Wednesday, October 7, 2015


Today I want to write a little about blogging and what I learnt from this, which mistakes I did and what I wish to change if I had a time machine. Any ways, all mistakes teached me some things, so it's okay.
Hope it will interesting for new bloggers that only started or want to start.

1. Never to replay to haters. Recently I almost don't get negotive comments. I even don't remember if I got, at least, one this year or even last year. Don't remember... Maybe once about year ago, hm. Now I don't care about it, but when I only started I've replying to all negative comments. 
No, I wasn't angry to those people, who have writing that. I just asked them what I need to do to make my blog better haha. It's was so important to me to know their opinions too. 
I just wanted to say if you reply, they will be commenting and commenting. I just think mostly of the internet ''trolls'' have people to talk with, so they love to talk with somebodies and made them sad too.

2. Not everyone will like your blog. I didn't understand that when only started my first blog. I thought If to make everything perfect and listen to everyone's opinion, then everyone will like it. Only after a few months I noticed that every human say something another and everyone has own opinion, so perfect blog just doesn't exist.

3. Never check out articles about me and my blog on gossip blogs. Sometimes those gossip blogs wrotes so bad things. It was so pity to me then. It made to have a bad mood for a lot days. And if I still remember it good, sometimes I cried because of it.
The most pitty was for me when below those articles I saw comments from people I thought are my internet friends.
Ah, I was so young and then that all was for me too much. 

4. ...So I wish I'd started to blog not so early. I had my first blog in 14 and believe me it's really early. I didn't know how to blog good - what's design to choose, what quality and size of photos have to be. My blog looked like a kid's blog, so I had a lot of negative vibe around me and my blog.

5. To WriTe LiKE ThiS iSn't A gOOd IdeA=)))) NEVER USE YELLOW TO WRITE!!!!!!!!!

6. If photos are going to be a big part of you're blogging, buy a good camera before to blog. ... And don't forget to learn how to use it!!!
I wish I'd known that people don't like when mostly your photos made by your mobile phone (even not a smartphone)and web-camera when I started to be a blogger.

7. Design of your blog is very important. I prefere when it's simple, but still something original that visitors can to remember.

A little trowback to the spring this year.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Guys, how often you use your phones to write on the blog? I decided to try to make a new blogpost with a help my phone to see if it's comfortable before I'll really need to use it. I think it's very good to use when you're out of your home or you can't use your computer, as it sometimes happens.
I even didn't have app Blogger. Just enter to my Blogger account in the browser on my phone and it works perfect. Want to share some photos I took by my phone recently.

Monday, October 5, 2015


Hey, guys! Hope you had a nice monday! I want to share with you some cuties I found on some kawaii online stores. It's all in my wish list, because these items are just unreal, so cuuuute. 
I said in the last post that going to buy some new autumnal clothes, so it's some favorites. What's your favorite thing from my list?
All of them you can to find on this store (LINK) and this one (LINK).

Sunday, October 4, 2015


(All photos are taken on October 2014)
 Heeey, guys ♥. This week I wrote only one post. Just was busy and  I'm still weak to do something after I was sick (also two days this week I'm still felt bad) and one of the reasons that my hamster is sick. I worry about this so much.  He became very slow, never run inside his favorite circle for hamsters, 90% of the time he sleeps, usually he is very-very-very wet and sometimes he cries. I googled it and all google said me that means hamster is going to die. 
He's about 1 year and two months. I don't it's very old for hamsters. They can to live a few years, if to care about them good.

Any ways, I haven't doing month's goals posts a lot of time, so I think I need to do one, as it give me motivation and don't give me something to forget. Also this month I really have what to do to. So these are some my goals/plans for October I didn't forget to write, hehe:
  • If I started to talk about my hamster, then I want to try to make my hamster to feel better. I think I need to visit some pet shops to buy some things for him and and maybe even a veterinarian.
  • Visit forest-park, when trees will be yellow and take good photos there.
  • Decided if I will be going to the English lessons with my sister. But before I need to go to there, at least, once to see if I like these courses. Today I just passed and exam and teachers will say my level tomorrow and what a group I need to go. 
  • To blog better than this week haha.
  • Decided what to do with my study at university.
  • Sport, sport, sport. I really need if I'm not going  always to feel weak and be tired.
  • To read some interesting book and to watch interesting movies. Any tips?
  • To make good photos of autumn nature.
  • To buy some cute and warm autumn clothes. Especially, I need boots, a new bag and sweaters. 
  • I noticed that my box for jewelries are becominig really empty (thanks to my niece Eva that asks to present to her something from my jewelries everytime whe she visits me lol). So I need new jewelries.
Do you have a special goal for this month?