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Sunday, May 24, 2015


Hello guys! I had a super fun day in the park today! I didn't bring my camera, sorry, just my bag was full of food and water, as I was there almost all day. It was really interesting to saw so many new things and people. There was a concert and giveaways all days, all people in the park got a free ice creams and air balloons. Also I saw there a parade of embroideries and cavaliers and a lot of people walks at stilts. Today had a fairy atmosphere, it was sunny and warm, not hot, and poplar fluffs was everywhere - in my mouth, nose, eyes... at least, it pretty lol.

Okay, I have to stop to write about my day and share with you something more useful for you. I've found a few great links that can to be useful for you, hope it will be.

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Friday, May 22, 2015

My favorite nail polishes // Strawberry season // OOTD

Hey, friends! Hope you have a good day today! I hadn't the internet yesterday almost all day, so it why I didn't write on the blog. Now everything is okay today, but I really can't stop to write here only at nights, as days are so quickly. I don't like that time is so fast recently. Even hot weather is already here. Last a few days are hot like a hell, I even don't want to go to walk before evenings. Hope it will be colder tomorrow, as I'm going to walk in the park. Tomorrow is the day that opening the new season in the park. It will be a lot of people here again until October. Maybe I'll bring my camera. 
It's almost summer, so I've tried to do make up with summer colors eye shadows. 
 And oh today I ate one of my favourite food - strawberry smoothie first time this year. I just blended the strawberries, added the soul cream, the sugar and a little bit of the bananas. Yummy! It's one of my favorite things about summer. These strawberries from the shop and I'm not sure that they're natural, but I can't wait for my own  strawberries in the village, they are growing up now.
 And I want show you my new favorite nail polishes, I love ''MAXI color'' polishes, they are so good, just perfect, so I recommend this to you.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Akinator said me that I need to wear a make up less

 Haha, someone said me today that Akinator knows me. Probably you know what it is. If not, this is the program that know all famous people, all things on the Earth. 
 The purpose of this program to guess the object or person that in your head. You just have to answer a few answers. 
So why I'm writing this? I just was interested if Akinator really knows me and I've started to answer on the questions like ''Is it a real person?'' and ''Is it a female''. After it to answer me if I'm American, Italian e.t.c. after it understood that I'm from Ukraine, also it asked me if I am internet person and you know what? After that I got question if I have older sister and tattoo on the arm (HOW? HOW? HOW? WHO KNOW THIS?), I was shocked (and still is), the last question was ''This person wear much of make up?'' and I've thought let it be ''yes'', as I love it. After that question the program said me that It's me - Anna-Alina (blogger), haha.
Quickly photos to show what I wear today and, especially, I like my make up today, but as always photos that was taken at night can't to show real colors and look.
Light sweater OASAP

Eye shadows BANGOOD
Lipstick AVON Sparking warm rose
Skin-tone cream Christian 
(Everything is so good)

 I did this tasty coffee again, as it's so good. Now I used only cherry coffee and simple ice cream + a little bit of chocolate, mmm.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Flower spring days in the photos

Hello friends! I haven't a new information. Let's talk tomorrow, I will have more time for the blog. Now I just want to show you my spring photos that was taken recently.
 Wild flower is one of my favorite trees.
 I use nail polish MAXI color. I have plans to write about my little collection of these nail polishes, as they are really good.
All these flowers from the my garden in the village:)
 Boo always eat my flowers :(. Probably he needs some vitamins.
In real life this apple tree looks perfect, the photos can't show this.
 I did the homemade frappucchino, I haven't Starbucks in my city. It's very easy and chipper to make this home. I just add to my light caramel coffee ice creams - a little bit of chocolate one and white ice cream. After added chocolate and sugar. You can also to add milk and a ice to this.
 When I did already a million of photos and no one is good.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The List of Reasons Why I Can't be a Good Blogger :D

Heeey guuuys! Yesterday and today I've celebrated with my family my mom's birthday. It was just calm family days, I even forgot to take any photo. I just had little family dinners, talked with my sister about everything and played with my niece Eva, of course. She is such a cutie.♥
As I haven't new photos, but I want to share something with you today, so I decided to write this post. I want to talk about reasons why I can't to be a good blogger:D. Don't be serious about this post. I don't think that I'm a very bad blogger, but I'm not what I want to be. At least, I'm trying to become better. I'll just tell you things that interfere to do this to me. Maybe you have some of this things too.

• I always promise to myself to write a post a little bit later. At nights I almost always think that in the morning next day I'll write a blog post, but you, how usually people feel in mornings, so I decide to write in the middle of the day, but it's the most busiest time of a day, so I decide to do this in the evening, when I'm usually becoming lazy and just want to watch my favorite show. And in the end of a day I just want to sleep and feel to tired for a blogging. So it's why sometimes I have the blog-free days.
• I haven't a personal photographer. I have no idea how some bloggers take perfect photos everyday. 
Okay, I understand if it's a famous blogger and he/she makes a lot of money from the blog, so they have personal photographer. If one day I will be one of these ''big'' bloggers, I will have a personal photographer too, but now... sorry haha.
• I care about reading other blogs, making a new design e.t.c more that about writing new posts. I can hours to read my favorite blogs, to check out and delete my old posts that I don't like, commenting different posts, but I forget that I have to write posts, at least, sometimes. I have to focus on it more.
• It's not easy to find a good place for photography here. Around me old houses, simple shops, schools e.t.c. Almost haven't a good place for photos. So if I want to take photos for the blog, I have to go to thecenter or go to the park.
Sometimes I'm really confuse if I already need new photos for the blog, where can I to find a normal place.
• It's hard to take photos at the flat where I'm living too. I have a few reasons for it. First one is that I'm living at the first floor and it's really-really dark here, always. So I can to use a flash always and also it's hard to find a good sharpness, when it's dark. Second reason that I have the macro-lenses and my room is not big, so it's really hard. My camera have to be in out of the room to take photos of in the room. And the last one is that I'm living with my parents and they are owners of the flat, not me, so here is everything is like they want, not me and I don't like how it looks, so I don't like to take photos  here. When I will have my own place, it will something that I like more.
• My '' blogging'' mood change too often. I mean now I have inspiration to blog, but I can not having this in a few minutes. And it happens everyday. So everytime when I say that I have no mood for the blog, I mean it's only at this moment, not a month, year, whole life e.t.c.

Photo of me, probably it was taken in the autumn 2014, I'm not sure.