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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Violetta | REVIEW

 Recently I've hearing a lot about super popular series Violetta, so I decided to watch what so many people love. Honestly, I've thought that it's another pretty stupid series for kids. Who knows that I'll start to like this too? Now I'm really addicted to this. I know already how I'll spend my August, haha! There are already 240 episodes and each one is 40+ minutes! It's really a lot! Even my grandmother watch series that have more episodes lol! In any case, It's really good and make me remember about some series I watched with my sister when was a kid, like ''Floricienta'' and ''Rebelde way'', as it were filmed in Argentina too. Somebody remember these?
I always say that don't like when actors sing in movies, but in series ''Violetta'' usually I like songs and it's even isn't annoying me hehe. 
Also I want to say this, like a girl - I REALLY LOVE STYLE OF VIOLETTA! Her outfits are something! Girly, cute and cool! Makeups are good too, by the way!
Somebody heard or even watched ''Violetta''? 

Monday, August 3, 2015


So yesterday I haven't wrote, so I do it today and probably will make another post later.
I've telling  on the blog already that I always find inspiration on Tumblr, but last three day I'm addicted  to Pinterest. I haven't sat there a lot, as I hadn't followers and when you haven't followers it's not interesting to do something. But yesterday I  added a lot of pictures I like and just pinned some photos from my blog and people found my Pinterest page.
By the way, yes, many followers recommend to use Pinterest that helps to get more readers. I love that all people on the world can to find something they like. Travel, sport, fashion, books, art. I especially love to photos of pretty things, fun pics, inspirational quotes and useful recipes and DIY ideas, of course. So if you like it too, this is my page on Pinterest:

I think that Pinterest so much easier than Tumblr... at least, for me. I love that you can to create albums and many another things. What do you think? Do you prefere Pinterest or Tumblr more? 
Also give me your link on Puinterest if you have it!
Some of my pins:

Sunday, August 2, 2015

My Life in 18 Photos

Hello guys! I haven't time these two days that I don't write. But I want to share with you, at least, photos, as it hard to write something when it's 2 a.m. hehe. Sooo... I've seen tag ''My photos in 8 photos'', but, as for me it's so small and as I'm 18 now, but will have a birthday in less than a week, I decided to do ''My life in 18 photos''. I hope it's not so long too see? 
All these photos was taken in a special day or in a period of my life that was important for me. All photos from this list made me a happy memories. I added only a few photos of little me, as it these I have on computers. I want to find our family photo album to show later some photos you haven't seen. I have a lot of photo of me from age 1 to 8 and almost haven't my photos of age 9-12. I start to take photos a lot in age 13, when I created my first social media account, but all these photos 2009-2012 are just faaaaaiiiil. I can't to show it. I showed some pretty good ones, but mostly it were not good. Almost all people were ugly in age 11-15, right, haha? I had so big nose!!!! I looked like an another person, I had another eyes, lips, hair... really, it's not only I'm saying it. 
Here are photos that were taken in 2013-2015 mostly. Here are only photos I like. I don't want to show those photos when I had my ''beauty'' age lol. I'm not ready for it yet!!! Haha!
Maybe I'll do a post with my childhood photos that I haven't showed. I'm not sure if somebody will like to see it. Say me, if you want to see it.

... I have to stop to write this post. Soon morning already. Oops. Okay, not a morning, but very late and I'm becoming sleepy. Sorry for mistakes in this post, it's 2:22 a.m. Goodnight!

Thursday, July 30, 2015


Hello guys! Recently I watched movies really rarely, so decided to watch some new ones, all of them of 2015 year. I've found some interesting from them and I want to share with you of my list of movies that I recommend to you!

It's just new movies of one of my favorite fairytale Cinderella. In this movie you will not find nothing new for you, if you already watched any Cinderella movies or cartoons.
I prefer old version of Cinderella, that was filmed a lot of years ago, made in Poland probably, I'm not sure, what's a country is it. But that really has a fairy atmosphere. For me this movie wasn't interesting and new, but it nice if you haven't watched another Cinderella movies yet.

If I will re-watch this? No.
6 of 10

It means war
Two secret agents in love with one simple cute women, who can't decided who from the men she likes more. So she started to date with them the same time to choose one.
Here are not a lot of fan moments, so if you're finding a good comedy, it's not what you need. But this movie was really interesting for me. I think this movie will be good and for men and and for women, but for it more women, in any case.
By the way I thought that the end of the movie will be another!

If will I re-watch this? I think yes, when I'll forget it.
9 of 10

Hot persuit
Another movie with cutie Reese Witherspoon. By the way, Vergara played her role very good, it made this movie. I liked to watch adventure of these two ladies that escaped,.
This movie is a real comedy and have a lot of fun moments. Some of them are really cool! LOVE IT!

If will I re-watch this? I think yes.
9 of 10

Inside out
Only cartoon from this list. I watched this with my niece. She understood it, but I recommend to watch this for adults or, at least, already big kids, as for my 4 years old niece sometimes it was hard to understand and I explained that all.
This cartoon is really one of the best cartoons recently and the idea of Inside out is very interesting and unusual. I don't think here's something like this.
Really recommend it!

If will I re-watch this? Yes.
9 of 10

With this ring
The movie about women that want already to marry. So if you like wedding movies, it's for you.
Really good movie about how four women find future husbands to them. Really a good and fun movie, only thing I don't like that actors talked about that they are black too much. It's really matter? I think it the same, as different color of eyes of hair. It doesn't matter.

If will I re-watch this? Yes.
8 of 10.

Have you watched some of these movies? How often you watch movies?