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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

What I Learned from Owning Rats

A few months ago I wrote a post about my experience of having a guinea pig, I wasn't sure if people will be interested in it, but turned out that post became the most popular during two months.
So I thought maybe some of you will be interested to learn more about rats too. Although I know not all people like them. Actually I didn't too before owning them too, I even didn't want them and when I've got two huge rats, I was so scared. But now I know they're awesome. Here are some of good and not only things I've learned about them. I really need to write this post now before I'll forget it at all.
  1. They are like mini-dogs. Everything they do remind me of a dog. They are friendly, always want to play, love to eat everitime... 
  2. They love to play in ''Mouse hunt'' and to be cat there. It's shocked me.  Not sure if you know what game it is. It's cat's game where you make a mouse (bow) of a paper and a thread and moving it and trying not to give to a cat to catch a mouse (paper bow).
  3. Rats are super clever. Even don't try to deceive them!
  4. They love to eat everything, even furnitures, so you don't need to buy a special type of food (but don't forget about vitamin C they need).
  5. They need and want a lot of our love. And it's freaking cute.
  6. Rats actually rarely bite, as I said they're very clever, so if they bite you, you do something really bad.
  7. Be careful when you buy a rat, rats often has diseases. My rat died because of his disease that happens very often to rats.
  8. They're sooo cuuute, kind and funny and when people start to notice their lovely ''soul'', they forget something they don't like about rats.
  9. You should clean their cage very often. Because their awful smell and their health.
  10. You can learn them to do tricks.

Monday, February 20, 2017


I'm wearing cap from HERE and bodysuit from HERE.

You're 20? So when you going to marry? If you think it's the best age to marry, think again. I finished school just 3,5 years ago. All people of my age I know that are married just married because they were pregnant first. And most of them didn't want to marry and have kids now, although, any way, of course, kids are (probably) still the best thing that happened to them.
By the way, fun fact, my granmdmother says that her last dream is my wedding, so she even already did a wedding towel (Ukrainian tradition). I feel weird about keeping it in my cabinet.
You look like you're 15 years old... 16 maximum. Ain't if I'm 20, I autimatically look like I'm 20? Stop watch movies about a school with 35 years old actors!
Any way, good for me, it's a fact that who look younger, always will look younger (at least, mostly).
Your eye makeup destroyed - you have eyeshadows under your eyes! Do you need a mirror to clean this? Ummm, did you really haven't seen anyone else with this type of makeup? It's just the way I feel a makeup for myself.
You're so much more shorter than me haha! ''You're so much more taller than me haha!''. When height a little bit shorter than middle became a bad thing? Did I miss something? I thought it's cute.
You're a human with dissabilities, you shouldn't do a makeup and wear bright clothes. You should wear clothes that don't attract attention. Give me Harry's invisibility cloak, It should be really fun!
And if to be serious, what should I do? Wait for the next life? I don't care if people look at me. And even they do, it's amazing, it means I'm interesting to look at!
If not your teeth / skin / fat / blahblah, you were so pretty... If not your brain... Seriously, I think only perfect people can say it, but problem is that perfect people don't say things like that.
I always try to be better, but I can't do it in a second. I have not a fairy stick!
You gained a lot of weight. I hate when people act like 2-3 kg are a lot. It's good! It means Christmas food was really tasty. Almost everybody gain a weight in winter. If they're not, I have no idea what they were doing on holidays. Probably it wasn't good holidays. I had nice and tasty ones!
You're so pale, are you sick? I'm just trying to look like Bella from ''Twilight'' and to be pretty for cute vampires.
That what happened when you don't sunbathe since 2012. I really want to get a tan again this year. Ah. 
When you will find a job? It's not a time yet!!! I've heard you should be at least 45 to become a president!;)
Long hair isn't pretty... at least, on you. Actually I can't imagine myself without them now, it's one of a few things I like in myself, although they're not very thick and healthy.
Nobody will marry you! Great! My mom and aunt married in teenage age, and they say to me if they were clever they would never marry at all!
Btw, I don't believe in marrige. Why I even need to sign a paper to prove everyone I love someone?
You can't do this / it's impossible!!! Have you tried? How hard and long?

What are you tired of and really hate to hear from people?

Friday, February 17, 2017


Hello guys. My laptop is still not repaired, it's one of reasons I didn't blog recently. I thought better to start blogging when the laptop will be repaired, but it will take a few days again, as it's Friday. And if that computer store is not working on Saturday, the laptop will be repaired only on Tuesday. Aaah so long, not the best day to do it! Probably I will be blogging this weekend, and will give the laptop for repair on Monday, it will be so much faster.

Any way, I want to show my new fashion purchases. Bodysuit and cap. Instagram made me to buy it! Similar bodysuits and caps I see on all fashion Insagram pages. If I understand it good Kardashians made this to be  trend (not sure about this, but they were ones of first who was wearing it). I'm not a big fan of their styles, like it's too vulgarly and too many fails like sleeps with sport jacket like oh no. Really don't unerstand people who love Kanye West's clothes / shoes line. But still they wear sometimes cool things.
I know that literally everyone has a bodysuit like this one, but whatever. I just really wanted something of sweet pink colour, because it's so cute. And at all, they look nice. This one is my favourite from all I saw.
And I wasn't sure about the cap, because I rarely buy simple things, I need brilliants/studs/sequins on everything or what's even a point to buy it then? Haha.
Although this cap is really so photogenic hehe, because on photos it's shinny and looks sort of gold, actually it's of colour of hay, and looks more simple in real life, magic of flash on my camera! Any way, I was wondered that it suits me so much more than bright caps I was buying before. Probably I will be wearing very often when it will be warmer. Later I was trying to took some pictures without cap and they were not so lucky.

I bought this on this STORE (LINK)
You can find a cap HERE (LINK)
And bodysuit HERE (LINK)

Thursday, February 9, 2017


Ah guuys, hello! My laptop doesn't work good, it needs to clean inside and maybe even to repair. Yesterday and today earlier I tried to write a post, but it turns off all the time. Hope I'll fix this problem in a few days!
Btw, one thing (not one, but more I'll show in another post) from my wish list already is mine - beauty brushes set. I needed this so much, as my previous brush set already was destroyed and some brushes are lost hehe. 

And now I have 20 new brushes. They are from Dresslink (LINK) and Brushes are here (LINK). I never had so many brushes! How good to have different brushes for everything, before sometimes I needed to use the same one for eyes and lips haha. Actually, this set has everything you need - brushes for brows, lashes, eyes, lip, contouring, powder.

I want to distinguish a beauty blender, because I never used this before and was very exited to try. Actually I've tried many sponges and brushes for foundation, but my favourites were still my hands;) Well, probably, because they make almost all product to be on a face, not half on a sponge. But hands don't blend very well.
Good that beauty blender does. It's my first impression about it - it blends really nice. And make a product to be on a skin, not somewhere else.
I saw it that with this thing you can make great countouring. Can't wait to try and show you in next posts!
Another thing I notice it's pretty solid if to compare with other blenders I saw. Not sure if it's good and bad and I need to use water for it, anyway, so maybe water will make it softer.

About solid brushes, by the way, and other things I don't like... I noticed almost all are brushes are pretty solid. And I'm not a fan of this fact. Although brush for lashes / brows and brushes for applying eyeshadows are softer.
So actually it's the worst thing about the set. It harder to blend. It's actually hard to use this blush brush, so I will continue to use my old one.
 And another thing that a brush for blushes is pretty thin. I mean it's not a bad thing for some people, but I prefere fluffy blush brushes. And I wish a case was in the set.

What I like the most? Everything else. Brushes for eyeshadows are really good, have two sides for light and dark colors, and have a great quality and fixed to the stick good. They are not soft like some brushes for eyeshadows I used before and it gives a lot of problems. So I love this is of good quality.
Really nice that 3 brushes has two sides of brushes, so you can say it's 23 pieces set and + beauty blender
Some brushes are perfect for using it as eyeliner brush. It gives just a ''wow'' effect!
Brush for lashes can curl them amazing. I think I shoul do it before mascara all the time hehe.
You can find this brish set here (LINK).

Tuesday, February 7, 2017


 I thought that as a thrift stores lover I should do a post like this, as I really like thrift store hauls posts / videos. But it's not a haul actually, it's more like my favourite things I bought a while ago and they became my favourites.
I was thinking to add clothes to the post, but as half of my closet from a thrift shop, I better will do another post about clothes.
So yeah, most of things I buy in thrift stores are clothes, I'm even not sure if in my town is a thrift store with book, things for home e.t.c. Any way in my favourite store there is a corner with a lot of toys, a few books, table games, beddings and things for home... I mean actually there can be everything, I even saw things from vintage camera to a champoo.
So here my top 6 things from a thrift store:
Frame with a quote ''Save water and drink champagne''.
I almost believe I found this frame because strenth of a thought thing.
I've seen this frame on a blog in the morning and thought it's really cute and I would like to have this frame in my room too and in the evening I went to center to buy leggings but didn't find anything so I went to a thrift shop around my house and bought leggings there. Around a paydesk was this frame, I was really wondered.
It costed 20 grn. (26 grn. = $1).
 Roman holiday. Ahhh even not sure if I should say it, because I'm sort of ashamed of it. Actually this DVD is the only thing I stole in my life haha. If you're wondered why. That's because I waited for a saleperson around 20 minutes and I just gave up and was tired to stand and just went away. There wasn't a price on it, I just know part of movies and books cost around not more than 50 cents and some are free. So maybe it was free and it's okay haha.
2 (3) books. I have around 5 books from a thrift store, I would like to have more but there are always only a few books everytime I was there and it's hard to find good one. I love the fact that almost all books in English, so I can improve my English with a help of the books.
Any ways, these books are my faves, they're super cute, romantic and girly. Just look at these covers! One of them I read a year ago and another book I read 2 years ago. I want to re-read them, because I remember that two years ago I didn't unerstand some things and as I learned English very hard since that time and now I understand like 95% of imformation in movies and shows in English language, so I definetely should re-read.
I already forgot prices but mostly books are free or around 10-20 grn (26 grn. - $1)
Two pillows. I bought them for my previous bed (now in my room is a sofa with pillow set). And, oh my God, they are so cheap, most of pillows I saw in a normal stores are like 300 grn. and guess how mush cost these? Well, silver one with sequins is 15 grn and white lace one is 5 grn. 5 grn. is almost free, so, of course, I bought them. I think it was like 3 years ago and they don't look good, so I need to change them, but they were almost free, so what do you want for this price,  I loved how it looked on my previous bed, any way. ♥