmas this year in my country and I like Halloween and October, one of my favorite months.

Sunday, September 23, 2018


I thought it will be fun to answer at questions from Family TAG in this post in addition to the photos I took a few days ago. When I with my parents and family of my sister had little picnic. I think some of these questions are funny and it nice to answer them. 

  1. If you were born first, what was your reaction to your new sibling(s)? I have only one sister that older than me (9 years 2 months difference), but as she have 7 years old daughter and I was in my early teenage years only when she was born and they lived with me for some time. I can say that it's pretty the same as I would have a little sister. My reaction was very good , but I hated when she was crying at nights and that I needed to spent too much time on it to help my sister.
  2. What is the one thing that your sibling can do, that you can’t do? I can say about everyone, they all cook and I don't. I'm youngest in family and there rarely were needs to cook to me. Everytime I tried to cook, everyone says I only ruin meals, so yeah...
  3. Who cooks good food? Mom or dad? My sister and grandnmother, actually. Sorry, mom.
  4. What is your sibling’s favorite food nowadays? Pizza, always. Now, this season we do pumpkin pies and puncakes as well. 
  5. Who is the most creative among you? Me and my sister in our own ways... although my grandmother is very creative as well. She had many creative jobs during 50 years of work.
  6. If your sibling could, what’s one movie that they would watch forever? There are some old Ukrainian movies my parents always watch, also we watch Home Alone around Christmas.
  7. What is one personality trait that your sibling has that you wished you had? I can't give straight answer, but if I wanted something, I would work at it.
  8. What is the weirdest habit your sibling has? My father when he come home says ''Welcome'', although I'm who was at home. 
  9. Which one of you is daddy’s boy/girl? Me, only me. My sister is closer to mom. Just dad wanted to have a boy as second child and it didn't happen, so I was kinda his son haha.
  10. What is your father’s date of birth? If you're interested 14th of December 1965. He's only person who hadn't birthday this year yet.
  11. Who is more likely to date someone based on their appearance? My mom, she decided to date my father because his hair. Ah good he has a good hair, if he hadn't, there wasn't me and this blog. I mean I'm who believe in souls and previous live, so I was just in another life.
  12. If you got called that your sibling was in jail, what would be the first crime that comes to your mind? If it was my dad, I thought he could do something not very good to some ''big'' people, cause he doesn't care about how much money and power a person has, my mom with my grandma would probably steal some fruits from a tree for cooking, sister could have a fight with someone and I because I could sign documents without reading, as I did in winter and now have a little problem with it.
  13. If you move away from your siblings, what will you miss most? My grandma's baking (she live in my neighborhood).
  14. If you had children which one of your siblings would you trust to look after them? Mom and grandma... and wouldn't trust myself with kids haha.
  15. What is one thing that has changed about your sibling as they have grown older? She stopped to act like she's my mom. There were not a good time for our relationships. Good we are grown up now.
  16. Who is the most money-conscious sibling? My grandma, if on the other side of the city a bread a few cents cheaper she'll come there. She's just bored and love to walk;)
  17. If your family life was a movie, which actor/actress will play their role? If there was mix of Tom Hanks and Johny Depp, it would my dad, Helena Bonham Carter as my mom, because they're both weird and Helena can play anybody, as my sister I see mix of Keira Knightley and Scarlet Johansson. And I'm not sure what actress looks kinda like me, they all way too pretty... Maybe mix of Mila Kunis and Emma Watson haha. I don't know.
  18. Who is most mature among you siblings? Grandma and nobody else haha.
  19. Which of you is the funniest? Maybe my mom. She loves jokes and to laugh.
  20. Who is the one who is always ready for food? Daaaad.
  21. Which one of you got married first? My mom was 18, dad was 20, my grandma was 21 and my sister was 22. For me all these ages are way too early to get married.
  22. Which one of you is the laziest? Probably me, sometimes mom, sometimes dad in our own way.
  23. If your sibling was a country, what country would it be? Dad is South Africa or something, cause he always have dark tan, my sister I imagine as Germany, mom is probably Poland, myself I see as USA cause pop culture, movies, social media, English language from west influenced me since my childhood.
  24. Who is most likely to join army? My dad was in, before he got married to my mom.
  25. Who do you thing will eventually end up in jail among you people? My dad could be friends with most of people there, but would have enemies as well, so there would be fights, my mom would tell jokes to everyone, my sister would probably escape, I would be very polite to everyone not to get into a trouble.
  26. Do you believe your father actually loves your mother? 31 years later... I think so.
  27. Who is more scary when angry, mom or dad? Mom, cause mom decides haha.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018


Hello guuuuys. I always wonder when I realize the last post I posted was a week ago. Like is it really the time to post a new post... I mean the time when you needed to post a new post already a few days ago? I even didn't have to post something.
Okay, today I want to write the post that wanted to write in October, because it's kinda Halloweeny. But it's never to early for Halloween, because I like everything Halloween themed all year long. I have bat lights in my bedroom, you know. By the way, in October I'll try as as I can to post every single day. I know many bloggers are going to do it. Let me know if you too.

- Things you associate with autumn. I don't want to very predictable with yellow leaves, pumpkins, hot drinks and you know that all. Firstly, colors like mustard, burgundy, dark green, black and nails with clothes of these colors. Secondly, food like pies.... Apple pie, chocolate pie, pumpkin pie. By the way, two days ago I've tried the pumpkin latte for the fist time, so now I definitely associate autumn with it. Also I associate photography with fall. I think it's the best time to take pictures. And it's season of new starts, learning something new and trying achieve goals you was lazy for in summer.
- Dream Halloween costume. I really would like to see myself in look of Alice (from Wonderland, obviously) and corpse bride, though it's hard one.
- Spooky autumn or cozy autumn? I don't like spooky. I'm person who is scared of everything and that even don't want horror movies. So cozy autumn for sure.
- Fall activity you'd like to try? Picnic in forest, photoshoot with fall leaves and watching movies, cause this year I forgot movies exist. Also I tried to convince my family to have picnic in forest, but everybody was lazy, so we just did in the park. I took some photos I'll show in the next post.
- Ghoul, ghost, or monster? I would prefer a vampire or a witch, but, oh okay, a ghost.
- Favorite animated spooky film? The nightmare before Christmas, Corpse bride, Casper, ParaNorman, Momsters. Inc, Hotel Transylvania and Frankenweenie is a recent one.
- Gore, supernatural, or thriller? Oh no. The most scariest things I watch are these cartoons above.
-something you're excited to wear this fall? - Song that reminds you of autumn? Every song of Marilyn Menson.
- Would you prefer your arms or legs to be chilly? Hm, better legs.
- Favorite thing to do in a graveyard? I was there the last time a few years ago. 2 or 3. Actually, it's a good place to think. Also in Ukraine on Easter holidays we eat there. So can my answer to be to eat chocolate eggs? I feel awkward.
- Ever been on a supernatural tour? Yes, in my sister's previous flat.
- Favorite autumn leaf? The main one. Maple. Especially when they are bright pink. By the way, yesterday I found yellow slightly pink leaves, I was very excited because of that, so I took picture, I'll show you later haha.
- What is your favorite fall food? Pies, corn, chocolate, cause it doesn't melt anymore, hot chocolate and cappuccino as drinks. Pizza and sushi rolls for any season is my one love.
-Favorite fall makeup look? Dark or red lips and smokey eyes (black and silver, brown and cream, orange or green one as well).
- The sound of falling rain or a crackling fireplace? Rain. Especially, at night.

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